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Hunting Suppressed
Jump to new posts Re: Who's been checked by authorities while packing a can? by wklman @ 4 minutes 10 seconds ago

Like a lot of you guys here the l.e.o.'s I've ran into are more interested in the can then they are in checking my paperwork. Most agree that the tax stamp is stupid for suppressors and want to see it lifted so they can use them more easily themselve
Didn't know a darn thing about AR's. Started googleing & watching you tubes, now I've built over a dozen. My first two, I took my Ipad to my workbench & every time I needed to ask someone a question, I googled it. I had zero other help. For m
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Just some pictures by Infidel 762 @ 32 minutes 58 seconds ago

Jeff, You better hold on to it while you can... my daughter turns 16 in August, in the last year her priorities have shifted away from hunting.. as of now, congrats
Jump to new posts Re: 22mag, 222 or 22 Hornet? by Texas Swifty @ 51 minutes 48 seconds ago

222. I know it wasn't the question, but at that yardage, why did you pass over the 17hmr with a 20 grain Gamepoint or XTP bullet. Jim D
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Predator Hunting: SUPPRESSED® "NITEMARE" by Brad Baranouskas @ Yesterday at 11:48 PM

Best thermal video I've ever seen, I think I've watched it 10 times already.
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Winchester brass by pyscodog @ Yesterday at 11:32 PM

Another fine example of QC going down the crapper.
Jump to new posts Re: Which pattern would you rather have? by Rustydust @ Yesterday at 11:26 PM

Originally Posted By: DAA T The way I'm looking at it right now, pattern #1 is only a 10" circle of death. Pattern #2 is a 20" circle of death. - DAA You know, that makes perfect sense to me. Sure does. But I have killed exactly the
This is just my thoughts. Shop carefully. Consider your first one just a practice run. Anderson stripped upper and lower $70 bucks right now. One of the local dealers here had anderson LPKs with the stainless trigger & hammer for $38 out the door
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: looking for someone to reload by Rustydust @ Yesterday at 11:21 PM

Ah man! If you lived near me we could load some together. I've been loading for that honey of a caliber for over 40 years. There will never not be a .220 Swift in my safe. Not as long as I'm alive anyway.
Big Game Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Waterbuck of a lifetime by xphunter @ Yesterday at 11:16 PM

South Africa. I walked over 14 miles the past two days and the majority of my hunting has been spot and stalk with some still hunting. No canned hunts or hop out of the truck and shoot here
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: .:That Place 0n T0p:. by weekender @ Yesterday at 10:54 PM

First class, just like always.
Redneck Kitchen
Jump to new posts Re: Thawing things for Thursday.... by fw707 @ Yesterday at 10:42 PM

Originally Posted By: crapshootThat's some mighty fine looking butt you got there. It's not like me to check out another man's butt but I'm sure you'll understand considering you were checking out my butt this past weekend. I think we will be fine,
Custom Calls
Jump to new posts Re: "Mulberry" Montana Howler... by HuntnCarve @ Yesterday at 10:35 PM

You got it Kent! Thank you! Dave
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: State's with coyote bounties by g Bo @ Yesterday at 10:35 PM

And ALOT of people with no ethics make up GPS cordinates in Utah and turn the ones in they kill in other states for the bounty, SAD!
Jump to new posts Re: Irish Talking Clock by fw707 @ Yesterday at 10:26 PM

My neighbor had one of those. It worked every time!!
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: 2017 Ground hog kills. How many so far??? by 6mm06 @ Yesterday at 10:22 PM

Well, that's pretty good accuracy Wahoo. I don't waste ammo either these days and lots of times I got for 2-shot groups or 3-shot. I figure if a rifle will consistently place two shots near each other then that's good enough. Blowing more bullets
Redneck Kitchen
Jump to new posts Re: Meat loaf for the church dinner!! by fw707 @ Yesterday at 08:57 PM

Well it sure looks like it turned out great!!
Jump to new posts Re: Remington Model 7 accuracy by Tim Neitzke @ Yesterday at 08:35 PM

Originally Posted By: fw707Originally Posted By: Tim NeitzkeOriginally Posted By: GCHave you checked the crown? Gary, Crown has never made me shoot better, but I helps after a day at the range. You need to cut back a little on the Coke?
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Which 3 rifles for Montana pdog shoot. by Wyoming Winchester @ Yesterday at 08:20 PM

#1 #3 #5 I had a17Rem. It was an az kicker
Jump to new posts Re: Free float hand guard by Varminterror @ Yesterday at 07:48 PM

I'm assuming the gunshop near you charges $200 plus parts? Or what handguard and gas block are they installing? Pulling a gas block then installing a new handguard isn't a big job, half hour or less really unless the original barrel nut is totally st
The Church of The Painful Truth
Jump to new posts Re: USS Fitzgerald by Rock Knocker @ Yesterday at 07:15 PM

Jump to new posts Re: convert 22 nosler to 22 beast? by BleedsBlue @ Yesterday at 06:51 PM

Originally Posted By: tonyjabHave you tried chamfer the flash hole and using cci 450 small mag primers.this cartridge is overbore capacity .had same problems with a 22 dasher.everyone I know that shoot 6mm dasher 22dasher 22br 22norma br 22 ppc all
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Flurry of bear attacks by tripod3 @ Yesterday at 06:19 PM

I've been hearing about these attacks. They tend to happen in states with the most bears. A little warning for me as I have gotten a number of large bear photos from my wheelchair completely by chance. Sure hope someone with me can run.
Jump to new posts Re: New Member & Two 12FV's by deathwind II @ Yesterday at 06:17 PM

Just got myself one of those FVs; in .22-250 (already have three .204s) and it looks to be a shooter. Plan on going with the same B&C stock. Do you feel much increase in the perceived weight of that (already) heavy rifle? Thanks.
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Flippin' Flickertails by nd_rice @ Yesterday at 06:04 PM

Okay now you should be able to easily see the pics. You've got to remember I'm Norwegian (slow & stubborn) so it took me awhile to figure out this picture posting thing.
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