***February HOM Stories & Vote***

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***February HOM Stories & Vote*** - 03/19/11 05:58 PM

I'm running a little behind on some of this stuff but have finally put together the HOM vote for February. This will be a quick one so get your votes in!

******February Hunter of the Month Prizes******

This time around the winner will receive a great package with products from some of our finest sponsors and HOB's. This month you will receive a Carver Rubber Rabbitand an extremely exciting video from Carver Calls. This will be accompanied by a lanyard system from EZ Access Gear.

Thanks to everyone for being so generous and making this possible. As things grow I would love to see at least the top three get prizes, we aren't quite there yet but will be one day! I'm proud to be associated with the program and it is really an issue of pride watching it grow; thanks again to all of our HOB's and sponsors, you guys are making a difference here!!! This month we are going to have a prize package for the second place story from 220Swift consisting of a very nice NAPA camo hat.

In addition to these items we also have a sponsor offering a service for the winner this month. Switch will be donating one free predator skull cleaning and whitening for a coyote, bobcat or fox! I'm sure that a few of you guys could find a use for this and we really appreciate his offer!

Our nominees to this point are as follows...

1. Lessons for the young and the old - critterdown

2. Scorpion's first blood - H82Miss

3. Morning calling stories & pics - vicfox

4. Another Valentine's Day fox for Alyssa - Switch

5. My first double of 2011 - 300magman

6. 44 Pound Blonde Coyote - Moe

7. 1 coyote on Thursday, 5 coyotes on Saturday - derbyacresbob

8. The drought is over - fur down! - wilydawg

9. A double on doubles - 300magman

First Place

Second Place

Predator Skulls Inc.

Predator Skulls Inc.
Dermestid Inc.
Screen Name: Switch
Name: Tim Hovey
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1 day left...
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Tonight's the night guys!

We have a tight race and need some tie breaking votes...
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Any official results?