RIP azmastablasta

Posted by: hm1996

RIP azmastablasta - 05/31/19 01:45 PM

Lyle Lindsay (azmastablasta) passed away early Tuesday morning in his sleep after quite a long fight with Congestive Heart Failure.

RIP, Lyle

Posted by: 220_Swift

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 05/31/19 05:02 PM

Sorry to hear that!!!
Posted by: crapshoot

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 05/31/19 05:20 PM

Condolences to the family and RIP brother.
Posted by: Stu Farish

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 05/31/19 07:16 PM

I'm really sorry to hear that
Posted by: crittr gittr

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 05/31/19 07:56 PM

RIP Lyle
Posted by: tripod3

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 05/31/19 09:05 PM

Sad news RIP
Posted by: tnshootist

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 05/31/19 11:44 PM

Sad news.
Posted by: Fursniper

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/01/19 12:53 AM

Thanks for letting us know. I missed him posting on PM. Sorry to hear that he passed away.
Posted by: Lazerus

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/01/19 01:13 AM

Lyle was a good guy.
Posted by: Infidel 762

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/01/19 12:52 PM

His biblical knowledge was like no other. He was not fake and spoke his mind. I miss his posts also. Go easy Lyle.
Posted by: Tnslim

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/02/19 01:09 AM

Very sad to hear of his passing. He was a good man.
Posted by: Mr. Poppadopalis

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/02/19 06:43 PM

Rest In Peace Mr. Lyle.

Thoughts and prayers to his friends and family
Posted by: AdamT

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/04/19 07:26 PM

Sad to hear. Always enjoyed his posts. Peace to his soul and family.
Posted by: Plant.One

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/06/19 12:41 PM

condolences to friends and family
Posted by: tnshootist

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/08/19 05:29 AM

Lyle's wife called me today.
She asked that I pass along her appreciation for the thoughts and prayers.

As you might expect this is a most difficult time for her.
Please remember her in your prayers.
Posted by: jcs271

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/15/19 12:19 AM

One of my old friends who passed some years ago used to have a saying. It went something like, if you have nothing good to say......

Posted by: Jeff Mock

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/15/19 09:35 PM

Sad news indeed. A fella pretty much always knew where he stood with him for sure!
Posted by: Foxpro.223

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/17/19 01:24 PM

Posted by: vahunter

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/18/19 07:18 PM

I shot the bull with him through email after he was banned here. He was a great guy.
Posted by: boomstick1

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 06/22/19 12:05 AM

RIP, prayers be with his family
Posted by: ADK

Re: RIP azmastablasta - 07/25/19 12:19 PM

Very sorry to see this. Lyle was a relentless purveyor of truth and a patriot. Condolences to all, we will miss him.