Calling Buttes

Posted by: Oregonloved

Calling Buttes - 12/14/20 10:10 PM

I have a few properties I am allowed to hunt that are mostly grass fields with sheep but have huge steep hills with trees.

Is this normal habitat for coyote? It's almost too steep to traverse by foot. What is my best bet? Just position myself best wind wise looking at the hill and call?

Still fairly new, haven't bagged my first yet just trying to help out sheep farmers the best I can.

I have a Foxpro, [beeep] diaphragm howler and a coaxer hand call.


Posted by: Hellgate

Re: Calling Buttes - 12/14/20 10:46 PM

Photos of the land would help. Are you talking eastern Oregon or Western?
Posted by: Oregonloved

Re: Calling Buttes - 12/15/20 01:36 AM

Western Oregon, in the valley
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Re: Calling Buttes - 12/15/20 05:06 PM

When I have done damage control for ranchers in western Oregon I will walk the perimeter of the fence looking for any coyote hair/wool stuck in the fence strands. If it's those double strand electric fences I look for faint trails they may follow. Definitely tougher. But brushy or timbered areas are where you will expect to find them during the day. Especially brush patches or idle unfarmed patches of tall grass and weeds. The idea is to see where they are coming from.

This time of year I would probably start with the Foxpro. I've got domestic animal panic sounds on mine which may be worth a try.
Posted by: Oregonloved

Re: Calling Buttes - 12/16/20 01:31 AM

Thank you for the advice