Trigger stick ?

Posted by: Lodgepole

Trigger stick ? - 10/23/19 10:33 PM

I have been using some homemade wood sticks for a bi pod and might buy some type of bi pod .I see a product called trigger sticks that the legs adjust by squeezing a small lever that is just below the yoke .What are your opinions of this product ?
Posted by: OKRattler

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/23/19 10:59 PM

My buddy uses a Primos Trigger Stick bipod. He's used them since they first came about and so far no problems with them. They work really good.

If you're sitting on the ground they wouldn't be though. They're way too tall to sit on the ground and use.
Posted by: g Bo

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/24/19 12:04 AM

I really like them. They do make a medium sized pair that work great sitting on a side hill, ground or very short seat. They’re awesome
Posted by: flintrock

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/24/19 08:03 AM

Gen 1 trigger sticks were great. I wish I would have bought a closet full of them when they were in production. The Gen 2 and 3 are designed for the leg spread to accommodate shooting prone. They did this at the expense of stability when shooting from any other position IMHO. I owned a set of Gen 2's for about a week. They sure messed up a good thing.
Posted by: cmatera

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/24/19 09:15 AM

I agree. The new ones are OK-just OK. The pistol grip on the new ones is so flexible, they are almost useless. The old ones had a small pipe that went through the grip, making it solid. On the new ones, the pipe stops at the bottom of the grip, it does not go through, and the grip flexes quite a bit.
Posted by: Kirsch

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/24/19 04:27 PM

If you need rapid deployment including varying height options, they are OK. They are not super stable either from a standing or sitting position, but still much better than shooting freehand. For coyote calling, I use a Night Stalker Tripod. It is so much more stable.

However, I do own and use a Trigger Stick once in awhile for walking around shooting misc. targets such as raccoons, rabbits, etc where you might be shooting from many different positions, have to deploy really quick, and extreme accuracy isn't required.
Posted by: Rookietjx2

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/24/19 05:02 PM

Like Kirsch, I use the night stalker tripod for the stability. The last two years, I used trigger sticks. The major advantage is the ability to adjust height quickly. Stability is decent, but it's nowhere close to the night stalker. I have the gen 1 which I modified a little to stop the spread when open. My partner uses the gen 2 and the legs seem to need tightened every other hunt. I also use the short gen 2 for my caller which works great for that.

Speed goes to trigger sticks.
Stability goes to night stalker.
Posted by: cmatera

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/24/19 05:54 PM

On uneven ground, nothing sets up as quick as the Trigger Stick. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t keep trying to use them. In full size tripods where you must adjust each leg individually, there are lots of good options. The Trigger Stick has no equal or competition.
Posted by: capitol

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/24/19 08:52 PM

I have the tripod Trigger Stick tall (Jim Shockey?) & short model and a big burley carbon fiber tripod ( weighs only 4 pounds) named INDURO CLT303 with the Reaper Grip

I actually like the short tripod trigger stick much better then the tall one. They work perfectly when adjusting on uneven terrain.

The tall tripod trigger stick is "ok" Its just not a rock solid steady mount, but it does work. The short Trigger stick is perfect when used sitting down.

Tall Trigger Stick

The INDURO CLT303 with the Reaper Grip is ROCK solid. The tripod is rated to hold over 40 pounds. It can be adjusted for standing or prone positions, but it is more cumbersome to adjust then the Trigger sticks.

And then there is the money. The Induro CLT303 is expensive brand new, but you can find them used on ebay.
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Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/24/19 10:53 PM

OK,gbo ,flintrock ,cmatera,Kirsh Rookie and Capitol ! My sincere thanks to each of you .My 70th is coming up in November and kids wanted to know what I wanted for B day and Trigger sticks it is .Not much level ground here so the medium ones will probably work . Thanks Guys I need all the help I can get %^&*(_+
Posted by: crazyyote

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/25/19 10:24 AM

I prefer a Harris bipod. My trigger sticks always seem to take that extra second or two when old wiley will not stand still and moves. Of course you have to hold them and move them with the gun. I've also had problems with the legs spreading out when you put too much weight on them when you go to shoot. They tend to slide on crusty snow and ice too. With a Harris there are no problems like this and it's portable. I like the setups the others have mentioned, but I like to carry less stuff afield.
Posted by: DesertRam

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/25/19 10:29 AM

Go for it, I don't think you'll regret it. I have used all three generations. I still have and use a Gen 1 bidpod. I broke my Gen 2 bipod (my fault - I crammed it under the head of a dead oryx so I could get the right picture pose and it was more than it could bear), so I replaced that with a Gen 3 tripod. I've always used bidpods, so I was a bit hesitant to try the tripod. I've been using it for about a year now and love it. For my style of hunting, kind of a run and gun approach, it's perfect. I typically either sit in my Mojo Critter Sitter or stand, and the TS is ideal for that. I really like that the Gen 3 yolk is removable and the unit comes with an extra adapter. I use that on my camera to take "selfies." Fully extended, the TS is the perfect support for glassing long rangers while standing, something I have to do routinely in the brushy desert I hunt.

If you want to lock your rifle into a tripod though, don't get the TS. It's not robust enough for that. If you want a pretty solid bipod or tripod that you can deploy quickly, reposition easily, and get your rifle out of fast for up-close-and-personal use, the TS is a great option.
Posted by: Lodgepole

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/26/19 09:59 PM

Thank Ram ,I am in the mountains and think the TS is more suitable for my use .
Posted by: cmatera

Re: Trigger stick ? - 10/27/19 09:23 AM

I have the tall Jim Shockey Gen 3 and the short. The short is also excellent for elevating your caller if it has a female thread on the bottom like mine do.
Posted by: brock2013

Re: Trigger stick ? - 11/01/19 12:17 AM

I’ve never used them but a lot of hunters I guide use them and I pack a lot in for people on horseback. The only complaint I have about them is that I have seen quite a few of the v rest heads come off while being packed up the mountain. Other than that, they seem to work pretty good.
Posted by: erict

Re: Trigger stick ? - 11/01/19 09:43 PM

Originally Posted By: brock2013
... I have seen quite a few of the v rest heads come off while being packed up the mountain...

One nice thing about the Gen 3 and maybe earlier versions is that you can unscrew the v-rest head, revealing a screw that you can mount a spotting scope on. It is even more useful to me as an adjustable tripod for my point-and-shoot camera when I need to take "selfies" with a harvest.

If you get one, use a short length of thin paracord or similar to tie the v-rest head off to the handle so even if it unscrews itself you won't lose it.
Posted by: ehitzari

Re: Trigger stick ? - 11/21/19 11:30 PM

Anyone use the Primos pole cat?