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Jump to new posts Re: At won't cycle by mulespurs @ 01/14/21 07:26 PM

Oil the action some and see what that does. Neighbor brought me a new ar that wouldn't run, oiled the bolt carrier and the gas rings thru the holes in the bolt, it runs now. Saw an article once and the guy oiled his ar with the cars dipstick, jus
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Cast 300 blackout bullets? by Hellgate @ 01/14/21 07:18 PM

The hardest well cast bullets I can think of are Lasercast bullets. https://oregontrailbullets.com/xcart/laser-cast#pageId=1 How well the RNFP might feed is unknown.
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Current best digital night vision by FarmDad @ 01/14/21 07:02 PM

thats pretty much it , the same allows pd shooters on private land to ignore the (iirc) official 3 prairie dog bag limit .
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Heads up 45 gr 20 cal by mbaysinger89 @ 01/14/21 06:14 PM

These little bullets have a small but strong following. Grafs has them available as of last night.
Calling In The East
Jump to new posts Re: Pa Blackie by Fur Taker @ 01/14/21 06:05 PM

Congrats, now that's something worth mounting.
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Looking for Red Fox Hunt by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:40 PM

Come over to Uk and hunt with the hounds I would love to have a hog hunt, do they eat good?
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Hunting partner in NW Wyoming by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:39 PM

Did you ever get a hunting buddy? I live UK England a come over couple of times a year hunting Coyote's but alas not last year we had C19 hunting us.....not got me yet
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Montana coyote hunt by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:37 PM

Is there minimum calibre for such a beast?
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Pennsylvania Red Fox or ? by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:35 PM

Fancy a guided tour of England for few days. See the places that no one else will see. Then do the UK tour Buck house, HP, Shakespeare's birth place etc I have hunted Coyote's in MT and WY on my own for last 9 years shot about 55 in total on my trips
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Florida Hunt. by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:29 PM

If you go East about 3000 miles I could get you Pheasant day and maybe a chance to hunt Red Fox with horse and h Hounds but you would have to know how to ride very well. I would love a chance a go at Hogs.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Video: Cage Trapped Grey Fox by huntn15 @ 01/14/21 05:28 PM

Love the videos - great family fun
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Night hunting coyotes around Reno, NV by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:27 PM

I know it's late post but what do you use? I have hunted Red Fox over here in England for twenty years or more but only with white light. I know run NV but since moving lost places to hunt, but will be ok after our lockdown finishes and we KILL C19.
Jump to new posts Re: Bergara bolt. Action rifles by Ernest49 @ 01/14/21 05:26 PM

The owners of the land are, for the most part, large German, Italian companies and it seems to me that there is also a small minority of Americans who have made investments in agricultural land in Romania.
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: looking for prairie dog hunt. by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:24 PM

I have hunted Pd's in Wy and MT best day was 450+dogs for just over 500 rounds
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Need Hunting Partner by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:22 PM

What would the laws be for an English guy to hunt over there? I have hunted Montana and Wyoming quite a bit..
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Black bear hunt for ??? by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:20 PM

Pheasant day in England and Fox hunt with hounds in Ireland if you can ride( and I do mean RIDE) well.
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Looking for a hunting partner SWLA by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:18 PM

What an offer shoot safe
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: A double +2 by Grigsby @ 01/14/21 05:18 PM

Hahaha he'll keep an eye out for you now! Hopefully you cross paths again.
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Coyote hunting in N.D. by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:17 PM

A Pheasant shoot in England for a chance at seeing more of the USA
Hunt Swap
Jump to new posts Re: Looking to hunt coyote in eastern Montana by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:15 PM

If you would take advice from a Limey ! I have hunted around Jordon MT for last 9 years traveling from England for three or four weeks holiday. There are vast areas of public land and the farmers are more than happy for me to hunt, I always ask. Gre
Predators Of The Deep
Jump to new posts Re: A few more white bass by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:09 PM

We live near sea and there are sometimes Sea bass caught a couple of miles out .
Predators Of The Deep
Jump to new posts Re: 2020 fall salmon fun by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:07 PM

Lovely looking fish. We are having Salmon this week but it is farmed not fresh.
Predators Of The Deep
Jump to new posts Re: what kind of fish is this by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 05:05 PM

Do they eat good?
The Church of The Painful Truth
Jump to new posts Re: Biden promises by vahunter @ 01/14/21 04:54 PM

The Constitution states that a tyranical government can be overthrown.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: A few missing and lots of coyotes by Eng Bob @ 01/14/21 04:50 PM

Only been up to Canada once. Shot few little ground squirrels and few black coloured birds. shot in USA for last 23 trips . Great sport over there. I love the way you have recorded your hunt with the photo...never would have thought of that great pla
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