June HOM Vote

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June HOM Vote - 07/15/13 06:59 PM

It is time for the June Hunt Of The Month vote thumbup1 Things have really slowed done but we had a couple great stories last month. Lets keep the stories coming. Take some time and write about your hunt, include pictures and details. It could get you a nice prize, I have some nice ones waiting. It does not have to be a predator hunt. Does not have to be a successful hunt either. After all, it is about the experience and time outdoors.

A special thanks goes out to the sponsors and HOB's for the prizes they donate. If it was not for them, this may not be possible. Be sure to send them a thanks and support them when you need something. They are not required to do this.

First Place

This months winner is going to get a nice production call from Bearmanric of R&R Calss. He does an outstanding job on these. Be sure to check out his web site at http://www.R&RCalls.com tt1 His calls sound and look great. He knows what he is doing. His custom calls are just outstanding. He takes pride in his work thumbup

Below are the links to the stories. Please take some time to read them. The members put some time and effort into writing them. After you do, place your vote for the one you think is the best. The voting will end on Sunday July 21 at 5:00 pm MST.

1. Deidera pulls a double on me by The Impactzone

2. A couple of hours of LR doggin with the 7 LRM by XPHunter
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Up for some more votes
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Good stores.
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Voted, good luck gentlemen ! thumbup1
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Congrats to The Impactzone. You have a PM from me.

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How did you vote after it had ended?
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thank all of you, that was a special hunt for me and one I will remember to years to come. Deidra's Mom past the next month and I will always remember those times I spent with her.