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FREE FOXPRO SOUNDS - 03/21/10 08:49 PM

foxpro i s offering free sounds on their website. a small selection but might come in handy to some users.
Posted by: LeviSS

Re: FREE FOXPRO SOUNDS - 03/21/10 08:50 PM

Yeah, it was mentioned in the electronic callers section.

They are making their man-made sounds free and going to 100% real animal sounds.
Posted by: fxpro

Re: FREE FOXPRO SOUNDS - 03/21/10 09:31 PM

Just tried to down load and it's not bringing up the agreement page, just a popup showing its copywrited. I also tried after I disabled the popup blocker and that did'nt work either..anyone have any luck bringing it up??
Posted by: LeviSS

Re: FREE FOXPRO SOUNDS - 03/21/10 09:33 PM

Click on the disc icon, then it should bring up a pop-ut that says this:

"By clicking on this “I ACCEPT” link on the bottom of the page, I agree that FOXPRO Inc. owns the copyright for each of the game calls; that I will use the provided game calls in FOXPRO Inc. game callers only; that any dispute arising from my using of FOXPRO Inc. game calls will be governed by and construed under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania; that jurisdiction and venue shall be proper in the state of Pennsylvania only and I am subject to personal jurisdiction and venue in the state of Pennsylvania; and that I am an adult.



Click "I ACCEPT THE LICENSE ABOVE", then save it where you want it.
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Re: FREE FOXPRO SOUNDS - 03/22/10 12:17 PM

Worked for me.
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Re: FREE FOXPRO SOUNDS - 03/22/10 05:42 PM

Tried it again today and no problems..came right up.