Mountain Lions in PA?

Posted by: Cody221

Mountain Lions in PA? - 11/09/04 08:15 PM

there have been 2 videos taken of mountain lions around Warren County, i have not seen any of these but one was supposedly chcked out by a game warden and was right and the other was less then a mile from my house near my hunting lease... just ondering if this was possible??
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 11/19/04 06:38 PM

I'm also from northwest Pa.. Mountain lions are a subject that causes plenty of debates. All I have is my opinion based on discussions I've had with local WCOs and my hunting partners who are older hunters that have lived in that area all their lives.

It's more than possible that a very few exist in PA.. They probably do exist as individuals and I'm told there is some hard evidence to support that. It is very unlikely that any breeding pairs exist. What I've been told is that some have been released into the Allegheny National Forest by people who had raised them from cubs as pets. The lions were released when they grew too large to care for easily. Also there is a facilty nearby in Ohio that may have had some escape. I don't have any details on that.

I personally have never seen evidence of any kind, but one of my older hunting partners is a close friend who I trust completely. He and his wife swear they watched one for at least a full minute in broad daylight this September. I have no reason to doubt them. It was in Forest county just south of the Warren county line. I'd sure like to see one myself, but if I did I doubt I'd tell anyone unless it was dead - to provide proof they do exist here.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 11/24/04 04:53 PM

There is video of several cats and also trail timer photos as well here in south central PA. The rumor here is insurance companies are behind them appearing all of the sudden. As many of you know the deer pop. here is above avg. and the ins. cos. really don't care for them. Don't know if there is any truth to it.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/04/04 07:13 PM

I have a family hunting camp in Elk County, north of Du Bois on 80. My uncle lives up on the mountain and has two pics of mountain lions that he took at night in his back yard. I know they exist there, but I am sure that they are very rare. He has lived up on that mountain for over 25 years and these are the only two lions he has seen. (About 8 years apart) Make of it what you will.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/05/04 05:28 PM

if there are big cats n pa they sure don't leave no tracks in the snow. i'm out after every fresh snow running bobcats and have never seen a track
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/05/04 07:19 PM

i got a huge cat in utah the tracks are very light, i would have to see some proof in PA, there would be alot of dead deer along with livestock, cats eat alot, most likly someones pet that loose
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/08/04 11:09 PM

Maybe someone should try looking around Mt. Nittany!
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/10/04 03:56 AM

A friend of mine from Clearfield had a lion walk right up to his tree stand , look up at him, and walk away.
he was hunting the Clearfield area.

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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/10/04 03:58 AM

this took place during archery season, oct.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/12/04 07:41 AM

thats before they go south for the winter. lol
just funin'
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/12/04 04:55 PM

I'm from PA too. I have a camp in Clinton county and I have not seen any signs or actually talked first hand to someone who has "seen" one. I feel it is possible but not likely. But then again, the PGC officers didn't believe there were coyotes here when people first "saw" them but look now!
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/20/04 05:12 PM

while hunting this year in tioga,i talked with some locals in wellsboro. they all say that not only are there many confirmed sightings of lions, but kits and black panthers.innkeeper there told me her husband has trailpics of all three. lions are bold enough to let themselves be seen! they also told me that the insurance companie sare stocking them as well. coyotes are being bought for $50.00 and being release in masse. supposedly the pa game commission is aware but looking the other way...who knows.
Posted by: Cal Sibley

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/20/04 06:31 PM

I just read an article in the Washington Post no less about the distribution of cougar and how they got where they are. For many years the wildlife departments in some of the midwestern states have denied the presence of cougar. Two were recently killed by cars in Iowa. The authorities, not being able to continue their ruse, owned up to their presence when shown the photos of the dead animals. It seems we've been stocking the damn things. I knew there was a residual population in north Florida. In fact, some were captured recently and introduced into Georgia, but at least Georgia was open about it.
I would shoot everyone I could. Conservation aside, it's sad when a youngster gets pulled down by a cougar or even a family pet to say nothing of a farmers livestock. How can our state agencies do this, and secretly no less. Have we no say in the issue? This nonsense has to cease. Best wishes.

Cal - Montreal
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/20/04 06:40 PM

the start of a great urban legend,,, :eek: :eek: :eek:
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/21/04 11:19 AM

if anyone shoots a lion here in pa, just bring it on over and i will eat the whole thing in one sitting!
Posted by: Savage_99

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/21/04 02:36 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by 1chopper:
[qb]if anyone shoots a lion here in pa, just bring it on over and i will eat the whole thing in one sitting![/qb][/QUOTE]I saw a mountain lion up close many years ago in Southern VT. Hunters have told me that they have seen mountain lions near the Mass/NY/CT borders and that was this year. There are many places near Bennington, VT that are named "catamount" like the Catamount Trail.

I understand that the "Eastern" cougar is a protected species on the federal level.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/21/04 03:20 PM

[QUOTE] I understand that the "Eastern" cougar is a protected species on the federal level. [/QUOTE]that must be why no one has got one, protected. here i just thought there really weren't any. lol
i think the "eastern" mt. lion and the big foot and the jersey devil are all covered under that. all issued kevlar vests for "protection". my mistake.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/21/04 04:40 PM

Breeding pairs of mountain lions have been released in PA.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/21/04 05:17 PM

Each state has their own classification for lions.
Funny cause here in NY lions were classified "extripated"(sp?) which means wiped out and there are no more. But a few years back they were changed to endangered. Seems fishy to me, and believe me I've heard enough stories to write a book...
I'll believe it when I see it with my own 2 eyes.

