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The Church of The Painful Truth
Texas State Representative Introduces Bill to Finish Border Wall Construction By Samuel Allegri March 5, 2021 Updated: March 6, 2021 Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton (R-Canton) introduced a bill proposing the border wall construction initiated under f
Hunting Suppressed
Jump to new posts Wait times? by Yellowhammer @ Today at 03:55 PM

Anyone gotten their stamp in the past month or so? If so, how long did it take? I sent in for mine in September and wondered if the new administration has had any effect or not.
The Church of The Painful Truth
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott video message to Texas State Rifle Assn. at annual meeting on 6 March 2021. This is a good example of why we need to support our state and national firearms rights organizations. Regards, hm
Photo Hosting Gallery
Jump to new posts 7x57 mauser saami cartridge by Plant.One @ Today at 12:34 PM

7x57 mauser drawing
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts 4 coyote night by Rotty @ Yesterday at 08:28 PM

Jump to new posts Jesus and the Politicos by redhaze @ 03/06/21 07:19 AM

JESUS AND THE DEMOCRAT A Republican, in a wheelchair, entered a restaurant one afternoon and asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. The Republican looked across the restaurant and asked, "Is that Jesus sitting over there?" The waitress n
The Church of The Painful Truth
Jump to new posts Interim National Security Strategic Guidance 3/2021 by Foxpro.223 @ 03/05/21 10:18 PM

Today, the Administration released the Interim National Security Strategic Guidance, attached. This interim guidance has been issued to convey President Biden’s vision for how America will engage with the world, and to provide guidance for departme
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Lee Loadmaster Setup Issue by svt tactical @ 03/05/21 04:47 PM

I have loaded exclusively on a Forster Co-Ax for many many years. Recently picked up a lee loadmaster 223 package to volume load some. Setting it up as instructed. Running into a problem with the FLS die. Installed in the Lee Loadmaster station
The Church of The Painful Truth
House Democrats Pass H.R. 1 Election Reform Bill in Tight Vote GOP expressed unanimous opposition By Mimi Nguyen Ly March 4, 2021 Updated: March 4, 2021 The House of Representatives in the late hours of March 3 passed a sweeping election reform bi
The Church of The Painful Truth
Jump to new posts Navajo Code Talkers, the Unbreakable Code by hm1996 @ 03/04/21 05:01 PM

10-4 read you 5x5
Photo Hosting Gallery
Jump to new posts Binoculars by foxrunner @ 03/04/21 03:54 PM

Jump to new posts Trump by Heymartay @ 03/03/21 05:58 PM

Been trying to figure out why the media can’t make any headway against Trump when they try to compare his alleged crimes against women. He was a Democrat at the time.
Jump to new posts That Explains It! by hm1996 @ 03/03/21 11:36 AM

MY MIND IS LIKE MY INTERNET BROWSER. 19 tabs open, 3 of them are frozen and I have no idea where the music is coming from.
Jump to new posts Mossberg Mvp Predator 224 Valkyrie by Joeymac @ 03/03/21 10:17 AM

Anyone have one of these? Good, bad?
Electronic Calls
Jump to new posts Boss Predator Acoustics by todbartell @ 03/02/21 03:26 PM

Just a heads up, I purchased some sounds from Boss Predator Acoustics and received them via email within the hour, pretty good for a Sunday evening! Excellent service Called a coyote in on my second stand using one of the female howls.
The Church of The Painful Truth
Jump to new posts HR 748, the WHO CARES, IT'S ONLY MONEY ACT by hm1996 @ 03/02/21 01:28 PM

SUBJECT: House Bill 748 You most likely will not see this in the News so I would urge you to circulate it on the internet NOW YOU WILL KNOW WHY REPUBLICANS ARE BLOCKING THIS 2.2 TRILLION-DOLLAR CONGRESSIONAL BILL. HARD TO BELIEVE BUT LOOK IT UP ON
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts WTB- 6mm Bullets (PA) by wchjr @ 03/02/21 01:01 PM

I'm in need of 87 grain Hornady V_MAX bullets in particular. Also looking for 6mm Sierra and other lighter weight Hornady bullets... Let me know what you have and the price!

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