coyote prices

Posted by: SlickerThanSnot

coyote prices - 11/13/20 11:16 AM

gotspots or anybody else know what coyotes will be bringing this year and on into 2021?
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Re: coyote prices - 11/13/20 02:27 PM

Less then last yrar.
Posted by: gotspots

Re: coyote prices - 11/13/20 02:29 PM

Easterns are experiencing large carry over and short demand.
early commercial types oct-early Nov. $20 or less
semi-heavies from now until Christmas up to $40-45
Heavies (few and far between) may reach the $80 Mark

early commercials might fetch $25
Good clean semi-heavies up to $50-$55
Heavies; clean, silky should see $100

These prices are based on good flawless finished goods. Grades will be tough most all types will be bought on a very selective basis.
Posted by: Mr. Poppadopalis

Re: coyote prices - 11/13/20 03:02 PM

Are these on the carcass prices??
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Re: coyote prices - 11/13/20 04:04 PM

No, as it says "finished goods" Carcass price from here on out will be considerably less.

How the next couple months play out with the covid scenario will drastically affect how this market plays out.
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Re: coyote prices - 11/13/20 05:00 PM


18 this week,
Put 13 in the freezer
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Re: coyote prices - 11/13/20 08:21 PM

Originally Posted By: Mr. Poppadopalis

18 this week,
Put 13 in the freezer

better get to skinning and stretchin. carcass coyotes aint even gonna pay the freezer electric bill. smile
Posted by: gotspots

Re: coyote prices - 11/13/20 10:02 PM

Risk on carcass goods in this market is tough on buyers. All though the margin on finished fur is smaller, the issues are known.
Posted by: Zzz

Re: coyote prices - 11/14/20 06:22 AM

$5 to 15 carcass price central ks
Posted by: beaverquack

Re: coyote prices - 11/15/20 09:15 PM

I sold one semi-heavy C on the September FHA sale for $55. Same coyotes were bringing me almost double that the year before at our association sales.
Posted by: Heymartay

Re: coyote prices - 11/17/20 11:31 AM

Just sold a nice Illinois coyote in the carcass 20.00 a not so nice one 10.00. Groenwald is buying whole but have to take them to forreston.
Posted by: songdog

Re: coyote prices - 11/25/20 09:50 AM

sold 10 yesterday at an avg. of $16.50/ea. Had one at $40 and he stood out in the crowd at well over 40#, and the killer to the avg. was 3 @ $5/ea which were pups and just not good looking coyotes.
Posted by: Z

Re: coyote prices - 11/25/20 02:11 PM

Songdog, were they skinned and stretched?
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Re: coyote prices - 11/25/20 03:43 PM

8 in the round, 2 raw skinned
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Re: coyote prices - 11/25/20 11:24 PM

"Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms".
Posted by: Mr. Poppadopalis

Re: coyote prices - 11/28/20 10:28 PM

Taking a small gamble and having all my good Coyotes skinned and stretched.

Gonna lay them flat in a freezer until times gets better.

$15 per coyote to be seen and finished.

We have close to 50;-)
Posted by: songdog

Re: coyote prices - 12/09/20 03:05 PM

fur gettin' better.
Sold 6 more yesterday with an avg. of $26.50/ea.
Posted by: FairChase93

Re: coyote prices - 12/10/20 12:05 AM

Sold 2 on the hoof Sunday. Should have skinned them but out of freezer space and its been 60* this December which has also led to us being busier than normal around the ranch. 20$ for 1 and 30$ for the other. Half or less of what the last year or 2 would have paid. Seen some bigger coyotes on the hoof sell for 40.
Posted by: Yotarunner

Re: coyote prices - 12/10/20 12:30 PM

Wow after reading this thread I'm glad for our heavy Canadian furs. Talked to a few different buyers yesterday. Skinned top is $150 with an avg around 110 and whole froze is top 60 with an avg of 40. This is all in Canadian dollars.
Posted by: RZR800XC

Re: coyote prices - 12/15/20 08:15 PM

Just sold 5 today in ND. 2 skinned, 4 whole. Got $40 for the skinned ones and two others, $25 for the smallest one. Biggest ones I saw went for $60. Foxes and badgers hardly even worth selling it seems.
Posted by: NEHunt

Re: coyote prices - 12/16/20 01:26 PM

South Central Nebraska, got $30skinned and the average seemed to be $20 a piece on carcass.