Go here, Eastern Cougar
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/21/04 06:50 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by 1chopper:
[qb]if anyone shoots a lion here in pa, just bring it on over and i will eat the whole thing in one sitting![/qb][/QUOTE]i will bring the hot sauce,,,
Posted by: Savage_99

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/21/04 09:27 PM

There have always been mountain lions in Vermont. I have seen one and other have seen them. There are mountain lions near Great Barrington, MA also.

I could not care less if someone believes this or not. They are around.

I am not in PA enough to say if they are there or not.

In any case have a nice day.

NWS Cougar
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/22/04 06:19 AM

I have heard the same thing about lions in New York. What do you guy's think? I doubt it in the catskills, but the aderondaks (spelling!) could support them, although deer populations are low there.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/22/04 06:22 AM

savage 99,
i was just funin' ya. i know there's alot of thing out there i don't know. i hope i get suprised someday. i guess if i do i'll have to eat more than my own words. lol
but this was taken from the link at the bottom of your post.

Although many promising leads were pursued, no concrete evidence was ever obtained for the existence of eastern cougar populations.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/22/04 08:07 PM

just shoot it they are not protected at all in pa then send a picture, no lions in pa noway, insurence company put them here, are we still on earth , right after they shoot bigfoot and catch the lockness monster on a fly rod.Some people act like the game comm. is like the KGB, ALTHOUGH IT DOES SUCK WE LOST GARY ALT
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/23/04 08:35 AM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by foxking:
[qb]just shoot it they are not protected at all in pa then send a picture, no lions in pa noway, insurence company put them here, are we still on earth , right after they shoot bigfoot and catch the lockness monster on a fly rod.[/qb][/QUOTE]I cant figure out your insistance that there can be NO mountain lions in PA. Especially since they were living here in abundant numbers within the past 100 years, AND they have been released in the state. The lion is a secretive animal who is rarely rarely seen. But suit yourself, but within 10-20 years when they get better established, you will be eating your words, lol.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/23/04 12:49 PM

hey i hope i,m wrong but untill i see it either live or dead there is no proof in PA, its that simple. I would have saved 5k when i went to utah to get mine, if they were in pike co.
Posted by: NiteFright

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/23/04 01:07 PM

Lions may have been here a couple hundred years ago but so were elk and wolves and prolly some other critters.
I personally believe cougars were all killed here in the east, but do believe that some are released. Either pets that got too big, or if you look at a link on the cougar network site you'll find people who want cougars back so bad they prolly take upon themselves to release a few.

I've talked to many wildlife biologists and they all say that there are no original eastern cougars in this part of the country. Kinda wish there was though, would be fun watching Chopper try to eat one, lol
Posted by: Rick James

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/23/04 01:57 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Savage_99:
[qb]There have always been mountain lions in Vermont. I have seen one and other have seen them. There are mountain lions near Great Barrington, MA also.

I could not care less if someone believes this or not. They are around.

I am not in PA enough to say if they are there or not.

In any case have a nice day.

NWS Cougar [/qb][/QUOTE]I grew up in Vermont and have personally seen them just south of Rutland on 2 occasions, one in the summer and one while calling yotes in the winter. My father now lives in Bradford County, PA and he swears he has seen one down there as well.
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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/24/04 01:24 PM

If anyone brings one over i'll freeze it untill you get your butt down here from ny and then we will cook the whole thing on a spit. now me being a nice guy and all, i would offer some to all that was incline to partake in such a feast, but given proper time and my known eating habits i think i could acomplish it on my own.
though i have eaten some meat from one that came from out west and believe "eastern cougar" meat would be much less filling. it would probably taste alot like eating "figment of the imagination."

Posted by: coyoteUGLY

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/25/04 05:45 PM

i dont no why you are such a skeptic when there have been confirmed cats in delaware and new jersey. Do you think the big cats dont like the PA taxes or somethin?
Posted by: NiteFright

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/25/04 09:47 PM

Aint callin no one a liar, just dont think there are any "original eastern cougars" left in the east.
Once someone gets hold of a cougar here in the east and thru DNA tests it is proven to be a true eastern cougar... I'll... well... you at Choppers and gonna even bring the BBQ sauce (aint sure hot sauce and cat go good together, unless of course Fooge can vouch it tastes like chicken ).
Hey Chopper dont worry I know you could do it pal! I'd cheer you on the whole way buddy!
Posted by: Lungbuster

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/27/04 02:00 AM

Do you have any proof that "breeding pairs" of mountain lions have been released? And you say there are "confirmed" cats in Deleware and New Jersey...Confirmed by who?...and again what evidence?
I would be willing to believe that someones pet may have escaped and/or been released, but to say they were stocked here or migrated here seems pretty foolish to me.
Posted by: foxking

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/27/04 02:54 AM

yes the confirmed sighting never appeared, it was someone high on crack the saw a great dane running. My best freind offered to track them with dogs in chester co one time and the county refused his offer so go figure. i agree about the pet loose could be a possibilty, but insurance conpanies releasing them to kill deer to cut down on accidents, that is some good old boys who are to lazy to hunt hard drinking in a bar that havnt seen a deer and blame gary alt big foot or mt lions, i hunt alot in pa in the snow i have never seen cat tracks ever. time will tell
Posted by: 1chopper

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/27/04 03:51 AM


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Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/28/04 11:17 AM

i obviously cannot reveal my source that lions have been released in PA. but they arent worried about releasing them, because the big cats are coming this way again anyway. They are migrating east and will cross the mississippi in a few years for sure, if they havent already. and the weather is fine for them (obviously since they flourished in pa years ago). And there is more than enough of their favorite food around ~ white-tailed deer.

