First Bear Hunt

Posted by: Coyote Bob

First Bear Hunt - 06/21/01 10:56 PM

This fall I will be hunting elk in the Silverton, CO area. One of the guys I will be hunting with came across a bear cave when he was last in the area.

I intend to purchase a bear tag and hopefully will nab both an elk and a bear while I am out.

I will be hunting with a 30-06 and carry a .44 Mag as back up. Since I have never been after bear before, I was wondering if I could get some pointers?
Posted by: Critr Gitr

Re: First Bear Hunt - 06/22/01 05:40 AM

Coyote Bob, I am afraid I can't help on your questions, but want to welcome you to Predator Masters. I'm sure some of the guys can help.

Again, Welcome!!!

Posted by: Coyote Bob

Re: First Bear Hunt - 06/22/01 12:25 PM

Thanks for the welcome, Critr Gitr. I just stumbled across this forum the other day. So far, I like what I see.

I am really looking forward to hunting bear this fall. I enjoy the coyote hunting available in the eastern Colorado plains, and I am anxious to step up to some of the other predators out there.

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Posted by: Critr Gitr

Re: First Bear Hunt - 06/23/01 10:09 AM

I also plan to buy a bear tag this year, for the first time, and hope to spend a few days calling in an area where I saw bears often last summer. We will have to compare notes as we progress.

Posted by: AzWill

Re: First Bear Hunt - 06/23/01 11:03 AM

Coyote Bob. . .

Bear can be called in using most any predator call, personally, Iíve had the best luck with a fawn in distress sound.

Calling black bear takes lots of patience on the part of the caller. Iíve only had one bear respond to the call that galloped into the stand, all others simply took their sweet time, checking out everything they could find on the way.

I suggest you plan on spending an hour on each stand, as you travel through the area, and Iíd pass up any shots at other predators that might respond to your call.

Good luck and have fun...

Posted by: Daryl

Re: First Bear Hunt - 06/23/01 11:11 AM

AzWill is right, the one I called in and killed circled me in the brush for 40 minutes before I finally got a shot. I could here him but couldn't see him. Sort of spooky bein out there alone when they do that! Makes the hair on the back of your neck sort of stand up and stay that way.

Take care,
Posted by: Critr Gitr

Re: First Bear Hunt - 06/23/01 11:28 AM

If I could hear him, I wouldn't quit calling 'till dark!

I have made some one-hour stands, hoping for a lion. I find it easy to do, provided that I put myself in the right frame of mind. Unlike my typical coyote stand, I sit back and relax, just enjoying watching everything going on around me. First thing I know, I am thinking "The hour is up ALREADY??"

Posted by: Coyote Bob

Re: First Bear Hunt - 06/23/01 11:40 PM

Thanks for your input guys. I just found out the other day that I could definitely purchase a bear tag for the area I am hunting, and I can hardly wait for October to get here (kind of like a little kid who knows his birthday is 5 months away but he can't stop thinking about it).

I will work on the calls that I have and see if I can perfect the fawn distress. I may even look into the Phantom Predator call. I scouted that web page the other day and was pretty impressed with that system.

If you come up with any more suggestions please let me know. I really want to hang a rug on the wall this winter.
Posted by: Lonny

Re: First Bear Hunt - 06/24/01 09:26 AM

Coyote Bob,

Just a heads up but I ordered a Foxpro a few months ago and in checking the Idaho hunting regs before I ordered I found out you can't use electronic callers to hunt lions and bears here in Idaho. I ordered it anyway because I wanted it for coyotes.

I don't know what the regs are in Colorado concerning electronic callers and bear hunting but I just don't want to see you get into any trouble and if you have already checked into this I apologize. I have had black bears come into cow/calf elk calls in the fall when elk hunting so you might try a cow call also. If you have any berry patches in your hunting area those are good spots to see black bears in the fall. Or they will hang around and clean up gut piles from elk killed during the hunting season. Setting up over a gut pile can be productive. Good luck on your hunt, I hope you get a bear!


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Posted by: Coyote Bob

Re: First Bear Hunt - 06/24/01 11:03 PM

Thanks for the heads up, Lonny.

I am waiting for Colorado DOW to fill me in on the particulars of bear calling here. I also need to have them clarify whether the gut pile is considered bait. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to hunt over bait in CO.

I should find out in the next day or two if this will be a straight spot and stalk hunt.
Posted by: NM Kid

Re: First Bear Hunt - 06/25/01 04:14 PM

Welcome Coyote Bob,

Hey I have never hunted bears any at all... But I think Wayne Carlton has a descent video on how to call bears in. I think in that video he calls in 6 or so, maybe it was more.(?) But I think it will help you get a good idea of what is entailed.

One thing that I thought was interesting is if you can visually see the bear, the odds of calling them in are very high, Wayne said 80% I believe. He also offers a "bear" call.

Be carefull and let us know how the elk and bear go. Best of luck,

Posted by: Dawgkilla

Re: First Bear Hunt - 07/03/01 09:28 AM

Coyote Bob,
Did you say you were going out of Silverton? Is that part of GMU 75? I drew an either sex elk tag for that GMU and was planning on hunting bear (and deer) there as well! Small world.....

That which does not kill me makes me stronger...and is usually dead when I'm finished with it!
Posted by: Bob Mc

Re: First Bear Hunt - 07/03/01 11:46 AM

It has been my experience that bears come to a predator call very differently than most other critters. Of the several bears that I have called, only one came right out in the open where I could see it. That was a small cub, and it came right down a dirt road and I really believe would have walked right up to me if the Airedale laying next to me hadn't barked!

Of the others that came to the call, I never would have known they were there if not for my dogs who winded them and told me they were there in the brush.
Posted by: Coyote Bob

Re: First Bear Hunt - 07/08/01 10:39 PM


My tag is for GMU 74 and 741 (which is farther south). Since I am hunting the first season (elk only) I have the option of either sex also.
Posted by: Dawgkilla

Re: First Bear Hunt - 07/08/01 10:53 PM

Coyote Bob,
I had to go for 3rd season, since the wife is expecting our second in early Oct. Good luck!

That which does not kill me makes me stronger...and is usually dead when I'm finished with it!
Posted by: Ferret hunter

Re: First Bear Hunt - 10/16/01 08:42 AM

well it is a very small world because I am planning on hunting bear and coyote in area 29 by granby/hot sulfer springs area and will get a tag over the counter but I read up on the legal red tape and they don't let you bait,use scent,or use dogs but I didn't read any thing on calling so I asumme it is legal so I'm bringing a set of scery hand calls along. I will be hunting the 2nd season from oct.20 to the 28 I think. Well maybe see you in colorado have a great time hunting!!!

the ferret hunter!!

Ferret Hunter