Skunk Essence

Posted by: JamesKain

Skunk Essence - 08/11/09 10:30 PM

I was wondering if anyone uses any form of Skunk Essence? If you use/used it can you tell me. How so and how successful you have been? How well dose it work for you?
Working ADC (started this year) I have plenty of skunks.
So I would like to use the essence but before I really jump into it just let me know what you think of using it.
I dont mind it much, but just dont ask the wife!

What else do you guys use for long distance bait call?
I also end up with alot of chipmunks squirrels and woodchucks.
I m thinking of doing the chunk bait with them. Maybe keep them separate or grid together and make my own blend?


I have this posted under Calling in the east also.