So go ahead and mock my statements, but ill be the one laughing in 10-20 years when they are established again in PA. :eek:
Posted by: foxking

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/28/04 12:19 PM

hey i am not mocking you but there is no proof, i hope they come just one more animal to hunt. If the game comm. put them under protection, then they will be in the state. right now you can kill one , there is no law protecting them at all, so until that happens go west young man.
Posted by: 1chopper

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/28/04 06:28 PM

[QUOTE] So go ahead and mock my statements, but ill be the one laughing in 10-20 years when they are established again in PA.
[/QUOTE]hope you don't mind if a giggle a little untill then. i hope your right. just means i need some bigger hounds!
Posted by: coyoteUGLY

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/28/04 06:49 PM

go ahead and giggle like a school girl all you want. AND for all you lookin to find tracks, i highly doubt you hunt where the big cats roam, hence the term "mountain lion". AND, i dont think they will be allowed to be hunted for at least 15-35 years from now. go ahead and giggle, but watch your back in the woods, lol. ya dont wanna tempt fate do ya? :eek:
Posted by: Lungbuster

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/29/04 12:16 AM

O.K everyone, mark your calanders, we all meet back here on 12-28-2024 and see if he is right!!!
And by the way who are your sources, the C.I.A or the F.B.I? Or is it that secret branch of the Pa Game Commission that flies around in black helicopters that don't make any noise? LMFAO!!!

Next you are going to say how the Insurance Companies have been releasing coyotes in Pa without anybody knowing about it....please don't say that, I've dealt with that lunacy for long enough..
Posted by: Lungbuster

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/29/04 12:31 AM

Oh and by the way Ugly, thanks for clearing up the proper place to look for "mountain" lion tracks, here I was looking for "Cow Pasture Lion" tracks.....Don't laugh, my sisters, husbands, cousins, mechanics, mom read all about it in the National Enquirer. Breeding pairs of them are being released into Pa. There main food source is gullible hunters who believe everything they hear.
So like you said earlier " watch your back in the woods"
Posted by: foxking

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/29/04 01:05 AM

i mt lions tracks will be found in valleys when they cross to get between mts, thats how they hunt them out west, driving roads between to mts looking in the snow, at least thats how i got mine, then if you find fresh tracks you let them go and start running. But PA could be different maybe they have wings and fly from tree to tree. Like a huge flying squirle.I am way past giggling on this one, if you want to look behind you while hunting go to alaska in grizzly country, only time i never took a nap while hunting
Posted by: 1chopper

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/29/04 01:23 PM

oh you said mountian lion , they must live in those big tall things with the scary swamps and steep side hills. i never go there ever. i do most of my bobcat, hare, bear, and deer hunting in the walmart parking lot. monday while hare hunting my gps said i was at 2200 ft elev. just where are these large mountians where those critters live?
here i thought you were talking about mountian lie-in' .
Posted by: Lungbuster

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/29/04 04:28 PM

Good one Chopper.... Lie-in ...LMFAO!!!!
Posted by: coyoteUGLY

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/29/04 10:52 PM

u guys win, i guess there aint no need gettin in a pizzin match with those who know more than me
Posted by: Pa Teeny

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 01/11/05 11:50 AM

The sad Part is when they are here. Our great and Needful Game Commission which had nothing to do with them will put a lottery together and charge $100 just for the chance to be drawn and hunt one. I will shoot one on Sight and Post it Here!!
Posted by: brown-trout

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 01/11/05 01:04 PM is the real deal.......

My friend has a friend who works at the Game Commission. This guy supposedly was there when the GC released over 100 cougar into the woods in central PA. This release was funded, in part , by the auto insurance industry. A small portion of the funding came from farmer's groups, unhappy about crop losses. The cougar were obtained from the state of Nevada...the exact area was a place called area 51.....seems the cougar were too busy flushing herds of Mule Deer, which in turn caused the high tech security sensors to alert, causing many false alarms for base security personnel. So the CIA live trapped them, and with permission of the US Forest Service, transferred rights of ownership to PA. The cougar have been tagged in order for state biologists to more accurately track them....this will aid in learning all they can about the cougar. These radio collars have a cardiac monitor built soon as the cat dies, a signal is sent to the Game Commission, alerting them to the fact. The cat can then, if so desired, be blown up by remote control (the collar has 3/4 of a pound of C4 in it...). This explains why no hunter nor hiker has ever seen one dead. As we know, they are too wily to been seen alive. Gary Alt was a big opponent of the Cougar releases....see where that got him ....can you say forced retirement. Anyway, like I said, a good friend of my good friend said he was there when it happened. I believe him. Dont You?
Posted by: Cody221

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 01/14/05 09:19 PM

a web site with some additional reading..and hey guys play nice i never wanted this to becaome an arguement, just asking other peoples thoughts because there have been enough"sightings" to atleast be curious..although i do think many have been large bobcats
Posted by: coyoteUGLY

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 01/18/05 12:18 PM

good links
Posted by: Cougardaville

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 07/08/05 10:33 PM

Your right about the stories I am collecting the sighting reports in New York, and interested in Penn. as well.

