Decoys TIP of the Month

Posted by: AWS

Decoys TIP of the Month - 01/11/22 04:10 PM

Packing around a placing a decoy. Another thing I've found that decoys can surprise and spook coyotes if they start spinning in their face. I like to place mine high so they can see them from a distance

I convert a trekking/snowshoe pole to a decoy holder and they are very versatile not only as decoy holder but a walking stick.

I pull the handle off , insert a wood plug in the shaft and screw a 1/4x20 to 1/4" wood screw stud then replace the handle.

The stud screws right into the bottom of the decoy, I make faux fur covers for the motor.

Hard ground, no problem just stick it in the nearest bush, no screwing around trying to set up a decoy. Short bush collapse the pole.

Tall bush expand the pole.

Or just stick it in sideways, you can also stick it between the strands of barbwire fence a good way to get your decoy above tall grass

Handy to poke around for buzzworms .

Posted by: todbartell

Re: Decoys TIP of the Month - 01/16/22 10:21 PM

cool idea thanks for sharing