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Sponsors Forum
This forum contains information for our sponsors and our future sponsors. This forum is in "read only" mode.
Moderator: Jeff Mock
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Sponsorship Rate Increase ...
(Jeff Mock) - 09/02/10 05:32 PM
Sponsor's Specials, Updates & Announcements
Dedicated to Predator Masters sponsors and their products.
Moderator: Jeff Mock
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Dtech leap year sale!
(dtech) - 02/20/20 02:48 PM
All kinds of hunting
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Important Messages For All Members
Get the latest and greatest in important information here. Members will be able to reply to posts in here but not start new topics.
Moderator: DesertRam, Jeff Mock, Redfrog
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Re: For you guys that film...
(cbat) - 02/18/20 12:14 PM
Second Amendment Forum
Information on preserving our shooting and hunting/trapping freedoms and how to contact elected representatives and others who influence legislation and regulations. Also provides a central location and tool for those organizing sportsmen to influence public policy.
Moderator: DesertRam, Stu Farish
1659 11400
Re: Any Interest in NRA IL...
(hm1996) - 09/14/20 02:41 PM
Predator Hunting (18 viewing)
The "How To" of Hunting the Hunters...
48522 590660
Re: HELP, Three Questions,...
(JoeyJ) - Yesterday at 01:27 PM
Hog Heaven
Moderator: SkyPup
1194 10069
Re: 350 Legended A Hog
(BooneDawg) - Yesterday at 08:18 PM
Firearms (45 viewing)
If it goes BANG, KA-BOOM, or POP, then this is the place.
Moderator: Infidel 762
50018 624019
Re: This product cleans be...
(1Fox) - Today at 01:09 AM
AR's (13 viewing)
The Black Rifle In All It's Variants The Cure for your Black Rifle addiction is just one click away
Moderator: SnowmanMo
Subforums: AR Videos
10633 129536
Re: Bear Creek Arsenal
(Yellowhammer) - 09/18/20 05:31 PM
Hunting Suppressed (1 viewing)
Put A Muffler On That Boomstick
Moderator: SnowmanMo
849 9420
Re: ATF Form 4 Wait Times.
(Pabowhunter77) - 09/18/20 01:55 PM
Optics (8 viewing)
Bringing things up close and personal
Moderator: reb8600
6015 58914
Re: Tell me why.... Vortex
(B23) - Yesterday at 01:47 PM
Reloading & Ammo (25 viewing)
The In's & Out's of rolling your own...
Moderator: Matt1953
13917 159533
Re: Looking for 38-40 ammo
(Matt1953) - Yesterday at 11:31 PM
Other Calling Equipment and Critter Getting Techniques (4 viewing)
Optics, camo, and everything else neat.
Moderator: DesertRam, Matt1953
4114 40665
Re: E-Bike changes for thi...
(RandyDB) - 09/19/20 02:03 PM
Knives 618 6156
Re: lanyard/fob
(Bob_Atl) - 09/08/20 08:06 PM
Varmint Hunting (4 viewing)
This is the place to discuss hunting prairie dogs, woodchucks, crows, ground squirrels, etc.
5291 59518
Re: Prescott, AZ
(GLShooter) - 09/14/20 08:40 PM
Small Game Hunting
Kill Da Wabbit, Kill Da Wabbit...
Moderator: DesertRam
587 6616
Re: Unique way to catch cr...
(Brad Phillips) - 09/19/20 08:26 PM
Night Calling (10 viewing)
All about hunting the hunters in the dark of the night.
Moderator: SkyPup
Subforums: Night Hunting Videos
8324 82164
Re: Super Hogster R or Pul...
(BUCKWHEAT) - Today at 12:19 AM
Calling In The East (4 viewing)
A place for them folks who hunt the hunters back East.
8772 90627
Re: How Much Lead Can A Co...
(AWS) - 09/12/20 01:21 PM
Predator Biology (4 viewing)
What makes predators tick? Find out as much as you can before hunting the hunters.
1051 10653
Re: Are fox currently shed...
(Bear) - 06/28/20 01:29 PM
The Great White North (1 viewing)
Predator calling and hunting in the Great White North !
Moderator: AWS, Redfrog
2661 29181
Re: Coyote # 70
(Danh20) - 08/17/20 04:44 PM
Lions, Bears & Houndsmen (3 viewing)
This is the place for information about calling in those big meat-eaters...
4493 45890
Re: Where for Bears?
(Jim Byers) - 09/19/20 06:10 PM
Ask The Game Warden 110 1208
Re: CWD transport AZ and ...
(Fursniper) - 09/14/20 08:03 AM
Trapping and Fur Handling
All about trapping predators from the Pro's and taking care of that fur too.
Moderator: AWS
4127 30411
Re: Favorite dye/dip metho...
