Canad Blk Bear Guides

Posted by: BigGrizz

Canad Blk Bear Guides - 01/07/19 12:45 PM

Looking to book a 2020 spring bear hunt in Canada.

Any suggestions for territories and guides?

Past experiences?

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Re: Canad Blk Bear Guides - 01/08/19 08:50 PM

Mike's Outfitting in Alberta is a great place. One of his guides has a tent camp setup also.

Both my Manitoba and Ontario guys have retired next I can't vouch for their replacements. I took an average bear in Ontario, my first, 18-8/16" in Alberta and a 19-12/16" in Manitoba. All with a bow.
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Re: Canad Blk Bear Guides - 01/09/19 02:08 PM

Big Blacks. Way up North. Dan 406-220-0610

Tell him Craig sent you.
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Re: Canad Blk Bear Guides - 01/11/19 04:06 PM

Thanks fellas. Iíve been trying to gather resources and recommendations to sift through with my hunting partner. I really appreciate the suggestions.
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Re: Canad Blk Bear Guides - 01/11/19 09:31 PM

I have seen a lot of shows done with big blacks. Looks like a good outfit.
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Re: Canad Blk Bear Guides - 06/21/19 08:51 AM

Babine Guide Outfitter in Smithers BC just went up there about a month ago. Seen lots of bears spot and stalk between 8-20 black bear a day and we seen over 30 grizzlies in the 10 days I spent hunting with them. I killed a 7' squared chocolate bear. They hove about 9K square mile guide concession. I haven't been with any other outfitters in Canada for bear but I would highly recommend. It seemed like we saw more moose then bear but it was a great time.