snare breakaways

Posted by: just

snare breakaways - 01/27/20 11:17 AM

Anybody make their own?
I've a situation where I want to use a breakaway and don't have one. I don't have time to order them and no suppliers near here. I'm worried about catching a cow.
Posted by: AWS

Re: snare breakaways - 01/30/20 12:20 PM

There are some video's on You-tube, you might want to check there. Any chance of setting your snares where cows can't walk through them such as fences and blocking.

We used to lean stuff over trails to snare fox so the fox would go under and deer would go over. A lot of times we would do this during the summer so animals would get used to it.
Posted by: cbat

Re: snare breakaways - 03/02/20 06:59 PM

Depending on what kind of lock you are using you can cut a slice with a hacksaw and get by.
Posted by: Linvol Webb

Re: snare breakaways - 03/02/20 07:17 PM

If you use cam loc knock the pin out and install brass paper clips. Slim Pedersen showed how to do this in his snaring video.
Posted by: Tactical .20

Re: snare breakaways - 04/18/20 07:30 PM

I buy professionally made ones rated for 150 lbs, I use lighter ones because of choke springs, and only six ft snares