Lets talk about calling bears.

Posted by: Lonny

Lets talk about calling bears. - 03/26/01 05:47 PM

I would like to try some bear calling this spring. In Idaho you can't use electronics for calling bears so it will be hand calls only.

What type of sounds work best? How loud and how long would a guy want to call? How close should a person be to the bear before you start calling?

Typically I glass across canyons and spot bears on the other side. If a good bear is spotted then a stalk can be put on. What happens sometimes is that a bear might only be out for a very short time feeding and then they go back into heavy cover before you can get within good rifle range. If a person is patient they often come back out later but, what I would like to do is try calling them back out of the timber. What kind of techniques do you guys use when trying to call bears? and tell me some of your experiences with how bears react to predator call.


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Re: Lets talk about calling bears. - 03/26/01 06:03 PM

I don't have a lot of experience calling bears (Just called a half handful) but I hope I can help.

Bears are a temperamental animal to try to call. Some bears that hear your calls will come running, some will come at a slow trot, stopping often to chew on something before coming towards you again. And others just don't want to come eat your jackrabbit, some will run away at the sound of the screams.

I feel it's a good idea to use a larger prey distress sound to entice bears a bit more, instead of rabbit screams use fawn bawls, doe bleats or even cow elk mewls. These sounds have worked better for me when calling bears. Blow long, drawn out, hoarse screams and you stand a better chance at calling in a bear.

I really prefer to glass up a bear and then make a stalk until I am close or in his line of travel (If he had one). I will then start calling, often it is nice to be able to see him when you start calling so you can see his reaction to your calling. If I am just calling off fresh sign I will stay on the stand for up to two hours to make sure I give the bear plenty of time to get to me.

I know I've skipped over something so let me know if you have any questions.
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Re: Lets talk about calling bears. - 03/27/01 05:35 PM


I was wondering how much to call. Say for instance if a bear is close by but cannot be seen and you don't know what kind of reaction you are getting to the calls. How long do you normally make your series of sounds and how close in sequence? Thanks for the good information.

Posted by: UtahTrapper

Re: Lets talk about calling bears. - 03/27/01 07:40 PM

I blow long drawn out screams. Usually about the same length in a series as I make for coyotes. If I can't see the bear than I try to make the screams somewhat die and not not blow to often. Enough to keep him interested and coming but not blasting the sound in his face (If he's up close). I'm not saying that by blowing loud you will discourage a bear, I've had the exact oppostite happen. But I think overall, slightly dieing down on the sound will work better. Hope this helps.