Missouri Coyote Hunting

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Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/07/19 09:10 PM

I've been pretty busy the past few years and seemed to lost my way here....I logged back in and thankfully remembered my old password.

I haven't been doing a lot of Coyote Hunting the past few years....my Hunting Partner moved to Town and it's been just me Predator Hunting when the chance arrives and being Deer Season with extended hunting opportunities I'm in Deer Mode...hopefully I'll get some hunting in this Winter while I'm on Vacation?

I did manage to put down an old mangy Female Coyote last fall or this Spring since I cant remember unless my photo has a date on it?

Contrary to most Predator Hunting Technics shown in TV I've had my best Luck setting up in an Area I know the Coyotes travel or come in to in the early mornings or late evenings.The Mangy Coyote I shot last had been showing up on my trail cameras for the past 2 years,I was up in our Pine Tree Stand over looking a long open Ridge Field in the morning and was using a Coyote Howler mouth call,I barked a few times then used the smaller green Pup caller and did Pup distress yelps and She came running in along the mowed wood edge looking like a Grey Ghost...She stopped along the woods at around 125 yards to my right..I set the Savage .223 crosshairs on her chest area and let the 55 grain Hornady bullet fly dropping her in her tracks.

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Re: Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/07/19 11:17 PM

Sometimes when getting back in the groove you learn valuable tricks.
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Re: Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/09/19 11:32 AM

I think I must hunt in the same general area as you. Although I have about 600 acres to hunt I have very little success on it despite fairly large coyote population based on game camera evidence and howling and siteings during deer seasons. I just think they have heard it all around here. Seems like the first time out on my property usually is the best, as in we kill the dumb one(s) then it gets a lot harder. The guys running them with dogs in Bollinger county and south kill a lot of them, but I think they are shooting a lot from the road and donít ask for permission.

I picked up the OnX software and am going to try to knock on some doors this winter if I get a chance to see if I can get some new property to hunt. The lack of public ground within a 2 hour drive sucks around here, but I though I might make that tre. West a couple times this February also.
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Re: Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/09/19 11:36 AM

You don't have to drive two hours from Bollinger County to find public ground.
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Re: Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/09/19 01:17 PM

Your not far from Me SemoMike...as GC mentioned theres lots of MTNF area around Us,You just have to look it up and see what's available!I have found that using my Electronic Caller and mouth calls it seems to add more realism to the Calling or if You have a Hunting Buddy to add a few sounds it helps too....and over calling tends to wise up the Coyotes!

Colder Weather and snow helps in calling and in the Spring and Summer hunting over fresh cut hayfields is a sure fire way to get a Coyote!
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Re: Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/09/19 03:22 PM

I guess Iím going to check out the public ground to the west
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Re: Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/09/19 05:01 PM

There is the Mark Twain National Forest. Also Corp of Engineers ground around Wappapelo Lake and up the St. Francois River. Plenty of MDC state ground around you too. The US Fish & Wildlife Service and National Park Service might have ground there at Duck Creek Area that should be looked into. I know you don't have to drive two hours for public ground from your county.
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Re: Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/10/19 07:04 PM

SEMO mike:

Dont overlook the ground down by Duck Creek. From what I know some of the best ground lies between you and Hwy 60 to the south.

As I suggested to you earlier, the cattle operations further over on the North side of 60 would be good places to ask permission on private land.
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Re: Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/11/19 06:59 AM

Semomike I'm a hour west of you and have unlimited amounts of public ground to hunt but I also coonhunt duck creek alot and never hear coyotes over there. I also don't believe you can coyote hunt there anyway plus the refuge is closed to all hunting right now other than duck hunting.
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Re: Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/15/19 06:32 PM

Missouri was good to me today. I canít figure out how to post a picture off my phone but had I stayed around home and called with my new Lucky duck Roughneck and called in a male from 600-700yards. Shot him at 120 steps as he was trying to get downwind. Started with woodpecker for a 5 minutes, moved to a coyote fight call and then noticed him coming across cut bean field. He hung at 200ish then came the rest when I lowered volume.
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Re: Missouri Coyote Hunting - 12/15/19 08:36 PM

You worked him in real good...Congratulations!