Posted by: Hector05

Kansas - 08/15/19 09:17 AM

Anyone decoying in Kansas? Just moved out this way and need some advice and maybe a mentor. Any info would be awesome!
Posted by: SubpaR

Re: Kansas - 08/15/19 11:02 PM

I've tried it multiple times after the wife told me that our Labradoodle-stein was a hunting dog. She always changed her mind when she learned it would probably be a one-way hunting trip for the dog.

I don't know of anyone in my area using decoy dogs but I've seen some YouTube videos of a guy down in the SE corner I think. What part of the state are you in?
Posted by: Hector05

Re: Kansas - 08/17/19 11:06 AM

Out near Wichita. I have a herder that shows a lot of interest in fur. I have done it before. Just looking for another like mind person to hit it with.
Posted by: SubpaR

Re: Kansas - 08/18/19 10:45 PM

Good luck to you, I'm originally from SW of Wichita. Lots of greyhound hunters out that way but the wet winter/spring haven't helped them with all the tall grass.
And I hope you enjoy KS even though there are no mountains.
Posted by: btech29

Re: Kansas - 08/19/19 11:27 PM

Aint many coyotes is Kansas anymore. Stay away from the areas that use greyhounds, the coyotes dont work dogs very good in those areas.
Posted by: Hector05

Re: Kansas - 08/20/19 01:22 PM

I appreciate it. Kansas isn't to bad. Might drive west and go scouting.