I have a site dedicated to this
check us out
Posted by: Vaportrail

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 07/09/05 10:27 PM

Now, a few years ago 1973-74 while out running the dogs in the highlands just out side the town of New Milford PA, our dog lite into a cat! Now if your familiar with this area you know the highlands cross over into NY state, one big hill after another up and down and so on. Well I'll tell ya what! non believers, Our walker dog and two other dogs a big ole' redbone and young bluetick had that bad jasper cornered in the tops of an old clearcut!

The walkers ear was half ripped off and collar was gone! the dogs were so outta control you couldn't get near them! to leash em. The Redbone layed on his side yelping and a squeallin like a gut shot hog! and the Blue tick was on top of the pile of tops trying to go over the top down into the pit with the cat!There was nothing but fur just a flying everytime that blue dog tried to go in. My partner got up top side of the pile and dove on the Blue dog to keep him from going back in for another lickin! The cat bolted from the pile like it's A$$ was on fire and leaped about 20 feet through the air! We never thought much of it since even then there had been seeing cougars and panthers in that vast area of forest.

well, we patched the dogs up the best we could and headed out just a laughing at the whole thing The red bone the best we figured got the wind knocked out of him when the cat swiped him causing him to tumble down over some logs and probably figured it was safe to play dead! The tough old walker dog as we figured was being coaxed back in the pile by the bluetick, so it seemed cause he did all the fighting and the Blue dog was just the instigater to the whole doings Now we have cornerd and treed bobcats before and even have gone as far as pullin them out of rocks with an old piece of pipe with a fan belt laced back through it. That wasn't the case that night! this was a COUGAR! and it looked to be 9-10 feet long when it dove out of that pile and bounded 15 - 20 feet a hop across those tops. Man what a night!

didn't mean to go so long guys, just wish you non's were there then!

Posted by: WNYstalker

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 08/10/05 10:44 PM

I hate to join this...but I gotta since it was brought back to the top. In the late nineties, I worked in northwestern PA as a paramedic and watched a video which was taken from security camera footage in a DOD contract facility. There was clearly a BIG kitty sitting on a pile of materials. The tape was clear, and I would deny it myself if I hadn't seen it. Cat was about five or six feet long while lying on the ground.

I hunted PA for a decade and never crossed a track. I never saw any kills that I would attribute to a lion, and I certainly never saw one live. But I did see the video of a very live and very large cat in the Allegany National Forest.

Just my $0.02

Posted by: silencerS8

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 08/12/05 01:03 PM


the highlands just out side the town of New Milford PA,

Lots of land w/out houses or roads. Was just up in that area with the family on a Sunday drive, you can actually get a "Car" through the million dollar highway now. Seen lots of deer and bunch of porkys. The old beaver damn/swamp is gone and dried up, looks to be good coon and fox hunting, maybe we'll call in one of them big kitty's this fall

Posted by: Mavrick10_2000

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 08/12/05 11:16 PM

I'm not doubting you as the messenger. But it Sounds very Urban Legend to me. One thing I notice about many of the stories are the mention of insurance companies releasing them, or someone has video footage. Although the terrain and healthy whitetail population in Warren county and many other surrounding counties could support them (I grew up in Northampton Cty).

It's always possible, but my gut tells me it's pretty unlikely, until someone actually shoot's or hit's one with their vehicle.
Posted by: foxkillerz

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 02/27/07 08:49 PM

many people say they are here and many say they arnt. i would like to think that they arnt but i saw one 4 years ago in Clearfield county. it crossed in front of me as i was driving. it crossed onto a powerline. i wasnt sure what it was at first but when i pulled up it was standing 15 yards from the side of the road. the thing that gave it away was the long tail. i spend almost all of my time outdoor. i know what a bobcat is because i trapped one and i know it wasnt one of them. it is something i will never forget.
Posted by: tonym

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 02/28/07 07:35 PM

AS coyote ugly said there are confirmed sightings in Nj The state police and fish and game both positively id tracks in the south jersey area 6 or 7 years ago . This year alone there were multiple sightings in all parts of the state includeing a female and cub by a policeman who was skeptical about calls in the area that someone had reported a lion. He said after seeing it with his own eyes he would respond to calls of this nature wbeing a little more open minded. The funny thing is all the pa guys doubted it .I know pleny of people living in the cody wyoming an area with a good population who have never seen one in there life. It doesnt mean they dodnt exist there. I have friend in Utah who actually lives in an area with a big population of lions who is avid hunter and outdoorsman. He lives off of what he hunts and fishes for and told me he has seen 2 lions in his life .He is 75 years old and said they are very elusive and a male can range up to 200 miles.
Posted by: Here_kitty_kitty

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/02/07 06:56 AM

well guys 1chopper is my dad and I am on his side i am 14 and we hunt the little cats (bobcats) all winter walking rocks and checking tracks an i have never came across one now maybe there is but i rele dont thinks so and the people that see them somtimes i thinkk mistake them for bobcats not that there a huge bob cats but if u see a flicker of something you could esaly say hey i just saw a mt lion. By the way I wonder if they taste good
Posted by: Dogface

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/06/07 12:14 AM


AS coyote ugly said there are confirmed sightings in Nj The state police and fish and game both positively id tracks in the south jersey area 6 or 7 years ago .

There have been confirmed sightings in DE as well. DE F&G put out a statement that they believe ther are at least two cats in the state. They have photos, vidios and physical evidence.

