How to start a bobcat dog ?

Posted by: Ruger77KH

How to start a bobcat dog ? - 09/18/20 08:04 AM

Have 2 what appears to be Black and white curs. They were abandoned on my property , so they could just be mutts . They chase my house cat all over the yard. Was wanting to make bobcat mutts out of them . I have trained walkers on coons so I have a general idea on without a dog that knows its job .do you just start them on a drag with BC scent? 1 has a fairly good nose and uses it ,the other seems to just me too & loves sight chasing anything that will run . Not like I can catch a bobcat in a live trap for training without getting in trouble. Would feral cats be good for training (they're plentiful around here) ? Or do I just take them to the woods where I have seen a BC several time(always before the season is in) & hope for a pop up track ? Any tips would be appreciated!
Posted by: Jim Byers

Re: How to start a bobcat dog ? - 09/30/20 08:27 PM

Bobbers can be the hardest of the cat's to catch.. lion much easier..a dog that will hunt, will hunt.. do drags, run coons, get them handling well... And when you find that hot bobber track, put their noses in it and turn them loose..

I wouldn't speak of using feral cats publicly...laws and times have changed. Shhhh...