recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod

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recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 12/28/19 09:09 PM

I'm new to coyote hunting and need to pick up some gear, so I come to ask those with experience, as to save some time and $ thanks in advance for your recommendations on a seat and a bipod or tripod
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 12/28/19 09:20 PM

On flat ground I like the one on the left , cheap, light, easy to carry, old knee friendly and I can see over the grass. For country where you can get some elevation either one of the two on the right, the center one will slide on snow as the legs are like sled runners, the right one will keep your butt warm and dry on snow.

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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 01/02/20 12:55 PM

I use several different seats and even a "chair type" when it works. Your choice based on where you hunt.

I prefer a tripod when seated but thats just me. I do use a couple of bipods but mostly when in a spot where I can get them to stabilize my rifle to my shoulder so in general I use a tripod.

Just me.....
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 01/07/20 01:26 PM

Look up Summit chairpack. I have the 2.5 version and I absolutely love it. I believe the quality is superb and will last. Iíve had mine about 3 weeks and have carried it on every stand Iíve made since I had it. Bipod can be slid behind an upper strap and down into a water bottle holder. I carry my AR using a chest rig strap. Making rifle very accessible and both hand are free. Here is the websites description:

The Camo ChairPack 2.5 is a fold-out chair and backpack all in one. The unique ChairPack can easily hold all of your hunting gear in its spacious pack and then quickly fold out into a fully-functional chair with backrest. The ChairPack features an adjustable position seat that allows you to sit upright or reclined and has MOLLE attachments. The ChairPack is ideal for hunting dove, turkey, deer and predators. The ChairPak only weighs 7 pounds, but will hold 225 pounds in the seated position.
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 01/12/20 01:18 PM

Beard buster chair, which is almost no weight, and then my Night Stalker tripod.

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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 01/13/20 05:59 AM

I use a soft-sided stadium seat with the side straps sewn as close as possible to the seat itself (for good back support), another snap sewn at the end of the side straps for hands-free carry around my waist, and covered in a burlap bag for some camo effect. I always use the tallest Harris bipod. Portability is the name of the game for me as I walk long distances in the prairie while hunting.
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 01/17/20 04:50 PM

A plain-old neoprene seat cushion for me. Keeps my butt warm and dry, and out of the cactus!

30 years ago, when I came home with a few cactus needles in my rump, my wife would pluck them out for me. Frequently, that led to additional 'activites', lol.
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 01/23/20 09:19 PM

Academy and others sell a 5 gallon bucket swivel seat lid that is handy as heck. About $12
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 01/28/20 10:15 PM

Shew boy nice
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 01/29/20 08:42 AM

Ive been happy with this chair and bipod.
I just need to get above the grass a little and this is the type of land i get to hunt whenever i have time to go....

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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 02/25/20 05:12 PM

Coast guard throwable

I have one of those in white and one camo. They are soft, keep my arse warm and make me feel better when I am walking across ice early season. I shoot off of a RRS tripod with the Anvil ball head.
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 08/26/21 02:34 AM

Iíve tried several different chairs and finally have one that is perfect. Give a look at Slydog Ground and Pound chair. I think they sell them on Kings Camo. Itís an awesome chair has a good pad to keep you off of the cold ground, and a kickstand type backrest that is solid. I like it versus some of the ďturkeyĒ style chairs Iíve tried. Because of the kickstand instead of straps on side I can swivel back and forth easily. Has backpack straps and a nice big carry pouch for calls and whatever calling junk you can stuff in it. Currently I run swagger QD bipod i like it better than anything Iíve tried so far. I used to use just cheap tent pole style sticks and shot lots of dogs off of them. So if i was starting fresh Iíd spend my money on the ground and pound chair my own self
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 08/28/21 12:27 PM

I use a cheap tripod stool like AWS,kind of like BOG shooting sticks myself the Adrenalin Switcheroo is my preference.
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 09/02/21 09:01 PM

I use same chair Nonneiselman has, not ALPS brand but exact same...they can be found for around half the price if you dont need "ALPS" sewn on the fabric. Mine has lasted around 5yrs now, still going strong. I also use an additional foam buttpad once it gets below freezing. zero complaints other than one rivet broke, but easily fixed with a zip tie, and thats been on it for about 2yrs.
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 09/03/21 12:14 AM

Cabalaís triangle chair with back. And primos tall trigger stick tripod. Knees replaced and I can see well.
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 09/03/21 01:08 PM

Here's a critique I did on chairs/seats awhile ago.

My critique on hunting chairs/seats.

Left to right. These have been relegated to duck hunting.

This chair works pretty good in mud as the cross bars give it some float, no back support so I use it where I can lean back against a log, not used very much any more , I save it for a companion that doesn't have a seat. It also makes a great compact footstool in camp

Very comfortable, it fits in the bottom of my layout boat for long hours in the marsh, I also use it on low grass banks when duck hunting in a gillie suit. Hard to get in and out of and hard to swing on birds/coyotes that aren't in a dedicated shooting zone.

Great seat I use it hunting in brush blinds and thicker cover, easy to move/turn for unexpected shots and easy to get in and out of, I used it a lot coyote hunting in cover that is tall enough to hide me. I'll be using it this season again for predators with my bow.

LtoR these are my goto predator hunting chairs/seats now

This little tripod stool has taken the place of the three legged chair, it is lighter to carry, quicker to set up and for predator stands I don't need the comfort of a back rest, it gets used where ever cover is high enough . It gives me a better view in thicker cover also.

This little folding seat is great in hillier country, just high enough to get in and out of easily, only draw back is the rounded legs the get to be like sled runners in icy/crusty condition. I tried one with legs but they sunk into soft dirt too much.

Just a Styrofoam bead filled pad, I use it in snow and ice in hillier country, it is warm and dry on the butt, light to carry and doesn't slide on snow and ice as it is cloth backed.

Hope this gives you some ideas.


For me a tripod in some situations, bipod never. Tripods are bulky and aren't very hiking friendly, if I'm hunting close to the truck in open country I might use one(I have two) but it is still too much to deal with.

Bipods attached to the rifle get in the way hanging up in the grass and brush when trying to swing on coyotes.

For everyday I find shooting sticks to be just about perfect, easy to carry , easy to reposition and easy to just forget about when having to swing on a coyote that isn't where you planned to be shooting. I do practice on them a lot even more on years we have an egg shoot.

Check back for a pic or two to be added.

I try and keep everything compact and quick to get going.

Rifle and sticks go in the scabbard, the seat is ball bungeed to the back of the scabbard, drag, hand call, matches, protein bar, flashlight in the scabbard pouch and the caller clipped to D-rings on the front shoulder straps of the pack.

I can pull it off and lay it in the back of the truck, get to the stand, slip it on and head out. Great set up if you need to get away from the truck a ways, climb hills as it leaves hands free for trekking pole.

When I'm on the bike and hunting an area where I'm hunting stands that are fairly close I just wear it between stands traveling a distance I bungee it to the back of the bike. Works great for bicycle hunting behind closed gates.
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 09/04/21 08:41 PM
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Re: recomend a seat and a bipod -tripod - 10/01/21 11:40 AM


I just got mine, I think I am gonna like it!