Diaphragm call help

Posted by: Beads

Diaphragm call help - 12/31/19 12:09 PM

I got a predator pack that has diaphragm calls for Howler, pup distress, and cottontail. Iíve searched here and online and everything is for the howler. Iím good with a turkey call but not sure what sounds to make on the others. Thanks for the help!
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Re: Diaphragm call help - 12/31/19 05:40 PM

Look up MKF and watch there videos.
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Re: Diaphragm call help - 01/01/20 09:11 AM

I think that should be [beeep] and I also highly recommend their instruction videos
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Re: Diaphragm call help - 01/01/20 12:26 PM

I saw some MKF and they didnít really help. Couple I saw where only For howling and not the others. Iíll check again.
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Re: Diaphragm call help - 01/05/20 08:30 PM

What are you trying to figure out? How to use it? What sounds they make?
First off do you know how to use a diaphragm call?
If so
Barks are made with pressure and quick blast of air. Howls are a oooooooohh sound with mouth with increasing pressure to change pitch.
Kiyi or hurt pup is lots of pressure and mouth iiiyyyg iiiyyyg over and over adding back pressure with your hand.
Cat meows are slight pressure and make a meow motion with your mouth
Distress is pressure and mouth/ say wwwwhhhhaaaa at varying cadence and pressures to get the pitch you want. Generally the distress diaphragm will have a cut in.one of the reeds witch will give it rasp. The more back pressure you give it the more rasp you will get

I don't have any videos but if you send me your email I can send you a few mp3s of the sounds your trying to emulate
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Re: Diaphragm call help - 01/14/20 09:30 AM

Try the Pinoy Piper aka Coyote Creek diaphragms.
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Re: Diaphragm call help - 01/15/20 04:02 PM

Thanks! I have used diaphragm calls for turkey for years. I just not sure what sounds to make and your description helped a little. I'll PM you also. I appreciate the help!