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Custom Calls For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: ** MAPLE BUNNY BOMB ** by badtothebone @ 3 minutes 33 seconds ago

Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: 222/223 Fur friendly bullet 40-45 Gr. by Coyote#1 @ 20 minutes 18 seconds ago

The hornet bullets you mentioned are to soft at 222 or 223 velocity to be relied upon for a less than perfect shot. I like the 45gr Sierra spitz Varminter for my 223. You can go to Sierra website & read there recommendations.
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: .223 or .204 for ground squirrels? by TheGDog @ 21 minutes 58 seconds ago

Personally I've been having GREAT FUN "Poppin' Squeeks" and makin' Rabbits do blackflips with .17 HMR using Hornady NTX 15.5gr (and also the CCI Green TNT's 17gr) Way more accurate then I am. Farthest shot on Ground Squirrel so far was 92
The Church of The Painful Truth
Jump to new posts Re: illegals can now get a drivers liscence in new york by ny hunter @ 25 minutes 34 seconds ago

plenty of them already driving around here. Still don't understand how this Dicktator keeps getting in.I don't know anyone that agrees with anything he does.
Varmint Hunting
5-25-2019... 8am on the D-O-T Found our heroes TheGDog and TrapLine clinging to some of the only shade available this AM as the temperature was making it's way towards the forecast 90 F for the Salton Sea. This was essentially the first set of the d
Jump to new posts Re: More Beanland Goodness, 6BRA for the Mrs. by CZ527 @ Today at 04:16 PM

Originally Posted By: emptymagMan that rifle really does it for me! What optic you have on it?, Nightforce atacr judging from the notes? Forming with lapua brass? Lapua brass. Generally there is a Swarovski Z8i on there, but itís on its way to Au
Hog Heaven
Jump to new posts Re: 1st trip to Texas by MISportsman @ Today at 02:07 PM

a ballistic tip would be tough enough?
Sponsor's Specials, Updates & Announcements
Meopta MeoPro 4.5-14x44 HTR - ZPlex #598960, Riflescope with Target Turrets, on sale for only $469.99, reduced from $749.95 Dominate on the Hunt and at the Range The HTR (Hunt / Tactical / Range) riflescopes deliver superior brightness, precisio
Predator Hunting
I have said way too much already here. Far exceeded my quota. And my words are apparently not being understood anyway. It's not like I'm passionate about this subject either. I just found the problem interesting. The problem being, how would I g
Jump to new posts Re: McGowen Precision Barrels by Matlock @ Today at 12:54 PM

You aren't the first to recommend a Shaw. In fact, Rustydust shoots Shaw barrels and speaks highly of them. At this point, I've not made my mind up on where I'm going with this next project. My 20 Practical is an X-Caliber pre-fit, I've been more tha
Jump to new posts Re: Green Mountain 10-22 barrel problems: by Plant.One @ Today at 12:43 PM

Originally Posted By: TripleDeuce660Call GM don't do anything till that. It probably has a warranty. Most all aftermarket barrels have the bentz chamber and work fine. so much this. why does everyone go to "fix it yourself" when someone
Jump to new posts Re: key holes by ackleyman @ Today at 11:03 AM

Lots of guys order barrel twist rates according to the bullets they like to shoot. A 14T is going to have a lot less pressure than a 9T, more speed is the result. A 25/06 with a 14T will shoot the 85g Speer flat base at some unbelievable speeds, 36
Jump to new posts Re: Custom rifle taking too long by yotehunter243 @ Today at 10:34 AM

Are they 22-250s?
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Lyman Case Prep Xpress by pyscodog @ Today at 10:27 AM

I bought the trim tools for 220 Swift and 223 and the adapter to use on the Xpress. The 220 Swift works good on the machine but I found the 223 trimmer is much faster using a drill then finishing up on the Xpress. Its much faster and easier trimming
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Calling coyotes in the spring/summer by Brendan43 @ Today at 09:47 AM

In addition to the type of call ( pup distress during denning season etc..), you should also account for movement. If you called coyotes in late fall or winter in one area, that doesnít mean theyíre denning there. A lot of times there isnít anything
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Thermal/LRF laws by NUT_dogger @ Today at 09:12 AM

If he is the one "interpreting" the law then yes it is actually up to the sheriff if you end up in handcuffs and charged with a crime or not.
Jump to new posts Re: Help me out with a 6 creed build. by BrianID @ Today at 06:07 AM

I built a 6mm creedmoor a few months ago and I'm very happy with it. However, if you are looking for a night hunting gun and not likely to shoot past 100 yards, I would think a 6.5 Grendale or 308 win may be better options.
The reason I ask about the cost? https://shopkahrfirearmsgroup.com/22lr-1...for-10-22-22lr/
Jump to new posts Re: Night Force SHV by pyscodog @ Today at 12:29 AM

Thanks Tim.
Big Game Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: New Day-pack by Wyoming Winchester @ Yesterday at 11:08 PM

I have an EBERLESTOCK X2, They made good packs but are heavy compared to some other brands. Seams to work for a day or two pack. https://eberlestock.com/collections/packs/products/x2-pack
Second Amendment Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Any Interest in NRA ILA Legislative Alerts? by hm1996 @ Yesterday at 09:55 PM

To read entire story, cut and paste the headline (large font) in your browser. ________________________________________ DAILY ALERT FOR Monday, June 17, 2019 ________________________________________ GUNS.COM Congressional Dems Push to Require a L
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: South Dakota Prairie dog? by muskrat30 @ Yesterday at 09:39 PM

Itís a bit of a trade off, the best fixed benches compared to traveling lighter. I just canít see staying in just a few spots for long. Today I counted 9 pups on one mound. I counted before opening fire. They are smaller but not all that smart.
Hand Calls
Jump to new posts Re: 3D printed call by Honda Rider @ Yesterday at 09:22 PM

Originally Posted By: marcus_robinsonDid you put a reed on it and try it out? Oh ya it works. I may use it later this season.
Jump to new posts Re: Cheap Chinese scopes by gr8fuldoug @ Yesterday at 07:33 PM

Originally Posted By: pyscodogAthlon's warranty is supposed to be "No questions asked". Repair or replace. Yes it is
Custom Calls For Sale
Jump to new posts MADRONE BURL by rareearth @ Yesterday at 05:26 PM

Here's one of my Magnums in a Curly Mardone Call can be voiced Rabbit, or Bird $33 DSCN6676 by Bob Patrick, on Flickr DSCN6677 by Bob Patrick, on Flickr
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