Colorado City, Texas Foxes

Posted by: dcook

Colorado City, Texas Foxes - 01/16/20 12:16 PM

I am about to take my third trip to Colorado City, Texas at the end of next month. This is near San Angelo. I regularly kill foxes here in East Texas, but I have only killed one fox on the ranch in Colorado City. Any tips would be appreciated. Are there not as many foxes out West as people say. The property is 2500 hundred acres and is not pressured at all. I am the only one calling it. I know to use bird sound and screaming gray or platinum gray but they just don't show up.
Posted by: weekender

Re: Colorado City, Texas Foxes - 01/17/20 11:18 AM

I don't know anything about the fox population there but I do know that I seem to call in more fox when using what I would call "squeaky" sounds. Rodent distress type stuff. The calls you mentioned should produce as well.
Posted by: Josh Pearson

Re: Colorado City, Texas Foxes - 01/17/20 02:49 PM

I have the most luck using gray fox sounds.
Posted by: DiRTY DOG

Re: Colorado City, Texas Foxes - 01/17/20 04:33 PM

Out west they thrive in thick, nasty cover, and they rarely leave it. Good luck trying to call them out into the open, they just don't like leaving cover. You gotta get into the brush with them which is why 12g and 17 rimfires work great. Look for scat. No scat = no foxes.