Shot distance

Posted by: emptymag

Shot distance - 02/09/19 08:46 PM

I made this spread sheet mostly from snowshoes previous posts on how far heís killed coyotes at. Average is 141 yards.

Is this average for the rest of you guys?

I can count on one hand how many Iíve killed over the 200+ mark.
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Re: Shot distance - 02/09/19 09:40 PM

i would say thats about right. if i were to guess i would say my avg is 100-150 yards though i have killed a fair number of coyotes at 3 and 400 but those happen a lot less often.
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Re: Shot distance - 02/09/19 09:52 PM

Yup most of my coyotes are shot in under 100. I have had opportunities at longer shots but it happens so rarely that im terrible at guessing the range and hold over, even with a 3700 fps 204

This could be due in part to the type of terrain i hunt that is bushy and rolling hills so i typicaly dont see them until they are close. But even in the open country i see on youtube i notice coyotes have an uncanny ability to use the lay of the land to stay out of sight
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Re: Shot distance - 02/09/19 10:23 PM

My comfort zone is also 150 yards or less (preferably 100 yards or less smile ). Anything I shot further out, is bonus coyotes.
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Re: Shot distance - 02/11/19 01:58 PM

My longest was 815 yds but the last few years my shooting just plain sucks. One nice shot followed by 2 poor. Itís part me and part the wind. Guns are not at fault. When calling most shots are under 200yds.
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Re: Shot distance - 02/11/19 06:55 PM

We get a noisy crust on the snow here much of the winter, so I always consider that when walking in to setup. I normally keep a minimum of 200 yards often 300 yards. My shortest daylight shot this year was 151 yards, sleeper head shot.
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Re: Shot distance - 02/11/19 07:56 PM

my longest shot ever wasn't the most fantastic shot ever. back in 1974 when I was trapping full time, i saw a fox run out of a brush pile and head into an old farm grove. I ran back to my car and got my Mossberg 640 k 22 magnum which was the only rifle I had back then. I had two 5 shot clips and when I got half way to the grove I saw the fox heading across the section. We had just our first snow, about an inch of fluffy cold stuff. I took my first shot a snow puffed below him and he ran out a ways and stopped I raised up and fired and puffed snow below him again. this went on the same him stopping each time for 8 shots the first seven shots were low the eighth was just over him but this time he kept walking. I had a cheap Tasco 4 x scope and I was aiming so high that he was almost out of the bottom of the scope. another 20 yards out and I wouldn't of been able to see him in the scope. on the 9th shot I held what I felt was a tad lower then number 8 and a little out in front of him a squeedzed the trigger. He spun and collapsed and I jumped higher and whopped louder than ever before. the fox was 400 yards and I will never forget that lucky shot. plus every fox back then was 3 days pay.
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Re: Shot distance - 02/11/19 11:45 PM

I think I've killed one called coyote at over 200 yards, and that just over, maybe 215 or 218 or something a couple years ago in Nevada. I bet I kill most at less than 100 yards.
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Re: Shot distance - 02/13/19 06:11 PM

I kill most of mine under 100yds too....maybe the furthest I shot one and killed was 250yds but my comfort level in just like golf...125yds or less smile
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Re: Shot distance - 02/17/19 11:13 PM

Qakey ,I did like that !!
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Re: Shot distance - 02/18/19 12:47 PM

I shot 4 (2 pairs spot/stalk)last week, shortest shot was 192 yards, longest 319. Snow had a crust and if you found fresh snow the cold temps caused the squeaky sound that travels well.