A few years ago one of these cats was taped in PA near the DE border. A short time later a cat was taped outside a school in daylight in DE. The tape was on all the local news stations. New Castle Police hired a hunter to track down the animal but he was never caught,
Posted by: tonym

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/06/07 06:55 PM

It is my understanding that the tracker dogs had a tough time because there was a lot of cat scent for his dogs being there was so many house cats in the area. I dont know how true this is but I know there are guys better qualified on this forum to answer if this is possible.
Posted by: timberdoodle

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/09/07 10:17 AM

I am not saying there is not a chance that they do not exsist but I have many friends that are PGC Game Wardens and I have seen all the "proof" that everyone says they have and have come to the conclusion there is no hard proof. Usually the story or picture is from a friend of a friend of a friend. Does that mean that we will never have them no, but now there is no proof. Plus this nonsense about the Insurance company releasing mt.lions is BS. I have first hand info from the many Game Wardens that is a made up lie trying to make the commission look bad. As for killing one if you do kill on in pa it is protected and there is a big fine for it, I know because I asked the question. I said what if someone does kill one here that is proof and was told I hope they dont they will get a huge fine. So we will just have to wait and see I guess. I am sure they are coming sometime
Posted by: LionHo

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/10/07 03:38 PM

Did that anti-exotic pet law pass in NYC a couple of years ago after that Bengal Tiger mauling in the projects? Pet dumping could account for a lot of mountain lion sightings. Even a black leopard now and again

Even if ML do reestablish themselves in PA (my old stomping grounds), it might not be quite the doomsday scenario some folks imagine it to be, given the current havoc an overpopulation of whitetail deer wreck on the forest.

Posted by: DIYASUB

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/10/07 04:35 PM

Mountain lions? Oh yeah,up until a few years ago we were loaded with them around here in the Adirondacks.
We finally solved the problem by laying out a great big trail of little friskies over to Pennsylvania.
Unfortunately, my own encounter with a mountain lion didnt turn out very well.
During the winter of '93 the snowfall was so great up here that travel was impossible.
Things got pretty tough as groceries began to run out and the children had less and less each day to eat.
I was finally forced to take matters into my own hands and decided that I might be forgiven under the circumstances if I did a little extracurricular hunting.
I headed out one morning during blizzard conditions but I had confidence in my skills as a hunter and a woodsman.
I soon found the fresh track of a deer and followed it hoping for a shot.
Up the mountain, through a gap, and onward I went.
Late that afternoon I finally caught site of a magnificent ten point buck and worked my way up a ridge to where I could make a sucessful shot.
It actually took two shots to bring him down, and by the time I finished field dressing him it was pitch dark and the snow had filled my tracks.
I circled the mountaintop looking for any indicator of the way I had come and that's when I found the tracks that showed I wasnt the only hunter on the mountain that night.
What I found as I came upon my own tracks were the tracks of a huge mountain lion who had undoubtedly smelled fresh venison and planned to relieve me of my kill.
On the theory that heading in any direction was better than just running in circles, I chose what seemed like a good route and began making my way down the mountain and hopefully away from the lion.
I came to the head of a steep ravine and thought to use it to my advantage.
I put the deer on the edge of the ravine, climbed aboard, grabbed the antlers, and started to luge my way down the mountainside.
What I didnt realize was just how determined a hungry mountain lion can be, and when I looked back up the mountain there was the surefooted lion sliding along after me like one of Austrias best alpine olympic skiers.
I took my first shot at him at a hundred yards but my wild ride caused me to miss him clean.
The same thing happened on my seventy five yard second shot.
My third shot at just fifty yards was closer to the mark but only managed to graze him along his flank.
Now if there's one thing we all know is more dangerous than a hungry mountain lion, it's has to be a hungry, angry, wounded, mountain lion, and this one was no exception to the rule.
I was out of cartridges and knew that my only chance was to stay on that sliding sledding buck and to hope to lose my crafty pursuer.
Down the mountain I went, on my makeshift sled, using a combination of antlers and pure body english to avoid boulders and trees, but the lion kept on gaining.
Finally, I shot out over a precipice and I knew that the game was soon to come to an end.
As I tumbled through sixty feet of nothing but air, I lost my gun, my knife, and the deer, and I wound up in deep snow, unable to move, at the base of the cliff, and that's when that big hungry old mountain lion jumped down and killed me.
And that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!
Posted by: LionHo

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/13/07 10:07 AM

I don't mean to cast aspersions on your character, DIYASUB, but your little emoticon at the end kinda suggests you might be someone prone to stretching a point for the sake of the more-dramatic telling. Heck, your breathless account had plenty of drama already--no need to hit us over the head with it.

Posted by: severe

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/13/07 10:14 AM

Wow, had me sceered for a couple seconds. Glad it ended OK.
Posted by: broknaero

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/15/07 02:40 PM

Holy cow! People still talking about the Pa Mt Lions? 1 Million deer hunters a year... Where do they have room?
Posted by: redfoxfur

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/15/07 05:35 PM

YES there are mountain lions in pa period.
Posted by: FUD

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/15/07 05:44 PM

There are bobcats in PA. If there was mountain lions there would be mountain lion tracks in the snow, and someone sure as hell would shoot one in deer season thinking it was a little yearling...guess what? I aint never seen one and I have found alot of bobcat tracks! NONE IN THIS STATE!
Posted by: DIYASUB

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/15/07 07:58 PM


I don't mean to cast aspersions on your character, DIYASUB, but your little emoticon at the end kinda suggests you might be someone prone to stretching a point for the sake of the more-dramatic telling. Heck, your breathless account had plenty of drama already--no need to hit us over the head with it.


