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Jump to new posts Re: 30’s in the .17 MACH IV by Coyotejunki @ Today at 01:15 AM

I have had a couple 17 Mach IV's and a 17 FB. I only shot the 25 Berger match or the 25 Horn HP out of them. They worked great. I had a 17-204 built just to use the 30's, and it works great. I think I would stay with the 25's in your case. Be persist
Skinny, I know there are people here that can make those kind of shots. Your probably one of them. However, I would love to know how many hunters (percentage) here could cleanly kill a coyote at say 400-500 yards on a stand. From my small experienc
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Nosler 60 grain Ballistic Tip by soup @ Yesterday at 11:18 PM

Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: 6.5 Creedmoor by Harvey7 @ Yesterday at 11:14 PM

I have used both in my 6.5 CM Aero M5. I prefer the small primered Starline because the primer pockets don't seem to stretch as much as the Hornady and the weight of the cases is more uniform. When I turned the case necks, the Starline cases were muc
Jump to new posts Re: Ruger PCC... talk me out of it? by GC @ Yesterday at 11:03 PM

Will it take G19 magazines?
Jump to new posts Re: Tried my stoner out today and got a stuck round...suggestions? by varminter .223 @ Yesterday at 10:47 PM

I would definately invest in a Hornady headspace guage so you can check fired length and bump shoulder accordingly. So simple and so slick to use. Takes all the guess work out.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Need a predator hunting vest. by 1trkyhntr @ Yesterday at 09:41 PM

I could not find a vest that suited me. I sort of made my own; I started with what is called a "batttle belt", inner belt, and a military surplus load bearing harness. The battle belt is Molle and will accept lots of different sized pouches
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Anybody shooting a rossi 223 single shot rifle by Cookie125 @ Yesterday at 09:03 PM

Might be an old thread but I've had decent luck with my heavy barrel Rossi. It likes the 55gr V-max superformance. I've had good luck with the 55gr hollow point match. This is the 55gr superformance.
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Young reloaders by mooner @ Yesterday at 08:58 PM

Oh I'm not bashful I cleaned all that brass right up. One of my dad's friends got me in to this hobby or habit. We were out shooting wood chucks and he was running low and he grabbed in the glove box of his truck where he had a Lee loader kit he sat
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Your thoughts on turret press by hitman2565 @ Yesterday at 08:42 PM

I really appreciate the input guys!!! I don't have a problem changing dies out and resetting. I thought it'd be nice to just have a separate pistol setups. I'm finally getting things setup after we moved so I've enjoyed seeing everyone's setups and g
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: First time PD shoot by Traveling Fisher @ Yesterday at 08:29 PM

No offense, but I use 27 hmr for muskrats on my pond. Swimming head shots out to 100 yds. Can't do it with my 22lr.
Jump to new posts Re: Sub sonic 300 BO by TxPigKiller @ Yesterday at 07:46 PM

I don't have yote experience, but the FTX Hornady bullets are great on pigs. I have used the 73gr 223 and the 190gr 300 BO. I never have a pass thru on 75# and above pigs. I would not think them fur friendly, might watch the youtube vids on Hornad
Jump to new posts Re: 22-250AI vs 22 Creed by ackleyman @ Yesterday at 07:25 PM

Winny fan is dead nuts right on. I can tell you that if you shoot in high winds, you choose to shoot a fast twist in a hot rod in 22 or 6 you are into short barrel life equivalent to and having a high maintenance girl friend in keeping the carbon
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Beginning to get into reloading thoughts? by DiRTY DOG @ Yesterday at 05:38 PM

Hornady lock rings (C-clamp style) work very well and only cost $3.33 each in the 6-pack. WELL worth it to use them from day 1 on ALL of your dies. The set screw style (RCBS) is terrible.
Jump to new posts Re: Converting 300 Blackout by Plant.One @ Yesterday at 04:23 PM

there are a couple good jigs out there that mate up with the HF mini chop saw this method uses the squirrle daddy jig and the lee quick trim system https://youtu.be/H_9jDh2cK8o this might be a quicker use jig, the VZ58 "fastest blackout jig
Member Club House
Jump to new posts Re: 8100 lbs by hm1996 @ Yesterday at 03:29 PM

That's quite a machine! Never thought much about the difficulties of putting two halves of a doublewide together. Regards, hm
Hog Heaven
Jump to new posts Re: Texas Law allowing Hog Hunting without a License by OKRattler @ Yesterday at 01:33 PM

I think that helicopter stuff should be watched a lot more closely than it is. The last time I went to Texas my buddies had a helicopter fly over while they were varmint huntin. They didn't shoot but I doubt they knew those guys were on the ground. I
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: semi OT varmint hunting ??’s by cmatera @ Yesterday at 01:08 PM

Please remember your dogs have ears. They don't have ear protection. I'd try to find someone to care for them in their home. Had a friend who target shot with his dogs out all the time. They were deaf. I wonder why?
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: December 2018 Hunter of the Month by DesertRam @ Yesterday at 01:04 PM

Congratulations to Switch on his nicely told story of coyotes and bobcats! Rudymontana was randomly selected to receive the voter prize. Thanks to all the contenders for posting their stories. It's a good time reading about others' predator hunting
Hunting Suppressed
Jump to new posts Re: Suppressed .22lrs by willy1947 @ Yesterday at 11:32 AM

It is just a Ruger RPR. Shoots very well for a $400 rifle. I found some new 22LR subsonic, I like.
Jump to new posts Re: Foaming bore cleaners a No No in ARs? by steve garrett @ Yesterday at 11:08 AM

I soak the crap out of my AR’s one day soak regular, bronze brush and path out. Round 2 upside down for another day, wipe out is what I use.
Jump to new posts Re: Converting m.o.a. to inches by Coyotehunter_ @ Yesterday at 09:36 AM

What you need to know is your bullet drop for your gun/ammo and there is really no need to calculate the MOA as it can be figure easily in your head. One MOA Equals= 1" at 100 yards 2" at 200 yards 3" at 300 yards 4" at 400 yard
Jump to new posts Re: Tikka Trouble by Hunt @ Yesterday at 09:01 AM

I use the factory Tikka aluminum on my T3 .223. They work but have had them slip; I guess this was due to not having enough torque on the screws. On my T3x .22-250 1/8 twist, I went with the Mountain Tactical steel 20MOA picatinny and Nightforce r
Jump to new posts Re: Oversized chamber by bmash @ Yesterday at 07:29 AM

Originally Posted By: spotstalkshootWas the barrel purchased with the bolt you are using? No
Jump to new posts Re: How far do deer run after being shot with an arrow?? by Dultimatpredator @ Yesterday at 07:17 AM

I still have an ulcer thinking about a good half a dozen that did this and forgot back up. I now own a 400 FPS model with more knock down power and flatter shooting so It zero to 35 yards. The slower, back boner was zeroed at 35 yards so it hit about

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