Snake boots

Posted by: Shoes

Snake boots - 01/25/19 09:14 PM

I'll be moving to southern New Mexico soon and never really lived in snake territory before. Are snake boots pretty much the rule there and I'd be silly to not wear them? Or is it not super important?
Posted by: Dennyr

Re: Snake boots - 03/14/19 09:43 AM

Live in very south Texas. Snake boots are handy not only for the odd snake but the thorns.
Posted by: weneedtoo

Re: Snake boots - 03/14/19 10:46 PM

Four or five years ago in Montana prairie dog shooting I stepped on a rattlesnake. I was wearing snake boots but I rely don't think it struck me. We were headed back to the truck and were walking single file as usual, because my buddy didn't have snake boots. Walking in a little thicker sage than we normally do, I hear him yell. I jumped like a spooked mule deer doe, and before I came back down he had shot it with snake shot. I had not seen the snake and asked how he had seen it when I hadn't? He told me it had raised up by my boot. That scared me all over again. I live in Missouri and have Copperheads in my yard often. I wear snake boots whenever I work in the yard. They will give you lots of comfort and reassurance. My hunting buddy has snake boots now.
Posted by: FarmDad

Re: Snake boots - 03/14/19 11:16 PM

Lived in SE CO and SW KS most all my life . Plenty of rattlesnakes around but I never owned or even thought about snake boots . I suppose they might be useful if you are not " acclimatized " to sticker snakes and their habits , at least till you wear the first pair out . If you don't know when and where you are gonna find a snake by then you have bigger problems than boots will solve LOL .
Posted by: ThomC

Re: Snake boots - 03/16/19 09:15 AM

You need to learn to always look where you walk. I only wear Snake chaps when I Quail hunt. There is not a snake under every bush. Most snake bites occur when people are playing around with snakes. Pack rats are a problem, if you get rid of the rats you wont see many snakes.
Posted by: tnshootist

Re: Snake boots - 03/17/19 01:49 AM

Snake boots are for that one PO'd snake thats not where he is supposed to be that for some reason you don't see.
You might never run on this particular snake but if you do the boots might be nice to have on.
I used to hunt the mountains with hounds at night and never saw a snake but I don't know how many saw me.I know they were there.