I wasnt the one that put the emoticon there LionHo,
it was the mountain lion that did it.
Posted by: Duane@ssu

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/15/07 10:33 PM

I'll just say that A lion could be ANYWHERE don't be so sure they aren't in PA.I grew up in northern Maine,and there was talk of lions there.A young male will travel miles and miles to find a mate.Although not probabal they could be any where,before we cuss someone for saying where they are we should look at the fact that it is possible.
Posted by: Dogface

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/17/07 12:41 AM


someone sure as hell would shoot one in deer season thinking it was a little yearling...

I would hope that a hunter would know he difference between a lion and a deer. If he don't or if he does not take the time to identify his target he should not be hunting.
Posted by: Dogface

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/17/07 12:46 AM


I grew up in northern Maine,and there was talk of lions there.

Where did you grow up in Maine? I spent a lot of time with friends in Winterville and Eagle Lake. I have not been up there in a long time but I loved that place.

BTW Quebec and NB have documented the existence of lions in their Provinces.
Posted by: yote_tote

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/17/07 03:08 AM

DIYASUB,its been a long time since i read that story.I laughed when i read it then and laughed even more,after you told it.LOL

I have traversed the mountains of PA most of my life and never seen a mountain lion,or ones tracks.I have hunted and trapped from the northern most part of the state,to the southern most part,and many,many,places in between.I am in my sixties now,and at least half my life was spent in the woods.I was born and raised in the mountains,where there was no other houses around.I had to walk two miles through the woods on a well worn path,before i would break out onto a road,to go to school.I wasn't allowed to go to school untill i was nine years old,because of that.Back then it was much,much,wilder and still never knowed anything about a mountain lion,just a few bears around.The only way i will believe it,is if i see one for myself,and even then,i might blame it on my old age and seeing things.LOL
Posted by: redfoxfur

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/25/07 11:36 AM

I found mt.lion tracks near our deer camp in tioga county. I have found bobcat tracks on my land in dauphin county believe me I can tell the difference. Not to start anything FUD but I dont like it when people say things and cant back them up. Please dont take that the wrong way.
Posted by: timberdoodle

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/28/07 04:23 PM

Redfox where at in dauphin county? My husband and I use to live down that way. We now are back to mifflin.
Posted by: 24Vford

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 03/29/07 09:21 PM

i have been reading alot of things lately about moutain lion sightings all over the web
were i live in indiana they was one sighted a couple hours away the dnr said it was an escaped pet but they have made no atempt to catch it and there was know one to be interviewed about their escaped pet i think it was wild and they dont want anyone going after it
well anyway i think bigcats are on the comeback everywere
Posted by: greydog

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 05/11/07 09:26 PM

Yes, you are all right!! The Pa. Game Commission is tradeing Idaho mountian lions for groundhogs. A friend of a my brothers,uncles,great grandfathers, best friends, cousins, told me this just after he saw Big Foot step off a Space Ship with Elvis driving. This is worse then than any thing. PLEASE HELP!! SCARED IN Pa.????????????????
Posted by: greydog

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 05/11/07 10:08 PM

I know where Jimmy Hoffa is!!!!!!!!!!!! He was eaten by a Pa. Mountian Lion. It was brought in from Ohio. The reason I know that is when I lifted up the tail it had a big "O" stamped underneath. HELP US!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Dogwood Creek

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 05/13/07 06:40 AM

I was recently shown a didital pic of what would appear to be a mountain lion. This pic was shown to me by a close friend of the photographer. "Boy sure looks like one to me" was what my buddy said in defense of his friend. It was extremely out of focus,odd for a digital,and was taken in the snow in the big National Forest north of here. My buddy was obviously shaken and excited by the prospect of a lion in his back yard. "I've seen clearer pics of bigfoot" was my retort. Well, "He was probably excited when he took it" was the reply. I asked how the pics of the tracks turned out. "Well, there aren't any track pics" claimed my buddy. I couldn't believe a fella that close to a lion in the snow didn't get track pics! I agree with the majority of the people I have polled on the subject. I don't want breeding pairs of them here. I think a little "unknown" in the PA woods is great.Heaven knows we have the wild areas to support them. But, until I see conclusive hard and fast tangable evidence to the contrary, I say there aren't any. I'm not saying there CAN'T be any. I just haven't been convinced by what has been shown me. Again I say there COULD BE, and I would like to be the feller that gets the proof. I would pay the fine to end the debate. As I understand it, the law was writen a century ago pretaining to the eastern lion. I would have to see DNA testing to verify the occasional lion passing through here isn't an escaped western strain pet. Therefor not falling under the old eastern lion law. I'll just bet if you had a dead one, there would be a tatto on it or a chip in it someplace. Most likely behind the neck between the shoulderblades. I for one don't believe for a instant the insurance companies wouldn't try a trap and transfer here. I don't trust those buggers one iota.
Posted by: Countryboy45683

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 05/20/07 02:47 AM

Well get this one.. oh and i am a believer my dad and I saw one about 4 or 5 years ago... My dad is the president of his rotary club here in town the one night they had someone from the pa game commission come in to do a presentation. at the end someone asked if there are mountain lions in pa. his response.... yes
Posted by: tierhog

