Croghan hounds

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Croghan hounds - 08/14/03 05:49 AM

I recently got a hound on trial and am told that she is a Croghan. She isn't as leggy as the male that I have. He is a Trigg Walker, what in PA they call a Running Walker. She is stockier and shorter. Does anyone have any photos of Croghans or know of a website that does? I've only had her out once and then she came in heat. My Trigg is lovesick and he stares at her and howls all day! I'd let them breed if I knew if I was going to keep her!
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Re: Croghan hounds - 08/15/03 06:36 PM

A guy I know of near me breeds croghan hounds,can't promise but I'll see if I can rummage up a photo.He breeds hounds in moscow,pa.
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Re: Croghan hounds - 08/16/03 08:06 AM

Thanks Beagler. I would be interested in his address & phone # also. I really like this female and may want more Croghans in the future. It would nice to have someone in PA as a hound source.
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Re: Croghan hounds - 08/16/03 01:50 PM

Try this site Coyote Tracker, for pic's and info Nitro's
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Re: Croghan hounds - 08/17/03 05:21 AM

tracker, crogans come in all colors. i have a male that is all red and is a big hound.he is a catch hound. he can catch and kill a yote by him self. i have a pic of him on my site. his name is red.

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Re: Croghan hounds - 08/17/03 07:52 AM

Thanks guys,
That is one big hound Vargy! The female I have is more like Nitros' Rocky dog. I finally got the guys name in Ontario that my buddy bought her from. His name is Ross Purdy. I wanna call him up and find out more about her line before I breed my Running Walker to her. Since I am just starting out with this hound running thing, I want to make sure that I get a decent cross. Kinda like making up for lost time. I don't wanna screw around with a cross that gives me pups that aren't what I want.
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Re: Croghan hounds - 08/21/03 08:18 PM

Hi Coyote Tracker Did You Get Any Pic. Of
Croghan Hounds Is That Breed what Your Going
To Hunt Coyotes With. The Best Of Luck To

Thanks Steve&The Thorn
Mt Hounds.
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Re: Croghan hounds - 09/04/03 09:12 PM

Coyote Tracker, I am from Carlton PA and run coyotes with a couple of crogans. My female came from Ross Purdy and is a good hound. We have bred them to walkers before and the pups we kept are doing well.
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Re: Croghan hounds - 09/07/03 11:13 AM

Where is Carlton coyote hunter? I'm about 30 miles south of Erie & 12 miles from the OH border. I talked to Ross and he said the female is in fact a Croghan & they have alot of fight. I gave her back to my buddy and took a male on loan that runs deer occasionally. He doesn't have the patience or time to try & break him. I think I can work it out and he should be a fine hound. He is out of another friends 10 yr old jump dog who is the best cold nosed running Walker around. I'm going to a fox pen in Indiana PA the 27th of this month to run a 20 week old pup, a rejected walker coonhound that won't tree but runs a mean fox ,and my old reliable male 8 yr old running walker, Ring. The fella at the pen has a deer in a 1/2 acre enclosure seperate from the 50 acre fox pen, and this buck can break any hound from wanting anything to do with chasing a deer ever again. If your within driving distance to Indiana, and have dogs in need of training, I have the pen reserved and there will only be my dogs inside all day, feel free to join us.
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Re: Croghan hounds - 10/13/03 07:38 PM

Coyote Tracker, Carlton is about 3 miles south of Cochranton. I hope you are making out OK with the hounds. I am going to try to go to Michigan this fall and visit a fella named Bob Totton. He has a pen and handles dogs. He says he has a good crogan male. I'll see. Good Luck.
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Re: Croghan hounds - 10/24/03 04:34 PM

Here is a picture of a croghan hound.
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Re: Croghan hounds - 12/17/20 01:38 PM

Hello Beagler I would like to have this Info too I'm looking for Crogan Hounds too Hounds that go back to Mann's Deacon from Missouri Thanks Jarrett