chance for some hounds

Posted by: cmiddleton

chance for some hounds - 02/17/07 09:54 PM

i have a chance to pick up two lion hounds one is a walker the male is a black and tan.
i have always wanted hounds but don't really know that much about hunting with hounds.
my wife said I'd have to clean up after them and the daughter said flat out no.
two hounds for a battle with the women in my life. what do you think is it worth the fight?
Tammy said they can't be in the house but i told her yes they can one on each side of my recliner. autumn said no they slobber i told her I'd let them in her room to wake her in the mornings. then she said no dog hair on her clothes so i guess i can stop buying her clothes then they wont get dog hair on them.
the owner had a heart attack he use to outfit for lions and can't now. i can't pick them up tell the walkers pups are weened.
what do you guys think? the wife doesn't give me any anyhow and autumn will do whatever i tell her no about this would get me even.
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Re: chance for some hounds - 02/17/07 10:13 PM

First thing you need 2 tracking collars and a tracker!! if you plan on hunting them. You wil spend more time looking for them then hunting if you dont!!

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Re: chance for some hounds - 02/17/07 10:56 PM

Hounds IMO are not house dogs. And YES on the tracker if I could only have one piece of equiptment it would be a tracker. My girls love my hounds and my Lab so I got it good. Hound hunting is the most fun you will have ever IMO. If you can get em for the right price I'd do it. Hound hunting isn't a pastime it is a lifestyle thyey require a lot of your time to get em good and keep em there.
Posted by: cmiddleton

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/18/07 09:37 AM

they are the right price FREE i know rob gave 8000 bucks for one of them. i'm not sure my lungs will keep up with them. and yes i knew i'd need the collers. after haveing to put my last dog down i don't know about having a dog again
Posted by: cmiddleton

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/18/07 12:03 PM

wow just went over and looked at the male. if he ever hunted he hasn't for a while he is fat. the people were not out of bed so i didn't get a look at the female.
I'll do more checking them out before i agree to take them.
the females puppies are only 4 days old so i got time to think it out.
the male seemed better behaved than i expected he didn't bark and a three yr old boy with no cloths on was able to handle him on a leash.
wow i don't know how people live with that many dogs they raise Chesapeake's, poodles and some other little dog. like 10 dogs in their trailer house. i don't think i could go in the house without gaging.
i know those dogs need a new home and better living conditions i may take them just to give them that. the little boy needs that too. i was totally disgusted.
i use to raise Samoyed's and had 5 adults they never had to live in squaller like that. it was a chore they all had to be brushed daily and you can full a 55 gallon barrel with hair every time. it was a lot of work but they sure turned heads they are the prettiest dog out there. all the chicks dig them. i could go into a store and when i came out there would be girls flocked around my truck. didn't do me any good though i was married. my male was well known around Cheyenne everyone knew him as he rode in the truck all the time and when parked he sat on top of the cab. the weather lady even came and did a weather forecast on the news with him.
do black and tans look fat normally i was surprised to see a three year old dog that looked ten? i don't think these dogs have been exercised properly as of lately the people who have them right now i know have never hunted them and i think they have had them for over a year it was a year and three months ago when rob had his heart attack so these jokers have had them that long.
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Re: chance for some hounds - 02/18/07 01:43 PM

I own hounds in montana and i love it. but like others have posted it is a lot of work and it does take away from other hunting. during elk season i do not hunt as much as i used to cause i'm tuning the dogs up for the upcoming cat season. but if those dogs can tree their own lion and you want to put time in with them, i'd say go for it.
Posted by: WICOYOTE

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/18/07 08:57 PM

The fat can be fixed easily, if they do what their suppose to and they handel well they should be nice to hunt behind.
It may be as easy as cutting food back. When does your cat season start?
Posted by: cmiddleton

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/19/07 09:50 PM

we have a kill quota here on muddy mountain it is 28 lions and a year round season. the quota never gets filled.
other areas in the state the season runs 1st Sept threw march 15th.
i got a better look at them today the male isn't as fat as i thought maybe 10 lbs over the female looks better they call her a walker but she is black and tan with the build of a walker i think she is a cross breed. she looks much better then i thought she would with new puppies. i expected her to be a little over weight but she is slim and has a good build she is smaller than the male.
i really think both need a better dog food is there only problem i saw a bag of old Roy dog food. if they would get some higher quality food their coats would look better.
they would also crap less and generally feel better.
i was impressed as to how well they behaved, sit stay and heal were second nature to them and even with all the other dogs barking and raising cain they never made a sound.
the bad news is my wife is fighting me on them.

