November/December calling sequence

Posted by: SEMOmike

November/December calling sequence - 11/25/20 03:13 PM


Heading out in the morning for a couple hours prior to the family getting up. I run a lucky duck roughneck with all the extra sounds on it. What is a good sequence this time of year?

Used coyote vocalizations last Jan-Mar with some success. Had very little luck with distress. Havenít hit it this early in the winter before.
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Re: November/December calling sequence - 11/25/20 03:47 PM

when in doubt go with distress. they eat all year. i've yet to find a time of year pup distress wont turn out some results if preys not getting them
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Re: November/December calling sequence - 11/25/20 06:14 PM

Dang, here you use distress ( mostly rabbit) sound is like painting your self in hunter orange, I have seen them coming in strong and hit a bunny and they turn on their heals and hit warp speed.
Pup in distress and female coyote sounds work for us all year long.
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Re: November/December calling sequence - 11/25/20 08:11 PM

I hardly ever use rabbit, if I do itís mixed with another sound. Pretty much always using some sort of wood pecker or pup
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Re: November/December calling sequence - 11/26/20 09:43 AM

Tried 2 sets this morning. Had 3 hang up at 500 yards across a cut bean field. Second set was a blank
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Re: November/December calling sequence - 11/29/20 09:53 AM

Raccoon fighting,Crows,Pup in Distress...a Fawn in Distress and even more softer sounds like Mole,Mouse and to change it up with some Chicken Sounds!

As it gets colder the Predators will be more likely to come in...with Deer Season winding down they will be moving more since there's less pressure with less Hunters out.
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Re: November/December calling sequence - 11/29/20 12:11 PM

Rabbit, play the rabbit, vocals are over rated smile
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Originally Posted By: skinney
Rabbit, play the rabbit, vocals are over rated smile

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Re: November/December calling sequence - 12/01/20 02:12 PM

Here in Colorado, I find my calling success drops significantly from early-mid-December until early to mid-January. Nothing I've tried works well.

I believe it is due to mating season starting up.

Two years in a row, during mid-December, I witnessed 4 groups of coyotes laying on a snowy hillside, about 3/4 of a mile from where I was goose hunting. One group had 7-8 in it, another had 5-6. Very close to each large group were 2 coyotes,

Every now and again, a coyote from a large group would get up and circle the 2, then go back to the large group and lay down.

Both years I used distress one week and vocals the next, and they had no interest in my calls. The most that happened is one or 2 would stand up and look my way when I used vocals.

After much thought, I believe the large groups were males, and the 2 groups of 2 were females. A male would walk around the females doing a 'sniff check' to see if the females were in heat.

By early to mid-January, when they have paired up, I start to get action again with vocals and distress.