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Jump to new posts Bass Pro optics? by pyscodog @ Today at 10:21 PM

Occulus is the brand name I think? Have any of you tried their scopes? I looked through a pair of binoculars and was pretty impressed as to the clarity. Curious if the scopes are as clear??
Jump to new posts Lost/Found Dog by Powerfisher @ Today at 09:32 PM

Electronic Calls
Jump to new posts Lucky Duck or Shockwave? by goosedowner @ Today at 08:20 PM

I want to get back into calling (coyotes and crows) and my ole jonny Stewart cassette tape caller is long gone so I need a new one. I've kinda narrowed it down to the Lucky Duck Revolt or the Foxpro Shockwave. Looking for opinions on the two of them.
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Pulsar Apex XQ38 wow ! by Alan D @ Today at 06:44 PM

Went to gunshow this weekend and looked through the new Apex XQ38 , It wa sso much clearer than my old Apex XD 38A . and the price was better than the old Apex 38A
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Jump to new posts Featured Binocular, Check It Out....... by gr8fuldoug @ Today at 02:50 PM

Featured Binocular, Check It Out....... BD42-10XD 10x42mm Prominar XD Binoculars reduced to only $399.99. PROMINAR XD lenses attain the highest pinnacle of binocular performance 2XD lenses are utilized in the objective end of the
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Opinions on armasight zeus 3-12 vs apex xq50 by Chaney2169 @ Today at 07:43 AM

Hey guys im pretty much set on buying an xq50 or a zeus. i am stuck on a zeus or a xq50. does anyone how hands on experience with both and have an opinion? i have no dealers even close to me so there is no way to demo one, which would be the best o
Electronic Calls
Jump to new posts Fox Pro firestorm issues? by zr600 @ Yesterday at 09:28 PM

Ok I tried to use my firestorm today’s first time for the season and my rechargeable foxpro batteries were dead so I grabbed some new aas put them in turned it on in the garage and it worked. SO I headed outback calling I get out and now it won’t tu
The Church of The Painful Truth
Jump to new posts Another 'Empty Barrel' runs her mouth! by ADK @ Yesterday at 08:43 PM

Electronic Calls
Jump to new posts Primos Turbo Dogg no sound. AGAIN!! by LifeBeginsat59 @ Yesterday at 08:22 PM

New to this forum so I hope this hasn't been beat to death already. I bought a Turbo Dogg a few years ago and loved it until one day the speaker and remote just wouldn't synchronize. I phoned and emailed Primos several times just to see if they could
Custom Calls
Jump to new posts Varmints Inc. 2 Piece Diaphragm Howler Kit by LONEHOWL @ Yesterday at 07:49 PM

I have a 2 piece howler package Im offering up. It contains a 3 reed howler and a 2 reed howler. The yellow top, 3 reed Challenger is a stouter, medium pitched call that has a longer range than a 1 or 2 reed call. It will do the long range howls, ba
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Jump to new posts 10-22-2017 Hunt by wormydog1724 @ Yesterday at 01:07 PM

My coyote hunt
Jump to new posts Teeth by tnshootist @ 10/21/17 09:07 PM

An old man said When I die I don't want to go to he)) but I would like to get close enough to throw these false teeth in.
Ask The Game Warden
Jump to new posts Pennsylvania & IR scopes by GaryWiant @ 10/21/17 06:19 PM

I was told in the past years that IR scopes were not legal in Pennsylvania because they don't cast a beam, but now there has been a new law past that allows the use of electronic scopes as long as they do not cast a beam. So can I purchase an ANT X-
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We have a few amazing Kowa Sports Optics opportunities.... Kowa has announced a consumer mail-in rebate promotion which started on October 15th and is running through the end of the year. The rebate, $100 via a prepaid Visa card,
Hog Heaven
Jump to new posts Tonights Hunting Video by daddyflea @ 10/21/17 02:35 AM

Filmed this tonight https://youtu.be/7odqEJizwrI
The Church of The Painful Truth
Quote: Anti-Gun Billionaire George Soros Pumps $18 Billion into His Political Apparatus Friday, October 20, 2017 Support NRA-ILA This week it was announced that hedge fund billionaire and radical left-wing activist George Soros has infused his
Second Amendment Forum
Jump to new posts Anti-Gun Congresswoman Introduces Magazine Ban by hm1996 @ 10/20/17 10:17 PM

Quote: Anti-Gun Congresswoman Introduces Magazine Ban, Aims Slippery Slope at the Gun on Your Hip Friday, October 20, 2017 Anti-Gun Congresswoman Introduces Magazine Ban, Aims Slippery Slope at the Gun on Your Hip Support NRA-ILA Last wee
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Anyone shot any 6mm Lapua 77 gr Open points on coyotes by huntschool @ 10/20/17 02:28 PM

Just asking if anyone has used this bullet. Looks good on paper, I think. Will be shooting it out of a 6mm BR with a 1:12 twist. Thanks
Custom Calls
Jump to new posts DESERT IRONWOOD HOWLER by rareearth @ 10/20/17 10:18 AM

Up for sale is this SHE B!TCH HOWLER This Howler has a OAL of 7" with a deep CA finish. This Howler will reproduce all Coyote vocals,Male, Female, PUP howls,KI-YI's clear barks,and Estrus breeding vocals. This howler is also a good Turkey locato
Photo Hosting Gallery
Jump to new posts Flipper light by Switch @ 10/19/17 07:03 PM

170 mm light shroud
Photo Hosting Gallery
Jump to new posts Bobcat number 2 by Switch @ 10/19/17 06:20 PM

Another cat
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Jump to new posts Leica Demo Deals by gr8fuldoug @ 10/19/17 12:10 PM

We have some great Leica Demo Sports Optics opportunities.... We have a few demo Leica Riflescopes. They do not have the outer box, however, otherwise they are complete with bra cap, owners manual and Leica 10 year warranty. The
Reloading & Ammo
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Camera Land has some great deals on Kahles & Swarovski Demo Product As these are very limited quantities please call us, 516-217-1000, if you see something you are interested in. All items are optically and functionally 100%
Jump to new posts Any bowyers on this thread by Iamjuggernaut @ 10/17/17 07:35 PM

Just curious to see if anyone here has experience making bows. I've tried 2 and messed them both up

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