Mt. Lion

Posted by: Steve Craig

Mt. Lion - 10/26/01 01:17 PM

Had a day free, so my son and I went out for a fun hunt this morning and called in a very nice lion, about a 150 lb Tom. He came to within 50 yards of my WT caller, and we let him walk away. Saving him for a client. One of the better Toms in my area.

Posted by: Calypso

Re: Mt. Lion - 10/26/01 01:27 PM

Hey Steve,

I see you have not lost the "touch"!

Posted by: Steve Craig

Re: Mt. Lion - 10/26/01 07:23 PM

How you doing Bob?
I sure is great to have my remote back in use! It does make differnce in how many lions you can call! How is business going?

Posted by: Lonny

Re: Mt. Lion - 11/02/01 04:29 PM

Steve C,

I wish I had seen this post sooner. Sounds like it was a really great day for you and your son.

Were you specifically calling for lions when you called this one in? When you go after the cat for a client what will your game plan be? Will you try the same sounds again to call this lion in? With the large amount of area that lions can roam do you expect to find him close to the same area where you called it in? Or do you know the lions travel routes in the area you hunt so if you don't find him in one place you will move to the next most likely place?

Sorry for all the questions but I am just interested in learning about how lions move through and use their territory.