Bears are frustrating!!!

Posted by: bullwidgeon

Bears are frustrating!!! - 09/27/01 05:27 PM

I have glassed up 3 different bears in 1 drainage in an area that I hunt. 2 medium sized black bears and 1 big red bear. The drainage starts out really low in Saguaro cactus and Prickly Pear and works it's way up all the way to Pine slopes with a few Oaks intermixed. 2 of the bears have been in the medium elevation Oak/Manzanita/Juniper level of the canyon. The big red bear was in the pears. I have called with a phantom predator caller with both rabbit and deer sounds countless hours over fresh bear sign in the canyon both low and high and in the bottom of the drainage to on top of the rim. No bears! I have called for a few hours with a circe with the same luck. I have not been able to glass the bears up since the 2nd day of the hunt but according to the sign they are still using the area. Dees anyone have any tips on how to get them out? Thank you
Bret Mattausch
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Re: Bears are frustrating!!! - 10/01/01 06:15 PM

yeah, I got some advice. Next time you see them, SHOOT THEM!!! Is it really that important to you that you call them in rather than just spot and stalk? Bears really aren't that hard to stalk. Once you've found them, sneak over to them and pop 'em one. How far away have they been? I must be missing something here, because it sounds too easy. Finding bears can be very difficult, but if you're in the area and you've seen them, they're there. Mostly bears don't have natural preditos and unless they're on the move for some reason they can spend hours on hours in one little area browsing berries, or shrubs, or sleeping. Good luck.
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Re: Bears are frustrating!!! - 10/02/01 01:06 PM

Yeah well I would shoot them if I could! I wish it was that simple. Seeing bears from a a half mile to a mile is usally what happens. Then I climb up the drainage to get them and by the time I am up there they are not there. I have no problems stalking deer or elk but bears always give me the slip. Bears are always mobile when I see them. Moving quite a bit. I thought by going to last point of sight, that I could call them if I was in the vicinity. I would guess now, that is not the case. I will continue to glass for them and one day I am sure I will be able to nail one while he is feeding on a food source that will hold him for more than a few minutes. Thank you for your help though, I would love to chase black bears in Alaska some day, At least the weather would be a little nicer than 100*'s!!! Hehehehe!
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Re: Bears are frustrating!!! - 10/02/01 05:34 PM


If you have been seeing bears in the drainage you are hunting and the food supply is still there for them they are most likely still around.

Keep watching those food sources. The bears are bound to be somewhere close by. I have lots of times seen the same bears for days in a row in almost exactly the same spot, if there is a good food source to keep them in the area.

I don't know what it is like hunting bears in AZ but here in Idaho a good foraging area will bring in bears year after year if the food supply is there.

Try to be in rifle range of the spot you think a bear might be feeding that way you won't have to spend precious time trying to get within range. If this is possible in the area you are hunting.

Be patient and look hard you will eventually connect. Think to yourself, "If I were a hungry bear where would I be" You just have to be in the right spot at the right time.

Good luck, hope ya get one

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Re: Bears are frustrating!!! - 10/03/01 10:25 PM

Totally agreey with Lonny. This time of year the bear will be where the food source is. They will continue toi feed until the food soure is gone. Make sure you ae still seeing frest scat. If so sit tight and stay is the area the bears will not be far away. While there site nay not be taht good their smell is outstanding. Be causious of where you set up and keep the wind in your face.
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Re: Bears are frustrating!!! - 10/04/01 12:40 PM

I figure the bears in the drainage I hunt move between 3-5 miles a day just feeding back and forth through the area. The pears are thinner now than in August, the acorns are not quite ready yet and the manzanita berries are thinning. I almost need to find a dead cow or a carcass of some sort if I expect then to be within a mile for more than a day or two. I just figured there might be some sure fire way to call them in, but I guess not. Glassing it will be this weekend and hopefully I can get one.