Bears after berries

Posted by: Brennan

Bears after berries - 10/22/01 09:55 PM

I am planing to go for bear this weekend, but I am wondering about which type of areas to target beings that the berries are probobly gone. I haven't been able to get up since sept. 1 because of school and football, I am wondering what type of food source they will be targeting.
Posted by: ds2

Re: Bears after berries - 10/23/01 09:09 AM

What type of trees are near you? Oaks, Junipers, Pines, Aspens? Knowing that would make answering you question a little easier. Another way would be to call your local game warden. He will have his finger on the pulse of what's going on!!
Posted by: Brennan

Re: Bears after berries - 10/23/01 09:40 PM

I will be hunting around the areas that have been logged, but the trees that are around them are mostly fir amd hemlock, with some pines.