transporting live coyotes

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transporting live coyotes - 06/06/21 07:50 AM

What's the best way to safely bind and transport a coyote for saling live from a snair or a foot trap when by oneself?

If you have any tips or better if you have a video so I can see how it's done, that would be great.
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Re: transporting live coyotes - 06/06/21 09:40 AM

First check the legality of transporting wild animals in your state many do not allow it. You might need a permit.

If legal, use a catch pole and a cage like your local animal control officer would to catch domestic dogs.
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Re: transporting live coyotes - 06/07/21 02:31 AM

It's legal.
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Re: transporting live coyotes - 09/02/21 10:59 PM

When I was in TEXass the rattlesnake motto was "only a
dead one is any good."

I suspect the same applies to coyotes is much the same most places..

That was 1965 and some called it TEX as they had sent the A55 to Washington.
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Re: transporting live coyotes - 09/06/21 06:28 PM

Here is a real pro live trapper in action that should help you. I wouldn't want to make many mistakes during this process:

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Re: transporting live coyotes - 09/23/21 04:33 PM

Thank, While researching different capture methods, I found videos of trappers capturing live coyotes with only a pole catch and duct tape or zip ties!

I have to try this! (5:00)