Scorpion's first blood

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Scorpion's first blood - 02/18/11 10:00 PM

After many weeks of conflicting schedules, work, and honey do lists, my buddy and I finally made it out for a couple of stands this morning after work. We haven't had the opportunity to put much effort into thinning the local predator population lately and we were itchin' to break in JJess's new Foxpro Scorpion.
We made a long drive to an area we had never hunted before and after briefly surveying the terrain, we were optomistic. We picked a spot, geared up, and headed in. We set up into the wind on either side of a narrow draw and placed the decoy and Scorpion along the bottom of the draw between us. Early in the sequence the wind picked up and the snow was really coming down. Suddenly, the cries from the Scorpion stopped. Shortly thereafter Jjess began blowing his handcall. I assumed there was a battery problem with the caller and hunkered down out of the wind. We called back and forth with hand calls for about 20 minutes with no action. We packed up and headed back to the truck. When we reached the Scorpion we noticed it had fallen out of the small tree it had been wedged in and landed face up. We figured the jarring had shut it off. We made it back to the truck and moved out.
We drove up the road a piece and the snow continued to fall, getting deeper the farther we went. Soon we found another promising spot. Again, we geared up and started hiking. We hiked over a hill, a much larger hill than I originally realized, and took up positions on the opposite side overlooking a long, perpendicular draw. Jjess sat about 40 yards to my left and placed the caller and decoy between us. The wind had calmed to about 10 mph and was coming from my 2 o'clock. Light fluffy snow continued to fall.
Lighning Jack began to play as I settled in. Seven short minutes later I heard the familiar sound of rapid clicks over the ear piece of my portable radio. It was the signal that something is coming. I slowly turned my head to the left as a shot rang out. Then another shot. Coyote distress. I could see nothing. Then another shot. Coyote distress, but in a different tone. I sat motionless and quiet for about 2 minutes until the curiosity overtook me.
Over the radio I asked "3 dead coyotes?" Reply "1 shot, 1 kill." "...But I heard 3 shots." "Must've been an echo." "Uh huh...right." "Lets go check him out."
I stood up and slipped and slided up the snowy hill and met Jjess at the caller. "Well?" I said. Jjess went on to explain how he spotted the coyote standing half way up the knoll to his left. He wasn't sure where the coyote came from and she was standing still when he spotted her. He fired a warning shot to get her moving. Then put her into a spin with the second shot. The coyote distress I mistaked for the Foxpro was actually the coyote yipping after being hit. The third shot hit her in the head and dropped her instantly. We then walked over and easily located this large,beautiful, well furred female.
Jjess with coyote

A couple photos and then we began the long, slippery hike back to the truck.
We made it back to the truck and snapped a few more pics before we headed back to town.
Jjess with coyote, Scorpion, and .243 WSSM

When we got back to my house we weighed our pretty prize on my Rapala fishing scale. 30 lbs 7 oz. Nice.
Overall, we had a great day. Broke in the new Scorpion and shot our first yote of 2011. We love going out even if we don't shoot something, but puttin' fur in the back of the truck really makes me smile.

Thanks for reading!

ps~ JFYI- .243 WSSM is not fur friendly!

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Congrats on your coyote!
Nice story, thanks for posting.
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I'll give you the double thumbs up!

Now go do it some more.
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