Dog Feet

Posted by: Dustballs

Dog Feet - 12/08/09 08:44 PM

I went today to call some coyotes. I didnt get to det any calling in due to some guys trespassing. Anyway I let the dogs out to run around and after a very short period they both started acting like they were walking on thumb tacks. The temp was -4 with about 8 inches of snow. I have never seen them act like there feet were hurting before. This is the first time I went calling with dogs in these kind of temps. Can I due anything for them or if I keep them out can I hurt them?
Posted by: Duane@ssu

Re: Dog Feet - 12/08/09 09:04 PM

Cold is cold, I don't run my dogs much when the temp is -0.
Some guys do, but I don't. Just not gonna put the wear and tear on my dogs for a 25$ yote.
I went out for a few hours yesterday, got a Christmas tree, and looked for cats tracks, but at 6pm it was 0, so I "pulled the pin". Got up at 6am, -14, to dam cold to run dogs.(in my opinion).
Posted by: walker1

Re: Dog Feet - 12/08/09 09:52 PM

We have used them nylon booties you can get very cheap at any gander mountain or any other place that sells dog supplys but if you do use em use duct tape over the top or they don't stay on long.
Posted by: Devin69

Re: Dog Feet - 12/08/09 10:46 PM

-20 here righ now. The dogs don't like to go in this stuff and I don't blame them. But once they get on a track they seem to forget how cold it

Posted by: Duane@ssu

Re: Dog Feet - 12/08/09 11:09 PM

They can take the cold when they are movin, just like if we are working, compared to sittin on a pail icefishing.
I just don't like to run my dogs below zero. Maybe I'm just a "puss".
Posted by: Dustballs

Re: Dog Feet - 12/09/09 08:38 AM

To be honest I didnt even thik about it. I let the dogs out while we were standing around. It wasnt long and both dogs were acting like there feet hurt. Not wanting to hurt the dogs we loaded up and went on to other things.
Posted by: RGraff

Re: Dog Feet - 12/09/09 12:25 PM

I've had them out when it was too d**n cold and wasn't smart enough to notice until I saw blood on the ground from where the hide had been pulled off their pads. Needless to say, I subscribe to Duane's philosophy of leaving them home when it drops to 0 or thereabouts.
Posted by: Dustballs

Re: Dog Feet - 12/09/09 02:37 PM

I will have to agree with Duane and Rgraff. I learned a lesson. Thanks for the reply.
Posted by: Duane@ssu

Re: Dog Feet - 12/09/09 09:20 PM

I ran this morning for a few hours, It was -16 when I left here, but just -4 when we turned out. The sun was coming up, and the hounds were running hard.On the dry ground and rocks they never showed a sore foot.At noon when I got back to the rig it was +18. Conditions change quick sometimes.
I would have stayed home except I got a call at 6:30 so I went knowing it would be warmer by the time I got there with the dogs.And knew it would warm up as we hunted.