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 05/27/07 05:01 PM

I find it funny to see so many people thinking mountain lions couldn't exist in PA. I am here in N.E. PA recently from CA. In CA mountain lions live within a mile of downtown Sacramento CA by the river. This is a heavily populated area with jogging trails with a city of 300,000 + people. No one sees them until one day someone is attacked. There were mountain lions found in Sacramento, tagged and moved east of the city into the foot hills of the sierra nevadas, then months later these cats have shown up on the peninsula west of San Fransisco. If any of you know the area, it's a great distance to travel over many large large interstates and freeways. I personally have seen a few lions while hunting in the mountains, and they can be very elusive and tracks are not always easily distinguished, but to think they can't are don't live in a state with such vast wilderness is a narrow minded. Large cats travel great distances for food and will move to where the food is. I've never seen as many deer in my whole life in the seven months i've been in PA. It's a natural thing for large cats to migrate to where the food is, and there is plenty of it in PA. Canada to NE PA isn't very far in terms of large cats.
Posted by: koyhunter

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 06/03/07 08:12 AM

We now have them in southern Ontario as per MNR...see this editorial link in Niagara newspaper
Posted by: tonym

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 06/04/07 08:37 PM

I posted earlier in this post and am amazed at the responses I have read. I didn't see it so it doesn't exist? A bull moose wondered through sussex ,NJ in the early 90s . It then swam the delaware river into pa and wondered around for weeks before heading back up to ny state. How many of you pa guys saw his tracks while you were in the woods? As Tier hog mentioned a lion is a very elusive animal that will travel great distances in its normal range. In nj the state police as well as the nj fish and game have positivly ided lion tracks in the last 5 years as well as multple police officers being eye witnesses to some of the sightings is proof enough for me. As far as there being a large amount it is doubtful.Fish and game in most states on the east coast have chalked up the sightings as escaped pets .Sorry I dont buy it because there just arent that many people with pet lions around. One of the sightings in jersey last year by the pa boarder was a police officer who saw a female with cubs in his driveway. A went on to explain that he did not beleive the calls that he had previosly gone out on from people claiming to see mountain lions And that after actually seeing one himself would take the calls more serious.To say they dont exist because you didnt happen to cross tracks with it is absurd .
Posted by: Cooker

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 07/10/07 03:08 PM

I spent my first forty years on a ranch along the NE UT/NW CO border. I've seen and or killed: deer, elk, moose, black bear, bobcats, bighorn, badger, and even saw a wolverine once but I've never seen a mountain lion. A lot of people tell me they are everywhere in these parts of Utah/Colorado but I doubt it, I think it's all BS. I was in PA once for a few hours, never saw one there either so I'm sure you guys are correct, there aren't any.
Posted by: silencerS8

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 07/10/07 07:08 PM


How many of you pa guys saw his tracks while you were in the woods?

Yes, he hung just outside of town for a short spell.
Posted by: Jill

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 07/19/07 08:25 PM

Here in Extreme Northern Kentucky our local newspaper had a front page story about a former teacher seeing Mt. lions around his farm. The first sighting was 7 years ago and then in May of this year his wife was tending her garden when she heard yelping and saw a Mt. lion chasing their dog across a pasture. Only stopping when she yelled repeatedly. I talked the teacher and he was very sure of what he'd seen, saying it was way bigger than his 75 pound yellow lab. When the lady watched the cat return to the woods she also saw another one standing in the tree line and they watched the dog retreating towards her before slipping away. This location is only about 3 miles from where I live as the crow flies. So yes I'm going try to call them and slip about looking as I can access the area from a friends neighboring farm. Probably won't get to see anything but you never know.
There's been a few reports of of Mt.lions in this area for years. One was sighted in Indiana along a cliff bluff a few years ago by a maintenance man in a State park. An old lady told me once of seeing a "lion" when she walked out a gravel lane one morning to get her mail and her beagles where baying at something over the lane bank. She looked closer and it sprang into the road spat at the dogs and ran away. She didn't even know what to call it besides a big long brownish gray lion. This sighting was in the 70's. And very close to where the man reporting the last ones lives. At least I can have hopes of running into one and maybe at the least get a coyote called up, if nothing else.
Posted by: Jill

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 07/23/07 04:02 PM

13. KY kitten. In June, 1997, a man driving a pickup truck hit and killed an eight pound spotted female cougar kitten on Highway 850 in western Floyd County, KY. He said he also noticed a larger and a smaller shape, most likely the kitten's mother and sibling, because the kitten was still too young to be out on her own. The driver took the body to the Kentucky Department of Game & Fish, which froze it. When the kitten was analyzed, she was found to have all her claws intact, with no tattoos, tags, collars or other indication of captivity. DNA analysis indicated that the kitten's maternal ancestry included genes from South America, pointing to the pet trade (South American cougars are popular in the cougar pet trade), but paternal ancestry was shown to be North American.

This kitten is important for several reasons: she was a highway fatality, and biologists claim that if cougars were present in any numbers some would get hit by cars; she indicates that reproduction is going on in the wild; and she exemplifies the mixing of cougars from various origins that is probably occurring in the eastern woods. An April 20, 2001 letter from Steve Thomas, Wildlife biologist, KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources to Chris Bolgiano, ECF vp, confirms the above information.
This at least shows there are Mt. lions in Kentucky no matter how they got here.
Posted by: DylanD

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 08/03/07 10:01 AM

heres a friend of my dads (SilencerS8) he took the pic in Susquehanna county

and he even has a mamma and 2 kittens living in his back yard

Posted by: coyote151

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 10/14/07 07:46 PM

I have heard about mountain lion sightings all over PA and really wanted to see one, so, I started calling for them with electronic callers and mouth callers. Still have not seen one. I have been predator hunting for quite a few years now and have not even seen tracks from a mountain lion. Bobcat tracks cat be deceiving, especially in the snow. I'm not doubting anyone but if there is pictures out there, let's see them.
Posted by: homebuilt

