[Long Story] One tough female

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[Long Story] One tough female - 05/13/07 09:13 AM

Winter snowfly, circa 1971.

Dad, Willard, Larry & I were out looking for coyote. We had along, Pokey[medium sized male Walker], Jack[large male Greyhound], Whitey[average sized, male 3/4 Greyhound, 1/4 Malamute] & a few other Greyhounds. All three of these hounds, were agressive hard fighters.

Dad, put Pokey on a fresh coyote track going down along a grassy creek. That neandered through a large timber patch to the East in the center of a mile section. Pokey had a heckuva nose, plenty of Brass & relentless. Pokey took off, running hot.
Larry had Jack in his 4x4 pick-up dump box alone. Larry drove out into the section 1/4 mi, to the NorEast of the timber et set a top of a high cropland hill. Scanning, waiting/looking for the push-out.

Dad & I sat to the NorEast corner of the section on the gravel. Willard, just to our South. Were all listening on the CB, for a report from Larry's view.
Minutes later. We here Larry. "Large coyote", running from the timber towards me"....pause...coyote is getting close, I'm going to dump Jack on him"...pause...

Jack, see's him, Jack is gaining...Jack caught him...long pause...there fighting hard...long pause...
Coyote has Jack down! GET OT HERE! Jack, needs help!...pause...Jack is running from the coyote! Coyote is gaining! Coyote caught Jack, their fighting hard!...Jack broke free, coyote coming your way.

Around a minute or so later, here comes this very large dark coyote. We all see him. Coyote crossed right in front of Dad & I. Greyhounds excited/barking. Dad pulls both dump-box cords. Out go the dogs.
The only Greyhound that seen the coyote[many small hills/blind spots]in the way, was Whitey. Whitey, is gaining. Whitey, rolled the coyote in a depression along the creek. Whitey & the coyote are both standing on their hind legs, mauling each other.

Coyote breaks free, runs a short ways. Whitey tackles the coyote. Both are rippin on each other furiously again. Were all out in the field trying to get the other dogs, to see the fight & help out Whitey. They can't see the fight. Finally, Whitey breaks free, he's had enough.
Coyote is walking now, a tough day for sure. I ask Dad, if I can run his track & kill him with my old SS 12ga smoothbore FC, useing 4-buffered Buckshot. He gave me the go ahead. I load up & take off on a fast trot[I was younger then] .
Coyote, maintained a good lead on me. But I was slowly gaining. I hear Pokey, sounding off coming from behind me .

Another 1/2 mile, Pokey bays the coyote against a barbed wire, their fighting off/on. I get pokey back. Bang! coyote down.

Female coyote weighed 47lbs. 47lbs of buzz-saw .
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Good Story, kirby I enjoyed reading that! But, I have to admit that when I first saw your topic line, "[Long Story] One Tough Female"...I just knew you had ran across my ex wife somewhere. I've often wondered where she'd turn up next. LMAO

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This was the biggest [known]female coyote, I've ever seen. She had an attitude to go along with her size. Jack & Whitey never backed off from any coyote before or after, except this one.

Dad, thought she had dog in her bloodline?. She didn't look all coyote to him. She had a heavily muscled/burly front half, like a large thick male. Wished I had a pic of her.
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thats cool kirby!!!

I had a large male whip up on some hounds a few years ago!!
I didnt have the hounds that i jave now!! would like to see him try it now!!

Great story!!

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Takes a heckuva dog, [one on one] to kill a fresh adult coyote. Especially a large one. I only know of one Greyhound dog that could consistantly. He was of massive size & all kick hiney.

The bad part is my Dad. Had a chance to buy him, when that dog was a pup. But chose not to. That was the hound, old Clyde Jensen of Creston, Iowa owned many moons ago. Clyde's dog killed many a coyote in his day. Wished I could've seen some of those hunts.
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Thanks for sharing kirby, great story
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This is a pup[8-mo's old] pic of Jack, Circa 1967. He stood 30" @ the shoulder when grown, if I recall correctly. Pretty smart dog. He could be called off of a chase or a fight, on 1-command. I gave him to Larry. Larry loved that ole dog, so did I.

Not many hounds would retrieve game. Larry, use to take Jack to work. Jack would stay in his truck. Larry would let him out on break & lunch time.

One Winter snowfly day, on the way home. Larry spotted a balled-up Red on a far snowy hillside. Larry, opened Jack's door. Ponted to the red dot, & said, "sick'em" Jack stared hard down Larry's arm. Jack's ear's went into alert. Jack bailed out, jumped a barbed fence.

