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Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Anyone ever call in a badger? by parson @ 10 minutes 30 seconds ago

Never tried calling them but have had a few show up when shooting prarie dogs, the noise of the shots are like a dinner bell. Have had coyotes do the same. Most are smart enough to stay away till we are gone, have seen them sneaking in as we are on t
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Super Hogster/wraith hd 2x/coyote cannon by DoubleUp @ 21 minutes 50 seconds ago

NV makes ID easier, but limits follow up shots for multiplies or if one misses on the first shot plus digital NV needs IR lighting which reflects off every tree, bush, cornstalk that is between you and the coyote. On calm nights it also has a few se
Big Game Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: A girl and her pronghorn by Terry Lightle @ 26 minutes 43 seconds ago

The way it is supposed to be
Big Game Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Still getting it done at 72 by Terry Lightle @ 28 minutes 36 seconds ago

Way to go!
Big Game Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Midwest report! by Terry Lightle @ 29 minutes 38 seconds ago

Deer sightings exploded yesterday,from about 1:15 till 2:00 yesterday afternoon it sounded like a war in every direction,everybody seeing deer but me.Then about 4:30 deer were everywhere around me.Shot a big doe at about 125 then a few minutes later
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Superformance or CFE and 6creed coyote loads. by reaper4 @ 53 minutes 13 seconds ago

Just wondering if anyone here has used superformance or cfe with 70 grain loads in the 6mm creed? Canít find any varget anywhere and have a lead on superformance. Not much data out there. Any info would be appreciated. Iím looking to push a 70 hard o
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Red Light with Red Dot Sight? by Juniper @ Today at 02:22 AM

Might seem like a dumb question but I've never hunted with a light before. So how well does it work to use a red light with a red dot sight? I'm pretty sure my dot would be brighter than anything reflecting back from a distance, but not sure if the
The Church of The Painful Truth
Jump to new posts Re: covid #"s by Tnslim @ Today at 01:14 AM

China should be one giant smoking crater.
Jump to new posts Re: Scope for CZ American 527 by Z @ Today at 12:10 AM

James Calhoon makes a modified bolt that should clear your eyepiece.
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Varmint Rifle Bipod? by Tgunz64 @ Yesterday at 11:19 PM

Bog Pod adrenaline works well but can be a bit bulky sometimes. Harris is a good option.
Jump to new posts Re: Loving my CZ 527 in .204 Ruger by coloradokid204 @ Yesterday at 10:58 PM

Love my CZ 527 in .204! It's shot everything well from the 32's to the 40's. I've got a a great load dialed in now using the Berger 35's. Really happy with the accuracy and the fur friendliness of it.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts First time out was a success by YoteslayerWA @ Yesterday at 10:14 PM

I made it out last weekend for the first time of the season. Had to wait for all the deer and elk hunters to finish their season. I got the day started early and was surprised upon reaching my favorite hunting spots. They were all burned to a crisp
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Soft point bullets and AR's by spotstalkshoot @ Yesterday at 10:08 PM

If you hand feed a couple of 5 round groups you will have data to compare how well your loads tolerate mag feeding. Otherwise fliers can indicate more load tuning or shooting technique issues. Starting with bullets that jump well and proper powder bu
Hunting Suppressed
Jump to new posts Re: Traveling to Mexico with a can ? by fitz @ Yesterday at 09:58 PM

Your outfitter can best advise you, but to me taking a can, even if legal, to a third world country ripe with corruption is just not something I would do. You can easily replace a rifle. Not so much with a can. Just my 2 cents.
Jump to new posts Re: Should I buy a refurbished 2.5x10 Monarch or NIB pro staff 7? by Dultimatpredator @ Yesterday at 09:28 PM

My new pro staff 7 and refurbished Monarch showed up today from Natchez shooters supply. I bought one of both. The refurbished Monarch looks brand spanking new and has the factory lens caps to boot! Extremely happy with the looks and clarity of both
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: FOXPRO vs LUCKY DUCK by buckshooter2 @ Yesterday at 09:17 PM

Okay, thanks for replying. That makes me want to get a fusion.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Hawk V Coyote by KjBeachy @ Yesterday at 08:54 PM

Today I saw something cool. Was out shelling corn. Just finished one field, jumped across the ditch and into another field. About five minutes later I see a coyote and hawk fighting over something in the field I just finished. This wasn't a normal sm
Jump to new posts Re: DPMS hunter Gen II 243 review by Mike B @ Yesterday at 08:44 PM

I wouldnt go crying in my beer too much just yet on DPMS being sold out of bankruptcy. Palmetto State Armory bought them. That gives PSA another legit AR-15 brand, drawings, patents, etc., and the most popular AR-10 format on Earth, and all the GII s
The Church of The Painful Truth
Calling In The East
Jump to new posts Re: Double with my buddy by SVB @ Yesterday at 08:07 PM

Real Nice Dog Coyotes Andrew WTG----Great Pic of Yotes and Hunters---Thanks for sharing also
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Barking fox kill with thermal by Zback @ Yesterday at 07:08 PM

I called this fox in with my fox pro fusion. If you pay close attention you can see him barking. I shot him with my Wilson Combat AR 6.8 If you like the vid, subscribe to my youtube channel for more. Also follow me on my instagram page: night_moves_i
Night Calling
That's gettin' it done Sir! Nicely done
The Church of The Painful Truth
Jump to new posts Re: House of Cards by suprsongdgslyr @ Yesterday at 06:37 PM

There's NO voter fraud , mr. bonespurs LOST,,Now you should all pitch a couple hundred bucks into the kitty to pay the lawyers,, sure rudy is worth 20 grand a day . there should be more laws for taking money from the mentally challenged. he'll pocket
Jump to new posts Re: Savage 110 243 stock by NChunter89 @ Yesterday at 06:01 PM

I appreciate the replies. I checked out both of the stocks and I like the looks of the MDT the best. They are running a Black Friday sale right now but the website says to allow 12 weeks for shipping.
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: 450 bushmaster reload by Rich44 @ Yesterday at 03:44 PM

Are you loading for AR15 or bolt action/single shot This is from my bolt gun at 100 yards 41gr lilgun and a barnes 200gr 460 XPB its running about 2640fps from my 22" 20 twist barrel
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