Youth 10 year old deer hunting ?

Posted by: jetman

Youth 10 year old deer hunting ? - 12/26/18 01:44 PM

What do you think ?
I have mixed emotions about it, In my mind it is just a way for dad to shoot an extra deer.

A few years ago Montana started a mentor / 10 year old deer hunt.

I never checked in to it to see what all is involved.

My little Granddaughter expressed a desire to try it this next season.

Both my kids started hunting at 12 but like both the GDs they accompanied me before they could walk well.

The big GD only went "Deer" hunting once and did not cair for it, She is now in the air force, and still likes to go gopher and target shooting.

My Little one goes a LOT with me, fishing too, she has shot a good chunk of gophers and a few rabbits and one coyote.

She is still so small I have to carry her gun my 10/22 with a scope, and help hold it up.

I put a Bi pod on it with long legs to let her shoot with out my help, it works , kinda cumbersome but works.

Her mom has a 243 that I often use and will shoot flies at 100 yards but it is a full sized savage and quite heavy, even for her 4'7" mom.

The boy has a 7.62x39 bolt action with a 3X9 scope and small almost youth sized stock, VERY little recoil.

I'm thinking it would be a better choice.

We don't "Blind" hunt so it would have to be a spot and stock hunt.

That part is not a big deal, But we will have to do a BUNCH of shooting this summer before I would feel comfortable with her shooting a deer. I have a full sized deer target we used to work with her big sister. I take it out and put it in a coulee or something then take the GD out "Hunting" when she Spots the deer she has to make all the decision to shoot or not and set up her self fine where to shoot it then do it while I watch for safety issues and techniques.

In the past we used "trail boss" loads till we are out hunting.

Going to work? Or just not ethical?

Posted by: Wyoming Winchester

Re: Youth 10 year old deer hunting ? - 12/26/18 06:49 PM

Ethical is--
Not shooting her animal.
Taking her shooting all summer so, she "can do it".
Hunters Safety?? If needed.

As for packing the rifle. Sometimes that happens. If you feel comfortable with her shooting. Go for it. You might even have to buy another rifle for the GK's to shoot.
It's worth it.
Posted by: jetman

Re: Youth 10 year old deer hunting ? - 12/26/18 09:27 PM

We have been fishing together since she was 3/4 years old, and fun hunting/shooting from about 5 years old.
Just have some reservations in my mind, hunters ed. is so important ,that's not offered till she is 12.
I think the Mentor hunting is only for deer as far as "Game".
We will get several coyote hunts in and numerus gopher shooting before deer season , we will see.
Posted by: DesertRam

Re: Youth 10 year old deer hunting ? - 12/27/18 03:29 PM

Do it. Practice, get her licensed, and go afield. You won't regret the memories you will make. And you have a better chance of getting her hooked on the outdoors now than waiting for some arbitrary age set by a bureaucrat who doesn't know you and your kid.

ETA - check this out.
Posted by: hm1996

Re: Youth 10 year old deer hunting ? - 01/04/19 10:47 AM

Sure it'll work. Size/strength are obstacles to be overcome with the youngsters, but can be overcome. Go for it.

Posted by: Rider300

Re: Youth 10 year old deer hunting ? - 01/06/19 10:15 AM

Great idea if the parent uses it as it was meant to.
Posted by: Jim Byers

Re: Youth 10 year old deer hunting ? - 08/12/19 12:14 PM

Most rewarding hunting I do is with my son Lance. He's 11 now and has 4 bears a mule deer a coyote and a badger to his credit. Plus numerous varmits to many to count.

And he used an xbow in his bears this year. Start them young ..

Posted by: BrienM

Re: Youth 10 year old deer hunting ? - 09/10/19 12:06 PM

Start them young. Patience is usually learned not a free gift/ you as well as the youngster will need lots of it. The best fun I have is with my daughters. They have been shooting and hunting since they were big enough to reach the trigger or follow me where I was going.. sometimes I even had to push or pull them up the hills. They are 9 and 16 now. They have both killed several deer. That's my favorite times! Priceless for sure!
Posted by: jetman

Re: Youth 10 year old deer hunting ? - 10/04/19 09:40 AM

YUP both of my kids have been out hunting and fishing since they were still in diapers. My boy is 42 now, and a feened for hunting and the daughter is 40 and still loves to fish. Her oldest daughter is 20 and in the airforce and is kind of shooting specialist. Her youngest is my hunting/fishing buddy. Two weeks to "Deer" day. I can't hardly wait.