Is a .22 LR ok for Fox?

Posted by: crowpopper

Is a .22 LR ok for Fox? - 09/13/12 09:54 PM

I dont have a .22 mag yet
I am going to be buying either a .22 mag or 17HMR around xmas but until then My night time gun for Fox hunting is going to be my 12Ga 11-87 and My .22 Marlin 25N The marlin is absolutly accurate and I know under 50 yards the bullet will hit EXACTLY where I aim
most of the spots I hunt I call in Fox and coon
I have killed fox and coon with my Ruger MKIII so I know a .22 will kill them.
But what is the optimum Fox and coon aiming point with the .22 LR
I am figuring head only shots but with the 40 grain velociter hollow points is it a safe shot aiming for vitals?
Not trying to start a big debate here telling me to use a bigger gun ETC.. a buddy of mine goes with me alot and he uses the 12 ga since he doesnt have a gun so I will be behind the rimfire
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Re: Is a .22 LR ok for Fox? - 09/13/12 10:01 PM

17 HMR would my vote !!!!
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Re: Is a .22 LR ok for Fox? - 09/14/12 12:00 AM

I think the .22 is Ok with some well placed shots but other than that I think its a bit light... Dunno just my .02
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Re: Is a .22 LR ok for Fox? - 09/14/12 12:05 AM

Once season opens up I am going to try my TC encore in 223 it has open sights but with my new kill light I may be able to see the sights
I guess I will have to do some aiming out the back yard at the rabbits and see
I know that pistol spitting some hot loaded 55grain ballistic tips will put the drop on a fox wink I use it in the day but at night I have problems getting a goo sight picture but this year I have the kill light XLR 100 and 250 it may be bright enough!!
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Re: Is a .22 LR ok for Fox? - 09/14/12 12:38 AM

Well as luck would have it I hooked the xlr on my pistol ( Encore) went out and looked and right at 50 yards is a red fox thats been waking me up barking at 3 am for the last month. Took aim and i could get a good sight on him with the light I guess i gotta order another kill light for my other gun now. Lol well question answered the 223 is going instead!!
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Re: Is a .22 LR ok for Fox? - 09/14/12 12:41 AM

A 22lr will kill a grey fox, but to make good shots at night, you will need a scope, and keep your shots under 50 yards. I have killed several with a head shot, but they only will stop for a second. With a body shot they will often run a ways. We were calling from a truck, and I would always have my dog, and he would find them for me. He would tree them if I missed too.
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Re: Is a .22 LR ok for Fox? - 09/14/12 01:02 AM

My marlin is scoped up. But i think im gunna use the encore. Most shots are well under 100 yds at night anyway