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Big Game Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: AZ Cow Elk Down by tripod3 @ 33 minutes 55 seconds ago

Looks like she will have a decent hanging weight.
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: .222 Remington Load Info by EMP3 @ 58 minutes 38 seconds ago

Hi AWS, I use loading manuals for only reference. I like Ken Water's "Pet Loads" much better. The only problem with "Pet Loads" is it's dated. I start with known accurate powder. I'll begin a few grains below max & examine
Jump to new posts Re: Actions by EMP3 @ Today at 01:31 AM

Originally Posted By: pyscodogOriginally Posted By: B23Other than just wanting a build to have a custom action, and there's nothing wrong with that, what is it you think a custom action build will offer over a semi custom build? Probably nothing. I
Jump to new posts Re: Saure 100 .222 Rem by EMP3 @ Today at 01:14 AM

Hi RePete, I done bought it! They're plumb sold out of 'em now. Batter yet, I gotta great deal on her. She'e en route to my FFL now. I know she's got sisters, but they're hard to find. Must be a right popular gun & cartridge! There's a darn go
Custom Calls For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: PRIVATE STOCK COLLECTION by rareearth @ Today at 12:56 AM

Call has been sold
Custom Calls For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: Maple closed reed by rareearth @ Today at 12:55 AM

Great to see you back Brian cool call
Custom Calls For Sale
Jump to new posts PRIVATE STOCK COLLECTION by rareearth @ Today at 12:49 AM

Up for sale I have two Desert Ironwood Magnums. These can be voiced the way you like. cotton-tail or jack $55 ea. DSCN5957 by Bob Patrick, on Flickr
Jump to new posts Re: 6mmDTI Build Advice by sawacs @ Today at 12:25 AM

Originally Posted By: DiRTY DOGPrimers are cheap, just pop 'em out and use your own. Besides are those primers the same ones you're using to work up your loads? Prob not...7 Great point! Here is another question for you guys. Have any of you use
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Tri-pod recommendations by Sledge @ Today at 12:16 AM

Just an FYI. A direct mount will always be more stable than a vice like mount that squeezes the side's of the stock. Whether or not you need that added stability is up to you and your situation. Just my opinion. DoubleUp and I must have been typeing
Predator Hunting
Old thread but good one I come back later that day or another day if alone. If I'm with a friend sometimes one guy can get out quick and hide and the other can drive off. After 10 minutes or so the guy that stayed can sometimes call the bumped coy
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: No Success Lately........... by mcseal2 @ Yesterday at 11:17 PM

Called 2 this week, got one and educated one. Got another today that was a target of opportunity from my driveway. The one I missed slipped in from a bad direction and I was looking right into the sun. I could see his head above the grass and held
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Shot placement by mcseal2 @ Yesterday at 11:09 PM

At that range 4. I zero my rifles for a max rise of 2.8" at mid range and hold a bit low like that unless I'm sure the coyote is past 200 yards, then I hold 5. With the 204 and a 40gr V max at 3900 I'll deliberately slip the bullet back maybe
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Bullet performance by mcseal2 @ Yesterday at 11:03 PM

That 45gr Hornady from the 204 doesn't do great in the wind, but it has sure stomped a lot of coyotes for me. I have taken some pretty bad angles and broke some bones along the way too. My bolt gun loves that load and the 40gr V max at 3900fps in t
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: backpack for hunting by mcseal2 @ Yesterday at 10:51 PM

That X1A3 is what I used for a while and it works well. My giant FoxPro Prairie Blaster 3 takes up the whole bag though so I switched to a Team Elk that has room for a puffy jacket and my Mojo Critter decoy. The optics pockets on the outside fit my
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: ND Albino Prairie Dog Mount by BeaverKiller @ Yesterday at 10:47 PM

That mount is awesome!
Electronic Calls
Jump to new posts Re: Easy way to carry the Krakatoa by No Off Season @ Yesterday at 10:11 PM

I carry it in my turkey hunting vest. I leave one of the clips undone so it's easier to get out and place back in.
Hand Calls
Jump to new posts walrus tusk by BMeyer @ Yesterday at 09:53 PM

Thought I would share a pic of a call I did earlier this year for a great customer. He sent me a great piece of walrus ivory with a simple request for a lion track. The end was broken off, so I decided to use what I was given and carve a mountain r
Jump to new posts Re: Things you see and make you wonder..... by biggen0_8 @ Yesterday at 09:47 PM

Originally Posted By: riverhunter55There must have been a sale on spotting scopes somewhere because around here i have seen 3 different people at the 50 yd and 25yd ranges with massive scopes on AR's and spotting scopes trying to get them on paper.
Custom Calls For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: PRIVET STOCK COLLECTION by SVB @ Yesterday at 09:43 PM

HEY BOB Got the HSB today --Really like it-- svb
Jump to new posts Damascus Bird Knife? by Ohiochuck @ Yesterday at 09:36 PM

Looking for a damascus folding bird knife similar to the Buck bird knife with a folding blade and a folding gut hook. Suggestions please? Thanks! Jim
Custom Calls For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: PRIVATE STOCK COLLECTION by BMeyer @ Yesterday at 09:31 PM

Great striping, some really nice ironwood! Brian
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Fixed or Variable Scope for hunting by bamacrowkiller @ Yesterday at 09:23 PM

The variable scopes of these days are good scopes. Hardly any issues with poi with a good one.Thats exactly why I use a 6x ziess fixed. O well.
Hunting Suppressed
Jump to new posts Re: SAS Claymore, anybody running one? by ExCavTanker @ Yesterday at 09:04 PM

Originally Posted By: Huckleberry75Threaded by a smith. He was informed of the concern and he refunded my money on the spot. Fast forward to today. Took the 223ai out with the Claymore and tested some loads. Long story short, 223ai is pushing the 8
Jump to new posts Re: First Peek at the 22-NXS!! by GLShooter @ Yesterday at 09:04 PM

Not wringing it out yet but my guess is 125-150 or so. CFE is the only thing that's been shot. Ritch sent me some pics from the other day and the primers are picture perfect. Greg
Hunting Suppressed
Jump to new posts Re: Gemtech tracker? by ExCavTanker @ Yesterday at 08:55 PM

I would highly recommend looking at the SiCo Harvester, it's an awesome hunting can and has direct thread inserts for multiple thread pitches. You can also use the Hellfire mounts from Area 419 for a taper mount solution. My rifles remain sub moa wit
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