Fast times at a ranch.

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Fast times at a ranch. - 07/01/16 09:44 PM

Rancher woman called me saying she has coyotes all over her place, they are even in the yard looking in my window at nights.
Instead of hitting P-dogs after work I headed to the ranch.
Hit the 2 track on the bluffs above her pastures & alfalfa fields about 7pm-ish where she said go in at.
Walked about a 1/3 mile into the rough area, grasses up to my waist, 85* still & set up on a smallish hill and within 25 seconds I had a pair run in full blast. I am not 100% prepared for them! Dropped one at 40', the other I yapped at & she spun to look and dropped her at 80 yards on her way flying out.
I hiked to some rock bluffs & was calling about 500 yards from the last spot, glassing I can see 2 coyotes in the rocks.
I nail 1 of them from 220 yards out. I think the other was hit, but just a red line into the den.
Its 930 by the time I get to the truck. I eat and walk back down the 2 track over a rolling bluff, set up and its about 1030pm. I hit play and within seconds I have coyotes going nuts all around me.
I am overlooking the lower pastures/fields and its full of tall grasses, dips and what not. I count 8 coyote running all over the place yapping & howling. 1 right behind me on the hill I just came over yaps at me, cant be more than 60 yards. Makes me jump since I didn't expect that.
A herd of horses in the same pasture the coyotes are in come trotting in blowing & snorting. Watching them in the thermal was cool as they ran them out. Dang it I wanted them to come my way not chased out the other end.
Then I see a coyote run in from my right blind side, makes my scent and is at 289 yards before it stops broadside after I'm barking at it. I drop it with my night rig.
I crash in the bed of the truck & up at 5am, drive right back into where they were last night.
I walked 1/4 mile or so up a gully, set up and hit play. Here come 2 flying in from 800 yards or so out (when I see them), sun is at my back & I am in the shadows on the hill side. That's right at the 1 min mark.
Both are in front of me so darned fast and not even seeing me as I have ol motion bambi below me.
They bust off about 20' in front of me before they realized this aint a puppy screaming. I drop 1 on the other side of the narrow gully on top. The other flys up the dip behind the one I just shot looking for its partner. I do not think it heard the suppressed shot as it was in the low gully coming up. I bark, it looks and drops at the bullet impact. It never ceases to amaze me how fast & sneaky they are.
730 am 7 total coyotes down and I head home.
This is the most Ive called/shot alone. Dang I need a video rig on my gun!
Rancher is a happy girl I told her there are at least 8 others out there. Come back & get the rest.
I feel if my ol pal was able to make it we would of had at least 3 more. He said I should call her since he was not able to get out there when she called him.

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Re: Fast times at a ranch. - 07/01/16 10:19 PM

Wow...nicely done!
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Good job! Thanks for the ride.

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Good job chewing them up like that 5SPD.
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Re: Fast times at a ranch. - 07/02/16 08:23 AM

Very nice. Very envious, you are living a good life.
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Niice, keep at it !
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Heck of a trip, no rest for the weary. LOL Good read.
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That's it!! I'm moving to Wyoming. Winters are mild there right? Nice work.
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OUTSTANDING job!!!!!!!
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Great job.
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Re: Fast times at a ranch. - 07/05/16 12:56 PM

Nice!!!! Way to knock a big dent in them in a short time on that ranch!
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Nice job!