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Calling In The East
Jump to new posts Northern Ohio yote by Galen @ Today at 01:31 AM

Hit a little piece of public not to far from my house and I had two dogs in on me within minutes! Took about a 170-180 yard shot on the lead dog before she cut my wind and she went down hard! I did get footage of it and will upload it when time allo
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts A year with the lucky duck by Brownie @ Today at 01:20 AM

Well I decided to do a review on the lucky duck after I've IMO put it through some honest to goodness field time over the last year. I purchased the call from a member here and received the call and rechargable battery pack in like new condition. Upo
Photo Hosting Gallery
Jump to new posts Ohio coyote .... by Galen @ Today at 01:17 AM

Northern Ohio Coyote on public land
Jump to new posts My new Bughole barrel ships tomorrow am !!!! by Remage250AI @ Yesterday at 11:40 PM

As some of you know about a month ago I ordered a Brux 26" Remage 22-250 AI barrel from www.bugholes.com to replace a shot out factory tube. Well, I got a email confirmation yesterday afternoon that the new tube will be coming my way in the am f
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts .284/7mm 140gr Fed Fusion by emptymag @ Yesterday at 10:41 PM

MV 2850fps. Impact velocity was about 2380fps at 200 yards. Fired from 280. One of my favorite factory bullets if it shoots in that gun/caliber. I’ve gotta get some Speer gold dots now to load up...
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts 143 Eld-x by emptymag @ Yesterday at 10:32 PM

MV 2650fps. Impact velocity was about 2365fps at 200yards.
Jump to new posts CMC trigger issues by Dultimatpredator @ Yesterday at 08:31 PM

I installed my 2.5 lb competition single stage trigger in mt aero M5 lower today. It brakes at 34 oz! The issue I'm having is there is about an 1/8 th of travel in before it brakes. If I put the safety on and try to engage the trigger it will tra
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Barnes TSX or Black hills 52gr match by jbo225 @ Yesterday at 07:56 PM

Which of these two rounds is somewhat fur friendly especially on fox and bobcat. 223 55gr Barnes TSX or Black hills 52gr match hp reason those two I've read quite Abit about those two being fur friendly
Sponsor's Specials, Updates & Announcements
Jump to new posts Call In Super Optics Specials by gr8fuldoug @ Yesterday at 05:20 PM

Call In Super Specials We have a few items that were open display units as well as a few new items that we are down to just a few of. The open box/display items were never mounted and same as new condition with full warranty. These are call in on
Sponsor's Specials, Updates & Announcements
Jump to new posts Athlon Optics New Product Announcement by gr8fuldoug @ Yesterday at 10:23 AM

Athlon Optics New Product Announcement No need to wait till SHOT Show for Athlons new product details. Here's the detail, with links to Athlon's site so you can access details..... Cronus 10x50 Laser Rangefinder Binocular. Yes, 10x50, 2000 yard
Photo Hosting Gallery
Jump to new posts 2018 coyotes by Switch @ 12/10/18 08:31 PM

Fall/winter coyotes so far.
Sponsor's Specials, Updates & Announcements
More Optics Deliveries Arriving Every Day to Camera Land We are getting replenishment deliveries constantly. Today was a great day. Konus: #7249 KonusPro 1.5x-5x32mm - AimPro Engraved #7255 KonusPro 3x-10x44mm - 30 30 Engraved #7260 KonusPro
Predators Of The Deep
Jump to new posts Flyrod setup for trolling by masshunter @ 12/09/18 09:18 PM

I'm setting up for trolling big streamers and buck tails in a lake. There are browns, rainbows, pickerel, and lakers. I have an 8 1/2' 6 weight, an old Pfluger 1495, and a Cortland WF6S line. Anyone have an idea what I should use for backing? Length
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Loads needed for 22-250 8 twist by BOBTAILS @ 12/09/18 08:11 PM

I put my scope tonight in my new 22-250 8 twist. Now I needs some loads that have worked well on coyotes for you guys. Anything 55-75 gr bullets.
Sponsor's Specials, Updates & Announcements
Jump to new posts Camera Land Close-Out, Open Box, Opportunity List by gr8fuldoug @ 12/09/18 11:18 AM

Camera Land Close-Out, Open Box, Opportunity List This list, which if I included everything would be way too long, is new and demo product, that we are offering at substantial savings. Open box is basically new product that was opened for one rea
Night Calling
Jump to new posts 3rd time is a charm for us not the Fox by capitol @ 12/09/18 12:51 AM

Im using a thermal monocular to scan and my shooter is to my right. The video is from the shooters scope. This Fox came out of the brush three separate times. The first two times he stopped and turned around after walking half way down the berm. I l
Jump to new posts Vortex strike eagle scopes? by zr600 @ 12/08/18 06:05 PM

How are the vortex strike eagle scopes? How’s the glass in them compare to just the standard vipers?
Hunting Suppressed
Jump to new posts Dead air sandman TI? by seasley @ 12/08/18 01:54 PM

Any of you guys used one of these or know if there any good?
Jump to new posts Gas block and tube for Proof Research Barrel? by KamronG @ 12/08/18 12:10 PM

I am getting a 20” carbon fiber proof research AR barrel in 22 nosler. For anyone that has this barrel, what gas blocks and tubes are you guys running? Thanks in advance for any responses
Sponsor's Specials, Updates & Announcements
Jump to new posts Camera Land Weekend Sale by gr8fuldoug @ 12/08/18 11:45 AM

Camera Land Weekend Sale If you missed out on what you were looking for at the price you were hoping for black Friday weekend fear not. If we have it, and you want it, it pays for you to give us a call, 516-217-1000. Personalized service, great p
Member Club House
Jump to new posts Hellcat! by tripod3 @ 12/08/18 03:28 AM

A friend came by today to show me his new Hellcat and we went for a 50 mile cruise. An impressive ride and quick, he was a little unhappy as I guess it was only capable of around 500 hp. and after he gets 500 miles on it the manufacturer will send a
Sponsor's Specials, Updates & Announcements
Jump to new posts Leica Binocular and Riflescope Sale by gr8fuldoug @ 12/07/18 03:16 PM

Leica Binocular and Riflescope Sale We have some great opportunities for you on new Leica Optics. Most items are on our web site, however, not all. If you do not see it on our web site please give a call to discuss it or to place an order. None o
Second Amendment Forum
Jump to new posts QUOTE by AWS @ 12/07/18 12:19 PM

My wife read this to me this morning "The Second Amendment was not written by a bunch of guys just coming home from a hunting trip, but by men just finishing a war to free a nation"
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts foxpro trade? by verg @ 12/07/18 11:46 AM

Kind of thinking of going with a banshee. Anyone have one to sell or do partial trade for an inferno? I have a 1 yr old inferno. Have killed with it. Like new condition.
Photo Hosting Gallery
Jump to new posts RAP vs B&C by Bob_Atl @ 12/06/18 02:57 PM

RAP stock vs new B&C stock. Good improvement, only minor issue is plastic mags a little sticky, should be easy to solve.. link to this RAP B&C stock
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