Coyote question

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Coyote question - 02/03/21 11:33 AM

Are coyotes getting warier?
Reason I ask is because years ago, 2005-2006, we lived in North Dakota, just east of Minot, and I saw a lot of coyotes out during the day while I was scouting for ducks and geese.
Now, further east of Minot, I never hardly see any out during the day. I think since we lived here I've seen only three coyotes out, moving during the daytime.
I know they're around. I see plenty of tracks and poop, and I walked over here west of my house one night and howled, and and five different coyotes answered me from five different points of the compass.
I know there's a lot more hunting pressure on them now, and everybody takes a shot at them when they spot one. So has it made of mostly nocturnal?
Thanks, Dan
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Re: Coyote question - 03/19/21 11:41 PM

I see that behavior change where hound hunting becomes popular and also when snowmobile activity is high.
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Re: Coyote question - 03/27/21 10:56 AM

Coyotes have been nocturnal for a very long time. It hasn't just started to happen. However coyotes get conditioned into specific behavior. During deer season, any vehicle that starts to slow down and coyotes take off. However, farmers in tractors can often drive very close to coyotes.

You will still see coyotes out during the day, but by the time you see them, they probably heard/saw your vehicle and take off. I still call and kill a lot of daytime coyotes in ND, so they will move during the day as well as the night.
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Re: Coyote question - 04/06/21 03:29 PM

A tractor,combine,trucks with wagons/trailers and school buses, coyote don't react. Drive up and park a pickup where they can see it and you have a runner. I think I need a bus, or start driving bus in the morning, go back and hunt what I see, but school probably get mad if I run down a different road once in awhile. Give the kids binoculars and a dollar for each coyote they spot.
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Re: Coyote question - 04/28/21 08:48 AM

In our area group hunters have ruined the coyote hunting. It doesn't take long for coyotes to adapt.
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Re: Coyote question - 06/01/21 11:14 AM

Human population is the thing! They are one of the smartest animal here in Ky because they adapt & over come to most every situation.. Been calling a long time! And IMO, finding" hot spots" can & will make a big difference in success.
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Re: Coyote question - 11/01/21 03:57 PM

Originally Posted By: Rockchucker ll
In our area group hunters have ruined the coyote hunting. It doesn't take long for coyotes to adapt.

Hunters shooting and missing will educate a coyote right now, lol.