9 dogs down, 21 called in

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9 dogs down, 21 called in - 04/21/13 09:22 PM

Hunted eastern WA two weeks ago with an old college pal. Introduced him to waterfowl hunting when we were in school 20 odd years ago and now he is a wild man coyote, elk, and deer hunter! We have been getting together for annual dog hunts for the last three years and having a blast in the timber and open spaces of eastern WA.

Did five days of hunting which included areas just outside of Spokane and then hit the boonies out in Odessa. God's country for sure and a big change for a flatlander like me who is used to the open space being the ocean. Some hightlights below....

Started our week in the timber and literaly had dogs in the first few minutes of hunting, but no shot. Second set had one dog down and the third set of the morning we had five dogs charge into our set and five dogs left! We mmmisssed. They sure did like the group howl (territorial challenge) we were playing on the new Wildlife Technologies caller added to the mix of our gear this year.

The next day we had similar experiences with stepping on dogs on the way to the stand and shotgun work as they chewed the decoy. Took another across a lake at 300 yards (my longest kill with the AR as we have so little long shot opportunities here in Mass). We really like the new call as we are getting responses every set.

That night, we have time for two sets and 6 minutes into the first one Dave whispers...your left...of course I gave him the shotgun for this stand and I am between him and the dog..it literally runs between the decoy and our guns and I get a couple of poor running away shots, one which connects. We see the dog later in the eve on the way to the next stand... he can longer hunt but we do not recover him. We leave the farm with dogs at 250 yards barking and howling at us.

Next day we head off to Odessa. Our fist set brings one into shotgun range and Dave smokes him after it chews on the mojo. Odessa was crazy and though we had a slow eve after that dog, the next day was epic. Fist set has another dog in shotgun range and we mmmmiss that one..not for lack of trying though...lots of rounds downrange. Call another one into shotgun range again on the next set and he gets a head shot from Dave.. Simply awesome. Call in three on the next one and I manage to take pup at 250. Called Momma back in and we both Mmmmmiss that one. Fun AM for sure and we ended the day with another shotgun dog after 16 mule deer does came in to check out the MD fawn distress. Again, that new call is really something.

One of the most fun things was taking a stuffed coyote we got a few years ago as decoy and bolting him to rail of the pickup bed. I hated it...it scared dogs nicely. Heads would turn as we were driving and Dave's 10 year old son (who hunted a day with us) watched and laughed the entire time on the road. Best giggle was breakfast as i hid the speaker in the bed and when patrons of the restaurant would walk up to the stuffed coyote... it would challenge bark. Had the entire restaurant in stitches and we laughed pretty hard too. Truck is riot and great icebreaker to ask for hunting permission. Check out our logo.. We used the old Afrika Korp palm tree and coyote silhouette....

Had an awesome week and could ramble on further.. check out some pics.

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Re: 9 dogs down, 21 called in - 04/21/13 09:43 PM

Congrats bud...great story....awesome!
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Re: 9 dogs down, 21 called in - 04/21/13 10:04 PM

Great story I liked it and I know the word "awesome" gets over used here and pretty much everywhere else in society but may I say that truck is freakin awesome and sounds like you guys know how to have a good time. thumbup
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good story
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Re: 9 dogs down, 21 called in - 04/22/13 06:27 AM

Thanks Guys... we had a blast. Just ordered my new WT caller too. Trying to get some time on it before fishing season here.. keep you all posted.