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Re: chance for some hounds - 02/19/07 10:45 PM

A friend of mine said he was talking to the vet. and he had seen a dog starve to death on old roys.
Posted by: thornmthounds

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/20/07 06:56 PM

cmiddleton would you like a smokey river breed blue tick she is 9mons. old i was going to use her on bobcats. ill sell her.
Posted by: cmiddleton

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/20/07 09:29 PM

thormthounds i'm still trying to get the wife to let me have the free ones. without much luck, think i'll just bring them home whats she gonna do devorce me?
sorry mike i was just going for a laugh. i won't do it again.
Posted by: elks

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/21/07 02:37 PM

C- get the dogs build them a real nice house, one that is big enuogh for you all your stuff lol. If you really want the dogs then go for it. Maybe you should pull the heart strings bit and do it as a favor to the dogs. Simply put we all have things we want to try. For you running hounds is one. You will never have a better chance to get started. 2 good odgs for free? Heck at the very least you could shape them up and sell em...
Posted by: cmiddleton

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/25/07 10:23 PM

well i talked her into it but now I'm having second thoughts, i have to build a kennel and a dog house before i pick them up which isn't bad i'm more worried about the neighbors and cops.
hounds in town/trouble
Posted by: Deerhunter17

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/26/07 07:38 PM

I would go out and try it first for a year or 2 and see if it is really what you want to do. I am sure there are other guys in your areas that runs dogs and see if you could ride along with them? Hounds in town, not trying to change your mind, but I don`t think that is the best idea.
Posted by: DuaneatSSU

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/26/07 08:24 PM

I have 2 hounds and 2 coyote decoy dogs. They will change your life.I think you should try the dogs.
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Re: chance for some hounds - 02/26/07 09:26 PM

I have hounds in town and no one knows they are there my neighbors pet mut on the other hand every one knows where he is. IMO it is how you kennel train them, and I beleave if they are adults you can still train them. Tritronics no bark collars work wonders.
Posted by: elks

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/27/07 10:21 AM


I have hounds in town and no one knows they are there my neighbors pet mut on the other hand every one knows where he is. IMO it is how you kennel train them, and I beleave if they are adults you can still train them. Tritronics no bark collars work wonders.

I agree. If you have a barker, put a collaron it. My pointer is the most barking dog I have ever been around. At times he barks just to bark. The collar comes out and he shuts up. So far no complaints from my neighbors. A pair of hounds in town is not different than a pair of labs. Just need to make sure they are trained.
Posted by: Three 44s

Re: chance for some hounds - 02/27/07 10:55 AM

Baying or barking in town would be a bigger headache than that "pending divorce" but it sounds like collars would fix that .....

Maybe more collars would stave off a divorce? ..... LOL!! Just Kidding.

So far as the "fat hound" .... when you turn those hounds loose ... you might be glad one of them is FAT so you can get into shape .... NOT SAYING YOU ARE FAT .... it's just that a good inshape houndsman can walk a girraffe into the ground ......

Tell your wife this is fitness training .... having and hunting with hounds!

Oh and the kennel .... that's a must!

Build nice digs for your about to be new hounds and leave room for expansion. If you get hooked, you will need more young dogs before long and they will also need digs. And if your plan really goes "gunnysack" you will need to bunk with those hounds!! Buy plenty of flea powder!

As far as dog food goes ... a neighbor buys the 1000 pound totes of bulk food ..... says he'd split some with me .... he does this with other friends ..... says the price is WAY down on name brand dog grub. I have only one dog right now ... a retired Aussie so I have not got with him yet to try some.

You might nose around on this ..... maybe somebody in your area is doing this and wondering who to split some of it with?


Three 44s
Posted by: WyomingLawDog

Re: chance for some hounds - 03/04/07 10:11 PM

I snt you a PM, as long as you keep the dogs quite, the law will not give you any trouble, I work for Casper PD. If you need help building a kennel let me know, I built one for my lab.
Posted by: cmiddleton

Re: chance for some hounds - 03/11/07 09:46 PM

well folks i decided to keep the wife happy but went hunting with wyolawdog and set him up with the female if things work out.
i knew i should have taken them when i first saw them due to poor living conditions. one of the great peranise puppys has parvo so the female and all her pups are at metro under quarantine. i hope they don't catch it and i hope wyolawdog gets the female. they gave the male away.
i really think they would have caused to much trouble with the girls at my house.
Posted by: vargy49

Re: chance for some hounds - 03/11/07 11:00 PM

i wouldnt want them at my farm then!!

Posted by: Duane@ssu

Re: chance for some hounds - 03/13/07 01:24 AM

Sorry for that.Having dogs to hunt with is a wonderful thing.If you really want to hunt yotes with dogs try a decoy dog.With proper traing they can live in the house and be a pet ,but when time to go to work a ball of fire.If you want I can point you in the right direction.
Posted by: cmiddleton

Re: chance for some hounds - 03/23/07 08:56 PM

the pups and the mom came out clean of parvo after quarantine . they go up for adoption tomarrow at metro.
i'm harassing the wife about one again
edit next day
went and saw the pups today and was suprised to see they are a blue tick / black and tan cross.
they will be ready the 30th.
the whole famaly was waiting for me to come home with one.
now i don't know if i want the female or a pup. i'm thinking of a pup and try to train it to find shed antlers enstead of lions. i'm wondering if i did if i'd have trouble keeping it from chasing deer and elk?
i think i could keep up with a shed antler. its not my waight i'm worried about[160 lbs] my lungs. [copd]