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Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Hunting coyotes in eastern MT by Z @ 18 minutes 59 seconds ago

K9, not a lot of block management around Plentywood. I'm from Plentywood originally and the biggest piece is just south of town on my friend's ranch and it gets hammered by pheasant hunters. In that little NE section of Montana there is very little b
Hunting Suppressed
Love my trigger sticks, have shot around two hundred or so coyotes off of them. Really like the way I can go from sitting to standing with just a squeeze of the trigger and quite as a mouse. Dont know bout any Ball heads but the standard yoke works g
Jump to new posts 18" 8 twist 6x45 poly 3 barrel load by varminter .223 @ Today at 11:15 AM

Well it was raining and as I was sipping coffee looking out the window minding my own business while hitting all my classifieds etc and outta no where this barrel on True Sporting Arm site jumped outta my phone at me. Naturally I could'nt resist it.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Kansas by Hector05 @ Today at 11:06 AM

Out near Wichita. I have a herder that shows a lot of interest in fur. I have done it before. Just looking for another like mind person to hit it with.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Coyotes with a bow. by 5194 @ Today at 10:36 AM

A couple of things Iíve done to increase my chances of taking one with my bow. I try and get the call elevated so when they do come in most will stop and look up versus running to the call and picking up my scent. Iíve also switched from a wrist re
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: 6mm Creedmoor Ruger PR by TXCOONDOG @ Today at 05:16 AM

Just picked up a Bergara chassis rifle in 6mm creedmoor with a Vortex PST Gen II scope for my wife. I have to work up a load with H4350 and try R16. What velocities are you getting with that load ?
Jump to new posts Re: Whats it worth?? by pyscodog @ Today at 12:10 AM

Well I have had a few days to think it over and decided I really don't need another project gun. It might have been a fun project but think I'll pass it up.
Lions, Bears & Houndsmen
Jump to new posts In your face, a little eastern decoy action at night with thermal by Non couch killer @ Yesterday at 11:27 PM

Itís been a while since I posted something in here. Here is a pretty good video not a lot of decoy action but the coyote came in real close. https://youtu.be/yNgnxB5aFQg
Jump to new posts Re: Any ACR guys on here? by hitman2565 @ Yesterday at 10:05 PM

I agree they are big and bulky.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote by capitol @ Yesterday at 09:25 PM

I started using 204 for Coyotes in 2005. I called in and shot several and a pattern started to show itself. *Splash Hits* At first the HUGE holes were cool and I liked it, but soon I realized what was happening. The 39gr SBK were hitting the Coyot
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: 6.5 creedmoor on prairie dogs? by 000shock @ Yesterday at 08:40 PM

I would pick up vmax loaded rounds also. I had the same thing with my 204. 32g vmax puts on a sweet red smoke show, but 45g softpoints left me wondering if i punched a hole clean thru or maybe they were just getting hit with dirt and rocks because i
Great info, thanks for sharing. I have tried many different BCG's over the years from simple phosphated ones, to NIB, to Nitrided. I think it has more to do with who is treating them than what treatment they are getting. I have had phosphated ones
Member Club House
Jump to new posts Cougar Looking For Chicken Breakfast by ajgunner @ Yesterday at 08:26 PM

I was abruptly woken from my morning slumber yesterday at 6:40am, by the wife yelling get out here, get out here, and hurry up. She is pointing out to the chickens in the pasture 30 yards from the house. I see nothing, but she swears there was a coug
Member Club House
Jump to new posts Re: Mt Hood, Oregon by ajgunner @ Yesterday at 08:12 PM

From the airport heading East towards Hood River. If you have time you may want to check out The Vista House. You will need to google up directions. This will put you onto the old hwy and goes up the side of the gorge. The Vista House has incredible
Jump to new posts Re: Botom metal inletting by pahntr760 @ Yesterday at 07:54 PM

Are you saying CDi is no longer providing services? CDi seems about the best deal going...
Jump to new posts My new BMag threaded barrel 17 WSM Heavy Barrel by 17 Hornet @ Yesterday at 07:44 PM

I just got my 17WSM Bmag barrel back from JP Grips and Jim did an off the hook good job once more threading a barrel for me. I shot it and sighted it back in, it sounds with the Dead Air Mask suppressor like a 22LR Unsuppressed. You still get a sonic
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Excessive Freebore on 20 Practical?? by GLShooter @ Yesterday at 06:33 PM

Originally Posted By: spotstalkshootMost accurate measurements come from modified brass shot from barrel you want to measure. That's why I use a Sinclair tool to get-the real measurements for that chamber and that bullet. Using the case unmodified
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: 6.5 Grendel Full Length sizing die by viper @ Yesterday at 04:51 PM

Iíll give that a try Thanks!!
Custom Calls For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: Acrylic distress by Honda Rider @ Yesterday at 04:32 PM

Thanks Skip, glad you like it.
Jump to new posts Re: Remington 700 SPS .243 sporter by coyotezapper @ Yesterday at 02:57 PM

Why all the hate for the Creedmoor? I know its just a repackaged 260 Rem but it does fit SA magazines better. The 8.6 creed is real but currently it is subsonic only, last I read.
Member Club House
Jump to new posts Re: FRIDAY NIGHT MUSIC THREAD... by AdamT @ Yesterday at 02:41 PM

https://youtu.be/k1XMgUg8p-k https://youtu.be/NIlrCG3VLeE https://youtu.be/skSV0CNRoXY https://youtu.be/hXRmU2U2YBg

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