Posted by: RJM Acres

OldTurtle - 04/16/19 10:56 AM

I really hate having to post this but OldTurtle passed away early this morning. Vickie asked me to notify the folks here. He was a great friend and will be missed.
Posted by: crittr gittr

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 11:51 AM

I am sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family, he will be greatly missed here.
Posted by: 220_Swift

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 11:54 AM

Prayers for the family.

Bill really was one of the nicest guys I ever met!
Posted by: Rustydust

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 12:00 PM

Well, nuts. I will miss his fine contributions to Predator Masters. May he rest in peace.
Posted by: atd

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 12:04 PM

Condolences to his family and friends
Posted by: hm1996

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 12:09 PM

Condolences to the family; RIP, Bill. He will definitely be missed.

Posted by: Infidel 762

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 12:44 PM

R.I.P. Prayers from Oklahoma
Posted by: Bob_Atl

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 02:01 PM

RIP OT :-(
Posted by: reb8600

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 02:55 PM

He will be missed. Bill was a great guy.
Posted by: Plant.One

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 03:00 PM

condolences to the family and close friends.
Posted by: tnshootist

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 03:36 PM

Great man. I met him once but we talked now and then.
He will be missed.
Posted by: Brad Phillips

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 04:14 PM

Prayers and condolences to the family. He will be missed around here.
Posted by: pyscodog

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 04:21 PM

Condolences to the family. I'm very sorry to hear of his passing. RIP Old Turtle!!
Posted by: Bob Tobergte

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 06:33 PM

Very sorry to hear this. Always read his post! RIP! He will be missed.
Posted by: ackleyman

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 06:38 PM

I talked to Bill last Wed.

We had a great talk, and he will be missed.

RIP Bill!
Posted by: tripod3

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 07:09 PM

Sad news, I have missed him over the last year. Must be better hunting somewhere else. RIP!
Posted by: Redfrog

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 08:52 PM

He will definitely be missed. He did a lot over the years for Predator Masters. He was surely one of the good guys.

Condolences to his family for their loss.
Posted by: Theshedhunter

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 09:57 PM

Enjoyed his posts, and I echo the sentiment that he will be missed around here.
Posted by: Stu Farish

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 10:08 PM

Really sad to hear this. Bill was the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet. I managed to spend a little time with him at some of the PM conventions.

He lived a long and I think a good life. Condolences to all.
Posted by: DesertRam

Re: OldTurtle - 04/16/19 11:58 PM

Condolences to Bill's family and friends. He'll be missed around here for sure. RIP Bill.
Posted by: crapshoot

Re: OldTurtle - 04/17/19 12:22 AM

God speed Bill!
Posted by: SnowmanMo

Re: OldTurtle - 04/17/19 01:45 PM

Thoughts to his family.
Posted by: quickblood

Re: OldTurtle - 04/17/19 02:06 PM

Sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed his posts. Rest in Peace!
Posted by: ohioyotehntr

Re: OldTurtle - 04/17/19 03:35 PM

Hate to hear news like this. Keeping his family in my thoughts and prayers
Posted by: GC

Re: OldTurtle - 04/17/19 08:36 PM

Posted by: Tnslim

Re: OldTurtle - 04/18/19 07:46 AM

Heaven just gained another fine man. Enjoyed and will be missing his posts of knowledge. RIP.
Posted by: crazyyote

Re: OldTurtle - 04/19/19 07:53 AM

RIP to the 'Turtle and condolences to his family. Stinks to see the old members cash in.
Posted by: bluealtered

Re: OldTurtle - 04/20/19 10:00 AM

O.T. will be sorely missed, i wish some of our newer members had a chance to learn from him. He was the one who would bring me back in line when i was younger and having "spirited" conversations with other members.

May the lord keep and love him.
Posted by: muskrat30

Re: OldTurtle - 04/21/19 10:49 PM

Sorry to hear. I never met him but do remember him through posting. RIP friend.
Posted by: Widow maker 223

Re: OldTurtle - 04/24/19 11:15 AM

This is sad to hear OT was a fine man with a wealth of knowledge.
Posted by: Mr. Poppadopalis

Re: OldTurtle - 04/26/19 02:21 PM

Rest In Peace Sir!
Posted by: ADK

Re: OldTurtle - 04/26/19 03:06 PM

OldTurtle was a master at bringing an out of control discussion back to a level of sanity. His passing is a serious loss for PM members. We will miss him.
Posted by: yote_hunter_union

Re: OldTurtle - 05/11/19 07:44 PM

Rip OT. You will be missed!
Posted by: 243kimber

Re: OldTurtle - 11/29/19 06:24 PM

Great poster. Lots of common sense. R.I.P.
Posted by: Displayed Name

Re: OldTurtle - 12/12/19 09:01 PM

Sad news RIP OldTurtle
Posted by: NcWhitetail

Re: OldTurtle - 01/18/20 10:03 PM

RIP OldTurtle you will be missed.
Posted by: Possumal57

Re: OldTurtle - 01/19/20 07:17 PM

I wasn't posting here on the forum at the time of Old Turtle's passing, but I really am sorry to hear about this. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP.
Posted by: AWS

Re: OldTurtle - 01/22/20 09:16 PM

Will miss his posts, RIP