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Night Calling
Jump to new posts zeroing with reflective tape by igor @ Today at 12:12 AM

Opinions please. My range faces north and its been hot here in Amarillo. So how much if any will the perceived image with reflective tape or any shiny object used to zero move from 9am to a hot 4pm? Would it be enough to move the poi 3/4 inch? I thin
Jump to new posts lube for stiff folders by masshunter @ Yesterday at 09:32 PM

I have a couple of folders that are stiff opening now, after I used them and cleaned them. Tried gun oil, sewing machine oil, still stiff. One is a Victoinox Swiss army with about eight tools, the other is a Case trapper stag scales about 35 years ol
Jump to new posts fairy tales by SixsixtyMags @ Yesterday at 09:23 AM

A little girl asked her father, Daddy, do all fairy tales begin with "once upon a time?" His reply was: "no, there is a whole series of fairy tales that begin with "if elected I promise..."
Jump to new posts Seekins Havak Rifle by W. Chad Shultz @ Yesterday at 01:04 AM

Curious if anyone has one of these and what there thoughts are on it?
Jump to new posts Alexa by AWS @ 08/19/19 06:38 PM

I asked my Alexa "What do women really want", it hasn't shut up for seven days.
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Jump to new posts Lifetime Guarantee! by NGI_TOM @ 08/19/19 05:35 PM

At TNVC & Night Goggles, we understand that your life may depend on our products, so we build products that you can depend on for life. TNVC & Night Goggles has long been an industry leader in Night Vision and Visual Augmentation Systems (
Member Club House
Jump to new posts Cougar Looking For Chicken Breakfast by ajgunner @ 08/16/19 08:26 PM

I was abruptly woken from my morning slumber yesterday at 6:40am, by the wife yelling get out here, get out here, and hurry up. She is pointing out to the chickens in the pasture 30 yards from the house. I see nothing, but she swears there was a coug
Bird Hunting
Jump to new posts Garmin Alpha Card for Montana by k9jones @ 08/15/19 08:12 PM

Have any of you used a Garmin Alpha in Montana, and had the Montana state card, that shows property lines, property owners etc?

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