Steve Allen Coyote pup question

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Steve Allen Coyote pup question - 09/13/01 02:43 PM

Steve when would you say the pups are pushed out on their own in our neck of the woods? I try to make sure that i don't end up calling in anything and shooting that you can obviously tell is a pup, so when could i start i usually start the first weekend in october.
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Re: Steve Allen Coyote pup question - 09/13/01 07:05 PM

nd, I have a suggestion for you.

Bonehead that I am, I just replied to your question about locating, in another Forum, and now realize that you only wanted to hear what Wiley had to say.

In this case you are asking Steve, however, he might be out of town or otherwise occupied. You would be surprised where good solid information can come from, so my advice is to leave the names out of your topic, you will get much better input, if you mention someone by name, in the body of the message.

As I said, just a suggestion, you aren't doing anything illegal!

Good hunting. LB
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Re: Steve Allen Coyote pup question - 09/13/01 07:42 PM

No leonard i wasn't saying that i just wanted their opinion i just wanted to make sure i got their attention because they are from my area and hunt a lot of the same stuff as me. I get a lot of good info from this board and only a small fraction is from Wiley E and Steve but good suggestion on leaving out the names that makes more sense. I appreciate the time you took to answer me and i'm asking your opinion if you would on this subject also.
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Re: Steve Allen Coyote pup question - 09/14/01 10:08 AM

ND coyote killer--Pups of both coyotes and red fox are not really pushed out of their home territories or dens. Re: dens they just gradually quit using them; generally by mid-late July for red fox and early August or so for coyotes--at least in this part of the country. Some pups of both species gradually begin dispersing from their natal territory in early October; however, not all pups disperse-especially the coyotes.

Re: hunting, it kind of depends on your objective. If you are strictly a fur hunter, then I would wait until about mid-October to start serious hunting. Pelts won't be completely prime until about Thanksgiving, but they will be sufficiently "furred out" to command respectable prices. If you are a varmint hunter, then anytime is a good time to hunt.

Leonard is exactly correct re: posting. Lots of guys/gals may have good observations to contribute on a subject, but feel they shouldn't interrupt what looks like a semi-private conversation. I'm not criticizing; I've done the same thing myself.

How about some observations from some of you guys in other areas on this subject?
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Re: Steve Allen Coyote pup question - 10/03/01 05:58 PM

I was hunting with ndkc just last weekend. We knew that the furs were not going to be good but the itch was irresistable. We saw about 3 pups. We shot at one about 6 times and than it finally moved. And it came right at us. He shot it. Later that night driving around we spotted one walking on the road. My partner actually got out and was about 4 ft from it throwing rocks at its feet. It would pounce on them like mice. The next morning on the 3 wheeler we found the dumb pup. He had been shot and thrown to the side of the road. It seemed to us that it was a very late litter, and that the pups could not have been out of the family for more than 2 weeks.

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Re: Steve Allen Coyote pup question - 10/07/01 11:01 AM

Hey guys, I am new to this forum, but really like the comments. I am from the N.W. corner of N.D. We have alot of yotes up here. I am new to calling them, but have had fair luck. I shot one two days ago that was medium sized. it looked to be an early litter pup. It was just bouncing around in a dried up slough. Nice looking dog. no sign of mange. took a couple last year that were pretty bad off. After deer season, if anyone wants to get together let me know. I know some good spots where i have seen alot of yotes.

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Re: Steve Allen Coyote pup question - 10/07/01 05:51 PM

Welcome Coyotestalker just wondering if you are coming to the ND hunt in Minot the last weekend in january? Go to the predator hunting forum if you want details and look under ND coyote hunt.

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