Been tough in NC

Posted by: weekender

Been tough in NC - 04/19/19 09:45 AM

We have been seeing a few jakes and hens but long beards had eluded us for a week. This one made the mistake coming just close enough. He had a hen and a jake with him. At 46 yds, they started to go the other way and I had to wait till 52 yds for the hen to clear. That is the longest shot I have attempted on a turkey. He dropped like a sack of taters. 20.5 lbs 10.5" 1 1/8".

Posted by: DoubleUp

Re: Been tough in NC - 04/21/19 11:36 PM

Nicely done week.
Posted by: Bob_Atl

Re: Been tough in NC - 04/22/19 12:02 PM

Well done & great pic - tks
Posted by: GC

Re: Been tough in NC - 04/23/19 06:53 AM

Looks like it has been toughest on the gobblers! Good job, congrats on your gobbler.
Posted by: DesertRam

Re: Been tough in NC - 04/24/19 11:21 PM

Nice looking bird. Well done on that long shot bringing him to bag.
Posted by: limbhanger10

Re: Been tough in NC - 04/27/19 03:04 PM

Way to go !...boy is it green down there LOL
Posted by: weekender

Re: Been tough in NC - 04/27/19 07:32 PM

Limbhanger10, 2018 was the wettest year on record and we are well ahead of rain normal for 2019. Have to mow every 5 days or it just clots all up.