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Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: 40 gr Bullets in short barreled 22-250 by jetman @ 11 minutes 58 seconds ago

My 22/250 is longer but what I find is: All the Barnes will work very well but you have to leave them off the riflings as prescribed by Barnes. Push them as fast as you can for best performance. My rifle is a TC preditor and a 1x14 I find the 40's wa
Big Game Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Tag soup, anyone ? by jetman @ 21 minutes 27 seconds ago

Deer Elk, antelope , and wolf. The only one left is the wolf tag but it's good till March. Been a good year, very tough hunting with all the crappy snow so early this year.
Jump to new posts Re: RePete has passed..... by Mike B @ 26 minutes 9 seconds ago

I also enjoyed his directness. RIP Charlie.
The Great White North
Jump to new posts Re: Electric Soaks by Snowshoes @ 30 minutes 10 seconds ago

I've never tried heated socks but I do have a set of Windriver heated boots ( which also comes in a ladies version).. I just recently purchased them so my experience is very limited.. They have 3 heat settings and of course battery life will depend
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: How to start calling at night? newb needs guidance! by varminter .223 @ 31 minutes 55 seconds ago

I would not waste my money on the leupold tracker. I would keep saving until I could afford something that worked well. Not trying to discourage you just trying to reinforce how important the thermal is and that must be quality enough to be worthwhi
Jump to new posts Re: 8 twist and light bullets by 70sdiver @ 35 minutes 53 seconds ago

I’m shooting 40 grain Nosler ballistic tips 5 shot groups 1/2” all day out of my stag arms predator rifle.
Jump to new posts Re: Windham Snow Camo Vex Unboxing Review by 70sdiver @ 42 minutes 23 seconds ago

Jump to new posts Re: You Gotta be S#ittin' Me! by redhaze @ Today at 06:27 AM

Laugh out loud funny.
Beni, please check your PM. Thanks
Electronic Calls
Jump to new posts Re: Lucky Duck Revolt vs Foxpro Fusion Review by tripod3 @ Today at 04:28 AM

Done well enough that I actually wanted to watch all of it.
The Great White North
Jump to new posts Re: Dialing in my cold weather gear by tripod3 @ Today at 01:52 AM

Cabelas heavy silk base layer is smooth and bind free+++ cannot say enough about this choice. Then merino wool over by weight to correspond with temps, lightweight-smartwool, medium weight-filson or first lite, heavy weight-first lite. Then pendleton
Jump to new posts Re: AR15 350 legend not feeding hunting ammo. Help by NDAR15MAN @ Today at 01:28 AM

Will I let my maintenace man take my AR 350 legend home last night. He has built a lot of AR rifles and Has a FFL lic. Said he will shoot it a few times take some pictures see how it reacts without any pre bias from me. Ha ha ha. then take it all
Bird Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Question about shotguns by Don Fischer @ Today at 12:41 AM

Originally Posted By: ironworkerThe New Benelli Super Black eagle is going for $2800 bucks at Sportsmens warehouse and the Beretta A400 Xplor is going for $1700 . What can the Benelli do that the Beretta can't ? That's easy. The Benelli will make
Predator Biology
Jump to new posts Re: Just how lazy are coyotes? by jerry malbeck @ Today at 12:11 AM

one of my favorite sets is to place the called slightly up hill and I sit down low.Its alot easier to see a Coyote coming down off of a hill or when its traveling across a hill side then it is to see it on the same level of ground you are on. I alway
Hand Calls
Jump to new posts Re: walrus tusk by Slagiatt @ Today at 12:03 AM

Just wanted to bump this thread with a success pic. Great call. Art meets function.
Hand Calls
Jump to new posts Re: How much is a Weems Dualtone worth.... by jerry malbeck @ Today at 12:02 AM

WOW, that's a old post,Some of the greats exchanging Verbiage,I miss these guys.
Lions, Bears & Houndsmen
Jump to new posts Re: illuminated reticle for bear by Treerat-sniper @ Yesterday at 11:55 PM

I have a VXR hog scope, the illuminated recticle is pretty sweet. I would buy another in a heartbeat.
Jump to new posts Re: Sako A7 Coyote by mserman @ Yesterday at 11:47 PM

If this is the same semi-custom version that Cabela's was selling a few years go I have it in 22-250. This is my favorite bolt action rifle. It has excellent craftsmanship and is very accurate. It's a little on the heavy side but that's never been
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Favorite IR light by why @ Yesterday at 11:31 PM

I use a T20 from Amazon and have killed fox @ 240 yds, it is on a Wraith . I am shooting a 222 with 55 gr bullets @ just over 3000 fps. I zero @ 200 yds and can pretty much hold on fur as far as I can see and still hit.
Calling In The East
Jump to new posts Re: Where all the VA killers at ? by KjBeachy @ Yesterday at 11:29 PM

Just to keep this up, augusta county!
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: BC wolf adventure by jerry malbeck @ Yesterday at 11:20 PM

Thanks for sharing the Pictures,I have always wanted to see a picture of a wolf and coyote side by side for comparison,I shared your picture on my Facebook page and some people thought I harvested them LOL. I set the record straight.One day I hope to
Night Calling
I have no doubt the RRS Anvil is up to the task. I have the Night Stalker but was thinking of upgrading to the Pro and using the Anvil 30 head. The Anvil will thread on (3/8”) but I was wondering if anyone knew if the RRS Series 3 tripod adapter will
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: 17 hmr for bobcats? by DesertRam @ Yesterday at 10:42 PM

Pretty cat. That little round worked pretty well.
Big Game Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Westernfield 30/30 Video by DesertRam @ Yesterday at 10:40 PM

Working out with the oldies! Well done. Kinda makes me wish I had a lever action for my upcoming javelina hunt. That'd be fun. Thanks for sharing you hunt with us.
Big Game Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: AZ Bull Elk Hunt 2019-Beating the Odds by DesertRam @ Yesterday at 10:31 PM

Dang, you guys rocked that elk hunt! Way to go. That's a bunch of good times, hard work, and in the end, great meat.
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