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Night Calling
Night Goggles Outdoor Systems RNVG Photonis 4G ECHO White Phosphor Bino The NGI/RNVG (Rugged Night Vision Goggle) is designed as the most rugged night vision goggle available. While most NVG’s are built with molded polymer housings, the RNVG feat
Night Calling
***PLEASE ALLOW 3-5 WEEKS FOR ORDER PROCESSING*** NGI Ossabaw DTNVS Photonis ECHO White Phos Binocular The NGI Outdoor Systems OSSABAW DTNVS14P Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle is an extremely limited product release from NGI Outdoor Systems. Based
Electronic Calls
Jump to new posts Want to buy new foxpro with Fox Bang by eurosport @ 09/23/21 11:29 PM

I've been away for 10 years but I'm back. I have a Scorpion but want something better. I cannot read the red very small script on my remote. What would this group recommend I purchase? This will be for coyote, Bobcat and mountin lion in Payson Ari
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts 224 Weatherby by ghjacobs @ 09/22/21 09:49 PM

If anyone has any loads with Varget and 52 to 55 grain bullets would you help me out. TKA
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Helmet reccomendations? For a MH-25 by johncraddock445 @ 09/22/21 10:35 AM

I am currently running a MH-25 on a Crye Precision nightcap with a cheap rhino dovetail mount and I am wanting to try an actual helmet with a wilcox mount for a more rigid rig. Do you guys have any input on what I should be looking at? I was hoping t
Night Calling
NGI is excited to announce we are now carrying our favorite, hand-select thermal offerings from N-Vision Optics! N-Vision Optics specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of night vision and thermal imaging products. Founded in 20
Hog Heaven
Jump to new posts Ugly Piggly by Zen Archery @ 09/21/21 01:06 PM

Shot one nasty / ugly target boar!!! Video for your viewing entertainment!
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Bridge Mount options by BAYSTATE YOTE @ 09/20/21 08:37 PM

Gents I am upgrading my helmet setup with a MH-25 with a Mun rail, I have a Wilcox G-11 that I was using with a standard J arm for the my PVS-14. Thinking of the thermal over the left eye, and PVS-14 over the right. Any idea for bridge mounts?
Jump to new posts Pirate Speak - lets hear yours! by redhaze @ 09/20/21 06:48 PM

Call over your mates or your wenches. I'll be starting. Q: Why don't pirates shower before they walk the plank? A: Because they'll just wash up on shore later. Q: Why is pirating so addictive? A: They say once ye lose yer first hand, ye get hooked!
Lions, Bears & Houndsmen
Jump to new posts Coyote pup trainers by Mjones59 @ 09/20/21 05:08 PM

I'm looking for coyote dog trainer. I was given the Name of Darryl Holmes of Winona, Missouri. Has anyone used him for a trainer ? Thanks
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts 270 Wsm and RL 26 by shelton573 @ 09/20/21 02:34 PM

What are some realistic charge weight ranges for the 270 Wsm with RL 26 shooting a 150 gr Nosler partition? Alliant just lists 67.2 gr, Sierra says min 55.5 and 63.3 grain max, all over the internet says between 66 and 69 grains max. I have been rel
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts 22 creedmoor load for 60gr by Tjkiller @ 09/19/21 07:31 AM

Anyone have a pet load for the 60gr vmax. ?

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