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Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Decent couple of weekends! by zr600 @ 32 seconds ago

What were you shooting then with?
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Annealing brass with lead by Squeeze @ 4 minutes 1 second ago

I have all of the lead casting tools to do the "lead annealing" method, but I think I will stick with this: http://bench-source.com/id81.html No water, no oil, the case slowly spins in two flames, and I don't have to add to my lead fume ac
Jump to new posts Re: SOS - AR 15 now "double tapping"!? by spotstalkshoot @ 26 minutes 45 seconds ago

I am pretty sure if you send it in to Mossberg in a modified configuration(trigger replacement), it will be returned with a factory trigger. The trigger disconnect must catch the hammer as the bolt travels backwards after each firing(dry or live roun
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Good range bag? by cmatera @ 29 minutes 46 seconds ago

Picked up a Bulldog at Sptsmans Whse that's decent
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: VA Red Fox, First kill with the Flir PTS233 by Galen @ 35 minutes 42 seconds ago

Congrats on the Red Fox man! How far was the shot when you took him??
Custom Calls For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: Couple bigger Howlers. by jcs271 @ 38 minutes 24 seconds ago

Those look great. Price?
Jump to new posts Re: Savage Pillar and Devcon Bedding by Tracker0721 @ 41 minutes 16 seconds ago

Homemade for me. 1/2” stick of aluminum that’s 3’ long is only a few bucks at Home Depot. Drill em out, if you’ve got a lathe you can thread it or just make a bunch of cuts with a parting tool or something. No lathe just use a triangle file and make
Jump to new posts Re: Savage 116 by Tracker0721 @ 46 minutes 20 seconds ago

Check ebay. I even found a company making bottom metal for ruger Americans in Boyd’s stocks.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: 0nce In A Blue M00N by why @ Today at 08:12 AM

You are really putting a hurting on the coyote in your area, I am surprised there are any left. You gotta love a target rich environment. Enjoyed reading.
Calling In The East
Jump to new posts Re: Doubled up (Ohio) by Galen @ Today at 08:09 AM

Thanks guys, And i'm just starting with a Female Lone howl then going into a group howl i dont know that I have one certain howl ect that I notice more success with then thee others but I kill most of mine off of howling!
Hunting Suppressed
Jump to new posts Re: Lesson Learned by pyscodog @ Today at 08:01 AM

Originally Posted By: Walking ManOriginally Posted By: pyscodogIt sucks when USPS looses your stuff then you have to pay them to look for it. Been there, done that. How is it the USPS's fault that ATF lost the packet? It sounded to me like the PO
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: What a man won't do for a woman! by Cookie125 @ Today at 07:44 AM

Very cool evening congrats
Predator Hunting
Stewart brothers, Geoff nemnich/ Dustin Patterson, Craig Sandy/ chip, Us and then rusty gamble and his partner. Not many teams from az, seems like majority of the teams were out of state guys.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: A few more coyote pics by 6mm06 @ Today at 07:29 AM

Professional all the way!
Hog Heaven
Jump to new posts Re: Hog Hunt Last Night by RogerR @ Today at 07:16 AM

I have watched all your videos and enjoy them very much, keep posting we don’t have hogs around here where I live; thinking about taking a trip just to try hog hunting somewhere
Jump to new posts Re: Holster? by GC @ Today at 06:10 AM

There are several outfits that make chest rigs. As I noted Diamond D Leather, Gunfighters Inc, El Paso Saddlery and Man Gear Alaska all offer good designs in that genre. And that genre holster has much to offer.
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Sunday Night Solo by Pa. Mick @ Today at 01:01 AM

Another good night out !
Jump to new posts Re: Ruger precision rimfire..... by pyscodog @ Today at 12:15 AM

Mine liked CCI Standard. It shot little groups at 50yds.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Baiting by 6mm06 @ Today at 12:00 AM

Originally Posted By: Softpoint6mm, I took the Pulsar Apex out twice now. The first time I couldn't ID the coyote 100% so I let him go. Last night I called one in and missed due to a comedy of errors. The coyote all but died for me! LOL I know this
Jump to new posts Re: Is the 17 WSM here to stay? by B23 @ Yesterday at 11:41 PM

Originally Posted By: pahntr760Originally Posted By: B23Originally Posted By: TripleDeuce660I bet if we renamed it 17LRP or 17Creed the things would fly off the shelf and take over the shooting world... That's actually pretty funny, good one! I sti
Lions, Bears & Houndsmen
Jump to new posts Re: Decent lion on trail cam by viper @ Yesterday at 10:50 PM

Good Luck!!
Big Game Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: 6.5 CM for Elk? by jcs271 @ Yesterday at 10:47 PM

Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Hornady ELD match ammo for coyotes??? by Galen @ Yesterday at 10:46 PM

Just another update for anyone that was curious about this round out the .223 I made another stand tonight and had two shots at approx. 110-120 yards and both of these dogs were DRT with what i'd call minimum fur damage.. Mabey in between a Golf ball
Jump to new posts Re: What muzzleloader are you shooting?? by viper @ Yesterday at 10:45 PM

T/C pro hunter
Jump to new posts Re: Couple AR issues, 2 differet weapons by kwg020 @ Yesterday at 10:38 PM

Originally Posted By: Bowhntr6ptSome oil left over in the wrong place and cold weather... could just be gummed up just enough to slow down the firing pin... clean out the carrier. Oil on Timney triggers and like designs will cause doubles and triple
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