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 10/16/07 08:21 PM

theres been claims to one being in camden NY(upper cny), been sighted by several people. DEC claims it must have been a bobcat. one ol'hunter said he's never seen a bobcat with a 3 foot long tail. slightly off topic, but this sounds like the black bear debate in central ny. they claim there are none, well untill a lady blasted one in her car a couple of day's ago in waterloo
Posted by: coyote_grimreaper

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 10/26/07 12:09 AM

You know I have lived in Oregon my whole life. I have never seen a live cougar in the wild. However, I know that the population is getting out of hand when I see tracks at a local state park 2 miles from town and tracks at my work which is 1/2 mile from the state park. Now before anyone says that is probably the same cat because they normally have large territories. the tracks are different size. So just because you dont see them, doesnt mean they are not there.
Posted by: Jill

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 10/29/07 07:21 AM

Fact is Mt. lions are becoming much more numerous. Another fact is they can and do travel hundreds of miles when seeking new territory. The link I provided shows a dead kitten confirmed in eastern Kentucky as well as confirmed tracks in West Virgina. So yes there is without a doubt a few Mt. Lions living in the eastern USA. The proof is there.
Posted by: danurve

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 11/02/07 11:00 AM

I beleive any mnt lion or even bobcat is a much stealthier & smarter predator then a coyote. Now I could be wrong about that but it's just a theory. Because even in the correct habitat in the N/E the list of people & hunters who's actually seen one where there isn't a season for them, or the DEC/DNR says they don't exist etc., is well a short list. I'm 45, you think I'm going to go climbing all over the Adarondacks, Catskills or Allegeny range looking for one of these elusive critters? Not right now anyway. Plenty of coyotes on lower ground.
I've seen a bobcat in Wayne county. According to the DEC that's not possible, ok.
Got a spot just right near Tioga Co. where some have gone hyper over a reported bear sighting. I don't see what the big deal is. Maybe it's slightly out of it's normal range is all. And I've seen the tracks.
Do I want to see this bear? How about No.
Bow for deer is still open, so is Turkey for that area.
Posted by: GC

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 11/04/07 11:24 AM

I can't speak for mountain lions, but bobcats are flat out dumb compared to coyotes. Bobcats are definately on the "short bus" when compared to coyotes. Bobcats have an entirely different nature, they use their natural camo and stealthy nature to sneak to a call, however, when shot at often they'll attempt to use that same thing to hide from the hunter and will sometimes allow multiple shots to be fired at them as they hunker down in a little piece of cover. My dad shot at one three times with a .308 at forty yards as it came sneaking into my calls. He hit low and kicked hard crusted snow all over the cat and it simply stretched out flat until the third shot nailed it. He did the very same thing with a .12 gauge and No. 4BK, shooting at another cat that I called several times while it sat watching him. Bobcat's will approach from dead downwind and ignore a snoot full of human scent. Especially so if there is a motion decoy of some sort to lock their eyes on. Different natures, but coyotes won't give you those same opportunities as the cat will. Coyotes are just higher strung and make full use of all thier senses. Coyotes will burn you on a stand and be gone in a flash while a cat sits and tries to figure it all out. No comparision between the two in the IQ department...
Posted by: hawkeye77

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 11/14/07 09:57 AM

well i beleave that there are mountain lions in pa, i live in a town in western new york that is probally 55 minutes north of erie,, pa.. 2 hunting seasons ago i got live proof of mountain lions in new york with the video camera segement that lasted about 5 minutes long. and to make things better it wasnt 1 cat there were 2.
Posted by: deputysam

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 11/21/07 02:57 PM

When you think cats, you think stealth partcularly when they hunt. I saw three mountain lions at different times while camping in the Sitgreaves National Forest along the Mogollon Rim. My girlfriend got the best look because I was driving the truck, but once one had stalked up to just a few feet from me and was able to run off so fast by the time I got to the ridge area he'd been looking at me from, he was long gone and silently out of sight.

I am real glad they are not an endangered species.

I think it sounds like to me that in Oklahoma they may have developed a presence where local people are not longer wiling to just write off their kills of livestock to a 'cost of doing business". Will be interesting to find more out about it.
Posted by: deputysam

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 11/29/07 08:58 AM

I think you are right, in part because mountain lions hunt mostly alone and coyotes pretty much like to hunt in packs. Not the the "herd instinct" instinct is a completely bad thing, but it does tend to indicate that the indivual members of the pack are relying more in the skill and sense of their leader, while when you hunt alone, you are the leader.

I bet somebody out there in the realm of science probably may have seen some independent research on IQ in animals, of which Man is only one.

Posted by: Suz11

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 12/02/07 04:45 PM

Hey there any way you can post that video?? I'd love to see it. Just had a friend hunting in NW pennsylvania last week...saw two mt. lions feeding on a deer carcass, but didn't have a camera.
Posted by: BruceT

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 01/25/08 10:44 AM

I can say mountain lions are here in Maine.Saw the film myself of a group of bear hunters in northern Maine that saw one cross the road and turned their bear dogs loose on the track treeing it.
Posted by: ryan9166

Re: Mountain Lions in PA? - 01/28/08 10:06 PM

deleted, dont really want to be a part of this conversation.