Auto code readers?

Posted by: GaryO

Auto code readers? - 05/03/19 03:22 PM

Any of you folks you your own code readers on your cars and trucks?
Posted by: crittr gittr

Re: Auto code readers? - 05/03/19 05:02 PM

Yep, why?
Posted by: Huntinjim

Re: Auto code readers? - 05/19/19 09:51 PM

I live close enough to an auto parts store that will do it for free so I can't see spending the money to buy my own.
Posted by: Plant.One

Re: Auto code readers? - 05/20/19 09:52 AM

i have one of these in my truck. got it back in late 2017. For the money, i'm VERY pleased with it. not bad at all for $50.

not only do they function as a SES code reader, but you can pull all kinnds of real-time data out of your vehicle computer with them.

it also allows you to clear a SES code once you correct the problem. I got it initially because i had a wiring fault on the fuel pump with my old S10. it would come and go and give a false error code. so since i was driving with a semi-active SES - that wasnt harmful to the operation of the vehicle - i wanted to make sure that nothing else was actually going on. As noted it let me clear the code as well so i didnt have to stare at the stupid light all the time.

i will say this - a good app to communicate with these kinds of devices is hallf of the ballgame, not just the device itself. This peticular unit recommends OBDLink, but i find that TORQUE is a MUCH better app overall.

just noticed when i went to double check the price but... this unit is only compatible with android... so no go with a crapple device. i dunno what they have for IOS compatible ones out there

[edit #2] looks like the same folks do have an IOS one as well, but cant give any first hand experience with it.

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Re: Auto code readers? - 06/13/19 10:30 AM

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