Quail in AZ

Posted by: shermanrm

Quail in AZ - 11/30/18 09:43 AM

How is quail hunting in your area.
Have been told it is terrible around Prescott area.
Would like to make a trip Dec. or Jan.
Posted by: SnowmanMo

Re: Quail in AZ - 12/03/18 12:56 PM

I don't hunt quail often, but I have not been seeing nor hearing a lot of them recently while I have been out predator hunting.

None of the reports that I have been getting are very good.
Posted by: shermanrm

Re: Quail in AZ - 12/04/18 04:35 PM

This is what I am hearing also.
I grew up in Bagdad, have never not been able to find some quail.
Somewhere between Kingman and Wickenburg there have to be quail.
Been in Nev. for 32 yrs. and I still miss AZ bird hunting.
Posted by: SnowmanMo

Re: Quail in AZ - 12/06/18 04:24 PM

Most years I see and hear a LOT of them while I am out calling. But not this year. Some years I will throw in a pocket full of birdshot shells while I am out calling in foxes with my shotgun, so I can snag a few for the BBQ.
Posted by: 450 Dakota

Re: Quail in AZ - 12/15/18 02:54 PM

We went so long without rain in the spring most of the little ones didn't make it. Very poor quail crop this year.
Posted by: Harvey7

Re: Quail in AZ - 12/16/18 01:43 PM

Honestly, southern Arizona has had a poor quail crop for the last 25 years and more.
Posted by: shermanrm

Re: Quail in AZ - 12/21/18 06:36 PM

Thanks for the answers-this is what I have heard
Posted by: Californiadoggers

Re: Quail in AZ - 01/13/19 12:52 AM

Quail has been pretty thick in California seen and heard em out yote hunting