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Jump to new posts Re: burned out barrel by willy1947 @ 10 minutes 42 seconds ago

I bought a rifle that the guy said was burned out. I cleaned the copper out of it and I still shoot it.
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Super yoter issues by Kirsch @ 26 minutes 2 seconds ago

You are correct, it would make sense it could be the mount/rail if it got banged around a lot, etc and moved. Just sitting for 15 minutes and shooting, seems kind of odd that it would have an impact. Let us know how it goes.
Jump to new posts Re: old man at the range by AdamT @ 39 minutes 57 seconds ago

You mean you canít shoot like that?
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Road to Nowhere-Super Yoter Style by DoubleUp @ 47 minutes 57 seconds ago

A gaping hole! Here is the same video for comparison sake shot from my hunting partner's Thermion XP50. In all honesty his focus isn't as sharp in this video as it normally is, but does give a better idea of the FOV difference between the Thermion
Hog Heaven
Originally Posted By: pyscodogI think "cashing in" is probably closer to the truth. I remember when a deer lease was $5 an acre. Not anymore. It's only going to get worse. As we speak, billionaires are buying up land like crazy, as it's a
Jump to new posts Re: where are the bolt action rifles?? by crapshoot @ 58 minutes 19 seconds ago

Jump to new posts Re: ONE BAD .20cal! by alf @ Today at 07:58 PM

Start with 6x47 Peterson brass will get you there faster & easier.....
Jump to new posts Re: Coyote Max. Range 22 Cal AR Cartridges by Jerryrigged @ Today at 07:50 PM

Longest at night so far with 223/ 69gr Nosler Cust Comp bullet, Armasight Nemesis has been about 200. Would not hesitate much going out to 300, based on my 200 yd groups & the crosshairs very clear on that scope. I have since switched to the Sier
Jump to new posts Re: Have another G2, 243 on the way by 204 AR @ Today at 06:59 PM

I was curious what the 58s would do. I had some data from 2 years ago with them and varget so I started there. I worked up to 44.8, Win brass, cci 200 primers, seated 2.61" which was just random as you can't touch the lands. Very small data set,
Jump to new posts Re: 22-250, 204 or something else? by pyscodog @ Today at 06:59 PM

He hasn't been back since his first couple of posts....so carry on. This is more interesting anyway.
Jump to new posts Re: Any Beretta Auto Guys on Here? by kooman @ Today at 06:45 PM

I donít believe those stocks will interchange, however there are stock adapters available for the 1301 to put magpul and other brand stocks onto it, I havenít seen one in person to know how they actually look but they are available.
The Church of The Painful Truth
Well, for some reason, its getting harder to find reports of the never ending flow of illegals across the southern border, but a bit of searching uncovered the following article. The incursion continues with hundreds of adult single migrants being
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Lucky Duck Rebel Hand Controller by duck @ Today at 06:16 PM

Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Two blocks off Main Street by 204 AR @ Today at 05:16 PM

Don't you just hate that feeling of helplessness? I feel for ya. Silenced 22, subsonic hollow point to the cranium. Naw, I couldn't even risk that in town lol. Sucks being in a populated area.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Foxpro - battery pack vs disposables by jcs271 @ Today at 04:58 PM

I have used the same set of rechargeable Sanyo Eneloop AA's in mine for YEARS. I just leave them in the Scorpion and plug it in at home. I can also use the $20 cig. lighter plug in inverter in my truck if I just want to keep it topped off. Never hav
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: bullet sale by K22 @ Today at 04:03 PM

Originally Posted By: alfAnyone notice the 100 count boxes were cheaper at $9.XX a box VS the 1K box per bullet. Today they increased the 100ct box price to $11.02 per box. Thanks Larry....... Ya, that was real special of them to do that. I did o
Lions, Bears & Houndsmen
Jump to new posts Re: Cougar Calling this year by rainshadow1 @ Today at 03:40 PM

Just posted A32, and O35 http://www.rain-shadow.com/cougar-callin-stories.html
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Trimming cases...... by Plant.One @ Today at 03:19 PM

as noted further up in the thread... if you crimp.. having a consistent case length is going to be critical to getting a consistent crimp on said loads. so while there's validity to the fact that many cases can probably do without it, there are spec
Jump to new posts Re: Best 22 cal bullet for saving hides by Tim Neitzke @ Today at 02:30 PM

Originally Posted By: CoyotejunkiOriginally Posted By: Tim NeitzkeOn a more serious note... My 17-204 with a 30gr Berger works very well for frontal and broadside shots. Running straight away,not nearly as good,but they don't get away. I love
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: I feel dumb, anybody else do it? by Flesher @ Today at 02:12 PM

It's like walking to your bow stand and then realize you forgot the quiver, or release. Been there done that:)
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Brass deformities by Plant.One @ Today at 02:11 PM

Originally Posted By: pyscodogIts amazing how long a can of it lasts. I like the larger size can and it last a long time. I may regret saying anything but can't say I've stuck a case using it, at least not lately anyway. It works good for a release a
Jump to new posts Re: Have to use forward assist by Plant.One @ Today at 01:56 PM

Originally Posted By: PowerfisherThanks again for the replies. I have two magpul magazines and the issue happens with both of them. I also tried a metal magazine that I borrowed from a friend and it did not solve the problem. I am going to spend the
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Progressive press by Plant.One @ Today at 01:46 PM

ive been loading pistol and rifle ammo on my hornady LNL AP since 2015. im very pleased with the quality and speed at which i can produce ammo on it. do splurge a bit for the case feeder , you wont regret it
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: .20 NBT by spotstalkshoot @ Today at 01:21 PM

I also went back to the Berger 35 for my prac. I'm shooting the practical with night vision. I still like the BIB 40 best out of my 204R.
Jump to new posts Re: Tigger help by baitpile @ Today at 11:42 AM

I have both in the curved shoe. I like them both, but kind of partial to the wider shoe on the Timney. As far as performance, in a hunting rifle, I like them both for the money. Huge improvement over Remington factory for sure, either way you go.
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