Where for Bears?

Posted by: BigPig

Where for Bears? - 08/22/20 02:32 AM

Texas boy here, we have a few bears but canít hunt them. Iím looking for a bear hunt with hounds and will be using my pistol, S&W 460XVR. Ideally Iíd like a place with a nice lodge for the wife and kid (1 y/o) to enjoy while Iím hunting.

Iím not really particular about which state this occurs in, but the higher chance of a color phase bear would entice me to travel further
Posted by: Jim Byers

Re: Where for Bears? - 09/19/20 06:10 PM

Idaho.... Many colored bears, and baiting is permitted so any good outfitter will have races for you every day, if not more than one.
Posted by: GNERGY

Re: Where for Bears? - 10/16/20 06:20 AM

Here is a nice read and places to hunt in Idaho, thinking about it myself.