Coyote Tails...?

Posted by: sscoyote

Coyote Tails...? - 11/10/20 10:42 AM

Is there any value to good coyote tails if the dogs have mange? Seems the mange doesn't affect tails until advanced mange.
Posted by: gotspots

Re: Coyote Tails...? - 11/10/20 03:10 PM

Not in raw tails, Garment makers have piles for sale after pelts come back from the tannery. Tanned coyote tails typically bring $2-$5
Posted by: sscoyote

Re: Coyote Tails...? - 11/12/20 10:28 PM

THanks sir--'preciate it.
Posted by: spotstalkshoot

Re: Coyote Tails...? - 11/13/20 10:17 AM

Handle and dispose of dead mangy canines properly, sarcoptic mange(mites) are very tough and survive long after the host dies. Wash your hands.