Red see him coming, Red didn't have a chance. Jack brought the Red back to the truck.
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aint that cool!! LOL

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Another Greyhound, a large female named "Ginger"
Willard owned her. She was the only Greyhound/sighthound I ever knew or heard of. That would run a track, if she lost sight of a Red or coyote.

Sighthounds are not known for their nose's or running a track. But she was pretty special. Pretty tough ole girl, as well. Staying right in the fight with the males, until the finish.
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Before we started useing trailhounds in conjunction with our sighthounds. We would spot a Red or coyote from the gravel. Make a stalk plan, then use the terrain & wind to our advantage stalking in.

Sighthounds, rarely bark. They are excellent "stalking" dogs, as they stay quiet on the slink into the section. The older dogs knew what was happening or about to happen. When we'd stoop over to get closer & keep from getting skylined. The dogs would go on alert, panning quickly left & right looking for their target.

Depending on snow "loudness". We could get to a couple hundred yrds or less on coyote, on a good day. Reds, we could generally get closer.

I got a kick out of the expression on their face. When they seen what was coming their way. Priceless
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your right kirby!! Like last year i was with tomcat and i spotted one from his truck!! we got turned around and when Tomcat stopped and pulled the rope that yote just stood there looking at 4 stags with the afterburners on!!
By the time he decided they were getting to close the game didnt last much longer!!
Your right the look on his face!!!! Pricless!!!

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I've seen some good expressions from Reds & coyote. They all look the same, LOL!

One snow cover day, Larry spotted a Red laying out in the middle of a hilly 1-mile section. We pin-pointed the Red's location, useing triangulation. We all stalked in, as a group. It started snowing hard. Visibility was very short.

Later, were all standing less than 50' from the Red. The dogs tugging hard on their collars[no barking, ninja's ], we were grinning. Right before we turned the dogs loose. The Red, slowly raised it's head & panned around 180. It looked @ all of us, then tucked it's head back into his body.

Then "suddenly" raised it's head @ us again, wide-eyed, neck stretched out & staring hard. Then bolted like a rocket. He didn't get far .
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Takes a heckuva dog, [one on one] to kill a fresh adult coyote. Especially a large one. I only know of one Greyhound dog that could consistantly. He was of massive size & all kick hiney.

I had one named "White Boy". His mother was a game bred greyhound that was my lead catch dog. I got her out of some stock in Western Oklahoma. His father was a red nose pitbull, that was famous for his own reasons. White Boy was a coyote killing machine. He'd consistently catch and kill on his own, with no fear (or sense) of locking face to face. He had a vicious temper towards any other dogs, except when it was hunting time...he never touched a hound. Outside of hunting, if he couldn't breed it...he'd kill it. He had a few wires crossed in his head, but he was an extremely effective tool to the pack. I need to find a way to download some 8mm video to my computer. I've got a few of his catches on film.

Cool story Kirby.

Thanks for sharing...

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hope you get it copyed tony!!
You going to make it to the BBQ this year ???

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Looking forward to watching your vid[if ya can upload it], Tony.

Some of the toughest sighthounds we had, were not purebreds. Whitey, owned by Dad, was one of them. Like your White dog, he didn't play well with others

Larry had two stags. Litter mates, [male & a female] both were very large hairy sighthounds[Wolfhound/Greyhound X]. Speedy, the male was a handfull.
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Yrs ago, Larry got a female coyote pup from a friend. He raised it on his acrege. Coyote stayed in his yard slept in a doghouse. Coyote was docile with him, his wife & two kids. She acted/behaved just like a family dog. She wasn't chained & stayed in the yard.

However, out back is where he kept his Hounds. All had their own hog panel high fence's. That coyote would routinely harass his hounds through the wire. That female coyote "hated", Larry's hairy female staghound specifically.

One day, Larry was @ work. His wife is home alone. The female coyote, climbed the high hog panel fence to get to that lone female stag. All heck broke loose. Before...this stag couldn't climb her fence. The female stag was loosing the fight. She climbed that high fence to escape that coyote's wrath.

Soon their in the yard, battling...one on one. Larry's wife came out to break it up. The coyote turned on her as well. she bailed into her car in the driveway. Soon the stag wanted in, as well. She got the stag in the car.

The coyote wanted in, & relentlessly tried to get to that stag. Wife got on her CB radio & called for help. Soon a farmer neighbor drove by. He called larry @ work from his nearby house.

Later, larry pulled up & had to shoot the coyote. Because she wouldn't back off or calm down.

No more "pet" coyotes for them .
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