(Krockus) - 08/22/20 09:57 AM
Youth Hunter
Our Youthful Predator Masters Forum
Moderator: DesertRam
907 9834
Re: Avg age to get started
(22 Chuck) - 08/26/20 12:25 PM
Big Game Hunting (18 viewing)
Deer,javelina, turkey, moose, elk, caribou, bear, goats, sheep, exotics are all included here. If you can hunt it, lets hear about it.
Moderator: Matt1953
4587 39761
Re: 223 nosler partition o...
(aknome) - 09/16/20 09:59 PM
Bird Hunting (1 viewing)
If it has feathers, this is the place. Upland Game Birds, Bird Dogs, Waterfowl, Turkey, Quail, etc.
Moderator: DesertRam
1941 14323
Re: First Goose? I'll take...
(22 Chuck) - 09/13/20 09:59 PM
Hunting with Sticks, Strings, and Pointy Things
845 9678
Re: Bow Season 2020!
(Bob_Atl) - Yesterday at 07:18 PM
Predators Of The Deep
From the mighty bluegill to the friendly barracuda, Predator Masters members pursue them all...
Moderator: Stu Farish
40 326
Re: Catfish
(jsh) - 09/11/20 11:10 PM
Calls and Calling
Everything to do with game calls & calling
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Production Predator Calls
The best in hand blown production predator calls from our sponsors.
Moderator: 220_Swift, carvercalls
25 730
Re: The New Half Inch Rabi...
(carvercalls) - 12/31/19 07:22 AM
Hand Calls (2 viewing)
All about Hand Calls, if it's powered by wind, this is the place to be.
Moderator: 220_Swift, carvercalls
9239 82161
Re: Looking for a hand cal...
(greengt88) - 09/16/20 12:01 PM
Electronic Calls (3 viewing)
All about Commercial and Homemade Electronic Calls and Recorded Sounds.
Moderator: reb8600
10199 79115
foxpro x1
(Tjkiller) - 09/17/20 05:10 PM
The Custom Shop
Custom Calls and Accessories
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Custom Calls For Sale
Stop in and see what our Hobbiest call makers have to offer. Hand Call sponsors will be the only members with NEW POST rights in this forum. All other members are welcome to reply to existing topics.
Moderator: 220_Swift, carvercalls
10487 115206
Re: Maple and cocobolo clo...
(BMeyer) - Yesterday at 09:20 AM
Custom Hunting Accessories For Sale
Moderator: 220_Swift, carvercalls
418 4811
Re: Budget Bushcraft Pack ...
(rainshadow1) - 09/11/20 01:54 PM
The Cabin
Welcome to base camp
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Member Club House (1 viewing)
This is the place for all off topic discussions...
Moderator: Redfrog
Subforums: Redneck Kitchen
12057 130733
Re: Tucson Gun Shops?
(viper) - Yesterday at 03:36 PM
The Church of The Painful Truth (4 viewing)
You Shall Know The Truth, and The Truth Shall Piss You Off
Moderator: Infidel 762, Stu Farish
23817 188246
Re: Is this our moment of ...
(SixsixtyMags) - Yesterday at 08:22 AM
Photo Gallery
Place your hunting photos right here. You can also find a link inside the forum for complete instructions on posting photos.
7430 67976
Re: Mouth calls vs E calle...
(TimHoeck) - 09/10/20 04:53 PM
Photo Hosting Gallery
Host Your Pictures Here, Use Them Every Where
Moderator: Stu Farish
733 1053
Model 700
(foxrunner) - 09/13/20 04:53 PM
Humor (1 viewing)
Let's Keep It Clean!!...but all the fun stuff goes here.
Moderator: Redfrog
5341 18759
Lost in the Interpretation
(redhaze) - 09/17/20 06:23 PM
Hunt Swap
Predator Masters has created this forum for PM members to meet other members that have interests in swapping hunts. If you are looking for hunting trip and wanting to swap another, post it here.
Moderator: DesertRam
422 1558
Re: Coyote problem on the ...
(BrianEhst7) - 08/04/20 10:50 AM
Current Events
Up coming events. Seminars, Hunts, Contests, etc. Please send event posting requests to either Redfrog or DesertRam
Moderator: DesertRam, Redfrog
278 1850
Lexington Texas
(Redfrog) - 11/22/19 01:08 PM
Predator Masters
Predator Masters site specific forums
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PM Annual Hunt and Convention 837 11206
Re: I need pictures!!
(Roxyyy03) - 07/16/20 04:04 AM
Scholarships 17 126
(Border Pup) - 03/10/14 08:32 PM
Military Predator Masters, on the field of battle
A place to support our troops while we're engaged in war. May they each and every one come safely home.
429 3380
Re: Any Marines out there
(searky) - 08/28/20 10:07 PM

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