What do you do?

Posted by: HERMIT

What do you do? - 01/05/22 03:32 PM

What do you do with the animals you harvest since there is not much of a fur market?
Posted by: SlickerThanSnot

Re: What do you do? - 01/05/22 10:27 PM

eat em.
Posted by: AWS

Re: What do you do? - 01/06/22 12:42 AM

Put them up and take what you can get , better than trashing them, put them up and hold them over and hope for better times, take your lower grade ones, have them tanned and make things or sell as wall hangings Hooped on willow beaver hide sell well and make great gifts.

Eat them isn't that bad of an idea, muskrat is better than rabbit, raccoon is up there with pork, beaver is a lot like tender beef and bobcat is the other white meat. Most of my line supplied the freeze as well as the fur check.

A couple tanned coyote pelts dress up some plain Livingroom chairs.

My wife wants a coyote throw for the couch and I have a vest planned.